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Families covered: Dormer of Carnarvon, Dormer of Grove Park, Dormer of Peterley, Dormer of West Wycombe, Dormer of Wyng

Geffery Dormer of West Wycombe
m. Eleanor (dau of Thomas Dorre, alias Chobbs or Chobbe)
1. Geffery Dormer of West Wycombe
  m. Judith Baldington (dau/heir of Robert Baldington of Thame)
  A. Geffery Dormer of West Wycombe & Thame
The Oxoniensis article referred to on page Dormer2 suggests that Geoffery married twice, Margery (5 sons & 8 daughters) & Alice/Urslua Collingridge, with Margarey being the mother of Geoffrey, William, Edward, Michael & Peter. BP1934 reports only the marriage to Ursula Collingridge as does Visitation which specifically shows her as mother of William, Geoffrey, Michael & Peter. Provisionally, we follow Visitation.
  m. Ursula (or Alice) Collingridge (dau/heir of Bartholomew Collingridge or Calridge or Coobridge of Towersey)
  i. William Dormer of West Wycombe
  m. Anne or Jane Launcelyn (dau of Sir John Launcelyn)
  a. Sir Robert Dormer of Wenge, Sheriff of Bedford and Buckingham (d 1552)
  m. Jane Newdigate (dau of John Newdigate of Harefield)
  (1) Sir William Dormer of Eythorp and Wing (and Ascot) (d 17.05.1575)
  m1. Mary Sidney (dau of Sir William Sidney)
  (A) Anne Dormer
  m. Sir Walter (not William) Hungerford of Farley Castle
(B) Jane Dormer
  m. Don Gomez Suarez, Count(1st Duke?) of Feria
  (C)+ other issue (dsp young) - Thomas, Robert
  m2. Dorothy Catesby (d 30.09.1613, dau of Anthony Catesby of Whiston)
  (E) Sir Robert Dormer, 1st Lord of Wyng (bpt 26.01.1551, d 08.11.1616)
  m. (1590) Elizabeth Browne (dau of Sir Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu)
  (i) Sir William Dormer (dvp bur 22.10.1616)
  m. (21.02.1609/10) Alice Molyneaux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneaux, 1st Bart of Sefton)
  (a) Robert Dormer, 2nd Lord of Wyng, 1st Earl of Carnarvon (b c1610, d Newbury 20.09.1643)
  m. (27.02.1625) Anna Sophia Herbert (dau of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery)
  ((1)) Charles Dormer, 3rd Lord, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon (b 25.10.1632, d 25.11.1709)
m1. (by 1653) Elizabeth Capel (bpt 04.06.1633, d 30.07.1678, dau of Arthur Capel, 1st Lord of Hadham)
  ((A)) Charles Dormer, 'Viscount Ascott' (bpt 25.06.1652, dvp 22.04.1664)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Dormer
  m. Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield (d 28.01.1713-4)
  ((C)) Isabella Dormer (b 27.08.1663, bur 06.07.1691)
  m. (1679) Charles Coote, 3rd Earl of Mountrath (b c1655, d 29.05.1709)
  ((D))+ other issue - William (b 25.09.1666, bur 10.04.1668), Robert (b 14.01.1667/8, d 03.03.1668/9), Anna Sophia (b c1674, d unm 1695)
  m2. Mary Bertie (b 01.09.1655, d 30.06.1709, dau of Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey)
(b) Elizabeth Dormer (d 31.05.1635)
  m. (1628) Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester, 'Earl of Glamorgan' (d 03.04.1667)
  (ii) Anthony Dormer of Grove Park
  m. Margaret Terringham (dau of Sir Henry Terringham of Terringham)
  (a) Robert Dormer of Grove Park
  m. Anne Eyre (dau of Rowland Eyre of Hassop)
  ((1)) Rowland Dormer, 4th Lord (b c1651, d unm 27.09.1712)
  ((2)) Anne Dormer (dsp 12.10.1746) apparently of this generation
  m1. Edmund Powell of Sandford
m2. Sir John Curzon, 2nd Bart of Waterperry (b c1657, d 17.12.1727)
  (iii) Robert Dormer of Peterley (d 1651)
  m. Mary Banester (dau of Edward Banester of Ilsworth)
  (a) Charles Dormer of Peterley (4th son) (d 1677)
  m. Mary Cellier
((1)) Charles Dormer, 5th Lord (b 22.04.1668, d 02.07.1728)
  m1. Catherine Fettiplace (dau/coheir of Edmond Fettiplace of Swincombe)
  ((A)) Charles Dormer, 6th Lord (d 07.03.1761, priest)
  ((B)) John Dormer of Grove Park and Peterley, 7th Lord (b 02.06.1691, d 07.10.1785)
  m. (1719) Mary Bisshopp (d 29.10.1739, dau of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, Bart of Parham)
  ((i)) Charles Dormer, 8th Lord (b 30.04.1725, d 30.03.1804)
  m1. (09.08.1759) Mary Talbot (d 18.05.1753, sister of George, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury)
  ((a)) Charles Dormer, 9th Lord (b 10.01.1753, d unm 02.04.1819)
