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Families covered: Waller of Agmondesham, Waller of Allenstown, Waller of Beaconsfield, Waller of Hall Barn, Waller of Rookwood

John Waller (of Leighton or Beaconsfield Castle) (b 1466, d c1490)
John's ancestry is shown in 3 different places on Waller01, one as given by BLG1886 + BP1934 + Lipscomb, one as given by BIFR1976, and the other as given by various web sites. We would normally follow the formal records as given by BLG/BP but find that some of the web sites that cover the family are quite impressive. However, one concern is that the identification of John and his son Richard as 'of Beaconsfield Castle' is found only in some web sites, not in Burke. Lipscomb identifies Richard (m. Anne Symings) as 'of Beaconsfield' but not this John.
m. Elizabeth (dau of William Farinfold or Fainfold or Farnfold or Farnefold of Leigh or Steyning)
1. Richard Waller of Beaconsfield Castle
  m. Anne Symmons (dau of John Symmons or Symings of London)
  A. Robert Waller of Beaconsfield (d 1545)
  m1. Elizabeth Fryer
  i. William Waller of Abingdon, Berkshire (b 1510, d 05.02.1557, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Bowland (dau of Thomas Bowland of Abingdon)
  a. Thomas Waller of Beaconsfield (d 1627)
  m. Dorothy Garrard (bur 07.09.1626, dau of William Garrard of HArrow)
  (1) Edmund Waller of Beaconsfield (b 21.09.1667)
  m. Lucy Howe (d 28.12.1668, dau of Sir Richard Grobham Howe, Bart)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (b 1649-50, d 30.05.1662), Gerrard, Dorothy, Alice
  (2) Henry Waller
  m. Jane Sare (dau of Ady Sare of Norton)
  (A)+ issue - Anne, Mary, Jane, Dorothie (bpt 16.02.1634)
  (3) Thomas Waller (Clerk of Assize for Buckinghamshire)
  m. Frances (b c1653, d 25.09.1734, dau of John, Archdeacon of Buckinghamshire)
  (A) Mary Waller
  m. Francis Fuller (b 1687-8, d 05.06.1748)
  (i) Francis Fuller
  (B) Mary Waller (2nd)
  m. Thomas Cole of Kent
  (C) Elizabeth Waller
  m. John Ade of Doddington
  (D)+ other issue - Anne, Dorothy
  (4)+ other issue - Robert, John
  ii.+ other issue - Anthony (d 29.03.1558), Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Duncombe (dau of William Duncombe)
  BLG1886 ('Waller of Allenstown') mentions that Robert & Elizabeth had 2 sons, William & Edmund. Lipscomb shows as follows.
  iv. Francis Waller
  i. Ralph Waller
  m. Sarah Saunders (dau of Ambrose Saunders of Sibertoft)
  a.+ issue - Christopher, Elizabeth
  v. Thomas Waller (bur 03.07.1597)
  m. Elizabeth Hampton (d 06.03.1614, dau/heir of George Hampton)
  a. Anne Waller
  m. _ Saltonstall of Nether Okendon
  b. Joane Waller
m. (1607) Richard Harvey of Sussex
  c. Jane Waller
  m. (1609) William Barnaby of London
  d. Elizabeth Waller
  vi. Edmund Waller of Coleshill (Coles Hill) & Agmondesham (b c1530, bur 10.04.1603)
  m. (07.10.1555) Cicelie Bell
  a. Robert Waller of Agmondesham & Coleshill (bpt 02.12.1560, bur 02.09.1616)
  m. Anne Hampden (d 09.04.1653, dau of Griffin Hampden of Hampden, probably aunt rather than sister of John the Patriot)
  Lipscomb shows the children of this marriage as Edmund, Cecilia, Dorothy (m. Robert Brice), Agnes (bpt 26.10.1573), Onely (bpt 06.10.1575) & Ellen (bpt 05.01.1577). BLG1886 ('Waller of Allenstown') reports that there were 11 children "whose baptisms are to be found in Amersham Church Registry", being Edmund, Gryffin, Robert, Stephen, Elizabeth, Anne, Cecelia, Dorothy, Mary, Urfely & Ellen. Other than to add the (second) Dorothy, we follow BLG1886 as the baptism dates for Lipscomb appear too early.
