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Families covered: Gamul (Gamull) of Chester

1. Gulielmus (William)
  A. Stephan fitz Gulielmi fitz Gameli
  i. William Gamul of Knighton (a 1339)
  m. Isabell Ocley (dau of John Ocley of Winnington)
  a. William Gamul (a 1362)
  m. Philippa of Knighton (sister of Anna, wife of William Whitmore)
  (1) John Gamull (a 1400)
  (A) Thomas Gamull
m. Joan Endon (dau of Thomas Endon)
  (i) Thomas Gamull of Beverton, Cheshire
  m. Elena Stapelegh (dau of Roger Stapelegh of Beverton)
  (a) Thomas Gamull
  m. Anna (dau of John)
  ((1)) Thomas Gamull (d 1534-5)
  m. Elizabeth Minshull (dau of Robert Minshull of Hulgrave)
  ((A)) Thomas Gamull (d 1586-7) - continued below
  m. Elena Pole (dau of John Pole of Pole)
  (b) Hugh Gamull
  ((1)) Hugh Gamull
  (ii) Margaret Gamull
  m1. Henry Tailor
  m2. Richard Hassell
  (iii) Joan Gamull
  m. John Kire (Eyre?) of Blechley
  (2) Thomas Gamull (a 1397)
  b. John Gamul
  m. Matilda
  c. Ricards Gamul
  m. Isiolda
  ii.+ other issue - Richards (sic), Thomas



Thomas Gamull (d 1586-7) - continued above
m. Elena Pole (dau of John Pole of Pole)
1. Edmund Gamull (d 1616, alderman/Mayor of Chester)
  m. (1570) Elizabeth Case (dau of Thomas Case)
  A. Thomas Gamull (d(vp) 11.08.1613, recorder of Chester)
m. Alice Bavant (dau of Richard Bavant, alderman of Chester, by Jane, dau of Randall Bamvill, alderman of Chester)
  i. Sir Francis Gamull or Gamul of Chester (b c1606, d 1654)
  Visitation ends with this generation but, according to various web sites, this was the Sir Francis who was a leading Royalist during the Civil War and married ...
  m. Christian Grosvenor (dau of Sir Richard Grosvenor, Sheriff of Cheshire)
  a. Lettice Gamul (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Gilbert Hoghton (d 1661)
B. William Gamull (a 1613, alderman of Chester)
  m. Elynor Cotgreave (d 1615, dau of William Cotgreave or Cotgrave, alderman of Chester)
  i.+ issue (a 1613) - Thomas (b c1565), William, Ellynor, Ann
  C. Anne Gamull
  m1. John Brock of Upton
  m2. Edward Holand of Dinton (Denton)
  D. Ellynor Gamull
  m1. Richard Swinton of Knotsforth
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Mary
  m2. Thomas Harvey (alderman)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Edward, Alice
  This was probably the Eleanor (d 22.08.1639, dau of Edmund Gamull, Mayor of Chester) who (also) married ...
  m(3?). Matthew Anderton (b 1585, dsp, bur 29.04.1640)
E. Elizabeth Gamull
  m1. Hugh Prestland of Woxdale
  m2. Robert Broke
  i.+ issue - Kalistius (sic), Elyza, Ann
2. Robert Gamul of Olton
  m. Anna Fox (dau/heir of Humphrey Fox)
  A. Jane Gamul
  m1. _ Devery
  m2. William Crompton
  B. Elizabeth Gamul
  m. Ludovick Roberts
  C. Anne Gamul
  m. _ Treyton
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, George
3. John Gamull of Beverton
  m. Elizabeth Olton
  A. Elina Gamull
  m. Thomas Dod
  B. Amy Gamull
  m. _ Wilburgham
  C.+ other issue - Edmund, Andrew, John, Gabriel, William
4. Anna Gamull
  m. Robert Smith of Parke Lane, Staffordshire
  A. Ranulph (Ralph) Smith
5. Anna Gamull (2nd?)
  m. Gabriel Wetenhall of Nantwich

Main source(s): Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Gamul of Chester)
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