m2. (23.01.1768) Elizabeth Hamilton (d 15.09.1797, dau of Samuel Hamilton)
  ((b)) John Evelyn Pierrepont Dormer, 10th Lord (b 03.1771, dsp 09.12.1826)
  m. (20.11.1794/5) Elizabeth Kerr (d 13.08.1822, dau of William John Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian)
  ((c)) Anne Dormer (d 02.02.1832)
  m. (12.12.1792) Edward Thornton Gould of Mansield Woodhouse (d 15.02.1830)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Lucy Dormer (d 31.05.1848)
  m. (01.05.1793) Henry Berkeley Portman of Bryanstone
  ((e)) Frances Dormer (d 18.12.1842)
  m. Robert Knight of Barrels
  ((ii)) John Dormer (b 18.02.1730, d 21.11.1795, in Austria)
  m. (22.05.1755) Elizabeth (d 06.04.1824, dau of Gabriel, Count Buttler in Hungary)
  ((a)) Joseph Thaddeus Dormer, 11th Lord (b 01.06.1790, d 05.07.1871) had issue
m. (05.05.1829) Elizabeth Anne Tichborne (b 28.05.1807, d 04.07.1883, dau of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 8th Bart)
  ((b)) Antonia Dormer (d 1805)
  m. Baron O'Brien (General in Austria)
  ((iii)) James Dormer (b 27.05.1735, d 1817)
  m. Mary Purcil (d 10.08.1797, dau of Patrick Purcil of Cadiz)
  ((a)) James Dormer (b 16.02.1765, d 1810) had issue
m. (1792) Lucy Fitzherbert (d 1816, dau of Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton)
  ((b)) Robert Dormer (b 1768, d 12.12.1823) had issue
  m. (1816) Elizabeth Hill (dau of Richard Hill of Kineton)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Dormer
  m. (21.11.1753) George Talbot, 14th Earl of Shrewsbury (b 11.12.1719, dsp 1787)
  ((v)) Barbara Dormer (d unm)
  m2. (07.06.1694) Elizabeth Biddulph (d 29.10.1739, dau of Richard Biddulph of Biddulph)
  ((C)) James Dormer of Antwerp (6th son) had issue
  ((D)) Frances Dormer (3rd daughter)
m. (1726) William Plowden of Plowden (d 27.08.1754)
  ((E))+ 6 sons (dsp) and 4 daughers (d unm)
  The following comes from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Dormer of Petardy in Missenden).
  (b) Elizabeth Dormer presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. John Webb of Clerkenwell (bur 17.01.1680)
  (c) Anne Dormer presumably the Anne who married ...
  m. (1644) George Eyston of East Hendred (b 1636, d 1691)
(d)+ other issue - Robert (a 1634), Edward, James, John, William, Anthony, Mary, Frances, Bridget, Winifred
  (iv) Dorothy Dormer
  m. Sir Henry Huddleston (d 1617)
  (v) Magdalen Dormer presumably the Magdalen who married ...
  m. Sir John Curzon of Waterperry
  Not mentioned by either BP1934 or Visitation was ...
  (vi) Mary Dormer probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Carrell of Harting (bpt 28.08.1583)
  (F) Mary Dormer
  m. Anthony Browne, younger of Battle Abbey & Cowdray Park (dvp 29.06.1592)
  (G) Catherine Dormer (d 23.03.1614-5)
  m. John St. John, 2nd Lord of Bletso (d 23.10.1596)
  (H) Margaret Dormer (d 1637)
  m. Sir Henry Constable of Burton Constable (d 15.12.1607)
  b. Margery Dormer
  m. _ Dean of Margrave or Wargrave
c. Agnes Dormer
  m. Sir John Baldwine (chief justice, son of William of Ailesbury)
  The following is supoprted by Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Pakington).
  (1) William Baldwin (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Tirringham (dau of Thomas Tirringham of Tirringham)
  (2) Pernell Baldwin
  m1. Edward Burlacy (Borlase) of Marlow
  m2. Thomas Ramsey (Ramsay) of Hitcham
  (3) Alice/Anne or Catherine Baldwin
  m1. Robert Pakington of London (d 1537)
  m2. Sir Thomas Tasborough of Suffolk
  d. daughter
  m. _ Bromwell of London
  e. daughter
  m. _ Britain of London
  ii. Geoffrey Dormer
  iii. Sir Michael Dormer, Lord Mayor of London (a 1541)
  iv. Peter Dormer of Shipton Lee (Lee Grange) (d 01.04.1555)
  m1. Agnes Cooper (dau of Thomas Cooper or Cowper of Quainton)
  m2. Anne or Amey Crispe (d 1582, dau of Richard Crispe of Cobcott, m2. Francis Ingoldsby of Lenboroiugh)
  v. Edward Dormer of Thame & Fulham
  m. Katherine Sampson

Main source(s): BP1934 (Dormer) with support from TCP (Dormer of Wyng), TCP (Carnarvon), BE1883 (Dormer of Carnarvon), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Dormer of Shipton Lee)
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