  (1) Edmund Waller of Hall Barn, Beaconsfield (b 03.03.1605/6, d 21.10.1687, MP, poet)
  m1. (15.07.1631) Anna Banks (d 1634, dau/heir of Edward/Edmund/John Banks)
  Anna's father is identified as Edward of Worcestershir by Lipscomb, Edmund by BLG1886, and John of London by HoP ("Edmund Waller").
  (A) Robert Waller (b 18.05.1633, d infant)
  (B) Anna Maria Waller (bpt 23.10.1634)
  BLG1886 ('Waller of Farmington') suggests that a daughter of this marriage married a Mr. Dormer of Oxfordshire. However, Lipscomb shows his wife, Elizabeth, as of her father's second marriage.
m2. Mary Bresse or Breaux or Bracey of Thame (bur 02.05.1677)
  (C) Edmund Waller of Hall Barn (b 06.01.1652, dsp 06.01.1699/1700, MP)
  m. (10.07.1686) Abigail Tilney (d 1689, dau of Frederick Tilney of Rotherwick)
  (D) Stephen Waller (Dr.)
  (i) Harry Waller
  m. Dolphin (niece of Isaac Eyles)
  (ii) Edmund Waller of Hall Barn (d 1788)
  m. (22.02.1755) Jane Aislabie (dau of John Aislabie of Studley)
  (a) Edmund Waller of Hall Barn (b 1725?, d 1788, 2nd son)
  m. (22.02.1755) Martha Philipps (d 08.08.1788, dau of Rowland Philipps of Orlandon)
  ((1)) Edmund Waller of Hall Barn (b 1757, d 09.06.1810)
((2)) Henry Waller of Hall Barn (d 09.05.1824, Rev.)
  m. (15.05.1797) Maria Dolphin (d 02.1838, dau of Thomas Dolphin of Eyford)
  ((A)) Harry Edmund Waller of Hall Barn, later of Farmington (b 18.04.1804, d 17.03.1869) had issue
m. (15.06.1826) Caroline Elizabeth Larking (d 01.12.1840, dau of John Larking of Clare House)
  ((B)) Robert Waller (b 16.03.1810, 'Rector of Bourton') had issue
  m. (1837) Louisa Dupuis (dau of Rev. G. Dupuis)
  ((C)) Stephen Waller (b 15.06.1813)
  m1. Lucy Cameron (dau of Rev. _ Cameron)
  m2. Harriet Lea (dau of S. Lea)
  ((D))+ other issue - Eliza, Maria
  (b) Anne Waller (d 11.1791)
  m. (1738) Sir Miles Stapylton (d 14.05.1752)
  (c) daughter (d 1781) Jane??
  m. Thomas Lockwood possibly here? ##
(d)+ other issue - John of London (b c1723, dvp unm 13.11.1757, MP), Henry, Robert (b c1732, d unm 10/11.1814, MP)
  (E) Mary Waller
  m. P. Birch
  (F) Cicely Waller
  m. James Harvey of Suffolk
  (G) Elizabeth Waller
  m. William Dormer of Oxfordshire
  (H) Dorothy Waller
  m. (30.11.1693) John Crabb of Dorset
  (I)+ other issue - Benjamin, Margaret (d 12.08.1690), Octavia (d unm bur 1712)
  (2) Robert Thomas Waller (bpt 1609, d 1641, 3rd son, to Ireland) not mentioned by Lipscomb, this line from BLG1886 ('Waller of Allenstown')
  m. ?? (niece of John Bramhall, Archbishop of Armagh)
(A) John Waller of Kilmainham Castle (b 1641, d 06.02.1715)
  m. Hannah Coddington (dau of William Coddington of Holmpatrick)
  (i) Robert Waller of Rookwood (b 1672, d 1731)
  m. Anna Maria Hughes
  (a) Robert Waller of Rookwood (b 1701) had issue
  m. Jane Ormsby
  (b) William Waller of Allenstown (b 1710, d 02.10.1796)
  m. (1733) Anna Maria Smyth (dau of Jame Smyth, Archdeacon of Meath by Catherine Vesey)
  ((1)) Robert Waller of Allenstown (b 1735, d 1809)
  m. Mary Shirley
  ((A))+ 2 sons (d infant)
  ((2)) Catherine Waller (b 1734)
  m. James Noble of Glasdrummon
  ((A)) Mungo Henry Noble, later Waller of Allenstown (d 03.06.1831, rector of Clongill)
  m. (01.1794) Maria Newcome (dau of William Newcome, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland)
  ((i)) Robert Noble or Waller (b 29.06.1796, d 02.10.1870, rector of Athboy) had issue
  m. (25.10.1833) Catherine Burrowes (dau of Rev. J,. Burrowes)
  ((ii)) James Noble Waller of Allenstown, Sheriff (b 28.07.1800, d 13.12.1874) had issue
  m1. (22.03.1838) Julia Tisdall (d 17.04.1848, dau of Charles Arthur Tisdall of Charlesfort)
  m2. (15.05.1858) Anna Marie Burrowes (dau of Rev. James A. Burrowes)
  ((iii))+ other issue - William Henry (b 1795, d unm 17.06.1837), Mungo (b 1805, d 1824), John (b 1809, d 1824, Rev.), Susannah (b 1797), Maria (d 1857)
((B)) Anna Maria Noble
  m. Dean Browne
  ((C)) Mary Martha Noble
  m. Rev. Thomas Sutton
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm)
  ((3)) Anne Waller (d 1806)
  m. John Young
  ((4)) Mary Waller (b 1739, d 1831)
  m. (1767) Samuel Augustus Beaufort
  ((5)) Jane Waller (b 1746, d 1790)
  m1. Edward Nangle
  m2. Rev. Robert Highland
((6)) Leonora Waller (b 1752, d 1834)
  m. Captain _ Mayne
  ((7))+ other issue - James (b 1737, dsp 1757), William (b 1749, d 16.01.1781), Elizabeth (b 1753, d 1835)
  (c) Hannah Waller
  m. Dixie Coddington of Athlumney
  (d) Mary Waller
  m. Francis Meredyth of Dollordstown
  (e) Jane Waller
  m1. John Eyre of Eyrecourt Castle (d 1745, Colonel)
  m2. William Congreve (Colonel)
  (ii)+ other issue (dvp) - 3 sons and 8 daughters
  (3) Anne Waller (b 1602) probably the Anne (who d 19.09.1642) who married ...
  m. James Kyrle of Walford Court (d 01.02.1646)
  (4) Cecilia Waller (b 1603)
  m. (10.02.1624) Nat(haniel)Tomkins (d 1643)
  (A) Anne Tomkins (d 27.06.1687)
  m. Sir Frederick Hyde (Chief Justice of Sotuh Wales)
  (5) Dorothy Waller mentioned by Lipscomb but not by BLG1886robably
  m. (09.10.1626) Robert Brice of Beaconsfield
  (6)+ other issue - Gryffin (b 1607), Stephen (b 1610), Elizabeth (b 1601), Dorothy (b/d 1604), Mary (b 1608), Urfely/Onely (b 1613), Ellen (b 1614)
  b. Thomazine Waller probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Berenger of Iver
  c.+ other issue - Edmund, Francis (bpt 04.09.1567), Elizabeth (bpt 03.05.1555), Margaret (bpt 08.10.1559, d unm bur 15.03.1631), Susan (bpt 25.06.1564)
2. Anne Waller shown on CountyGen Kent, Berry, p296) as married to ...
  m. _ Manning of Crayford
3.+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, John, Mary, Margaret, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Frances

Main source(s): Lipscomb (Bucks, 'vol 3, 'Pedigree of Waller of Beaconsfield', p182) with input/support from BLG1886 ('Waller of Farmington'), BLG1886 ('Waller of Allenstown')
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