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Families covered: Heighington of Donard, Hawke of Turner, Hulgreve of Erdeswick, Hulgreve of Hulgreve, Haselwall of Haselwall, Haselwall of Thurstanton, Horseman of Burton Pedwardine, Horseman of Mareham Grange, Harene of Foots Cray Place, Harene of London, Harris of Cornwall, Harris of Cornworthy

George Heighington of Donard, co Wicklow
m. (12.1670) Anne Wetherelt
George & Anne were either parents or grandparents of ...
1. John Heighington of Donard (d before 17.11.1757)
2. Cuthbert Heighington of Donard (a 11.1757)
  A. George Heighington of Donard (d before 09.11.1742)
m. Jane Valentune (a 11.1742)
  i. George Heighington of Donard (d before 30.06.1757, Major)
  a. Thomas Heighington of Donard
  (1) George Heighington of Donard
  m. (c02.1773) Esther Hornidge (dau of William Hornidge of Tulfarris)
  (A) William Heighington of Donard (d 09.05.1822) had issue
  m. (1800) Mary Critchley (d 11.06.1850, dau of James Critchley of Grangebeg)
  (2) Cuthbert Heighington
  m. (c02.1778) Martha Cooper
  b. Anne Heighington
  m. (1747) Rev. Anthony Malone
  c.+ other issue - John, Eleanor, Mary, Margaret
  ii.+ other issue - Cuthbert, John (d before 1750), Mary
  B. Thomas Heighington (dsp before 05.03.1750)
  m. (c05.1749) Sarah Stubber



Edward Hawke (of Lincoln's Inn)
m. Elizabeth (or Isabel) Bladen (dau of Nathaniel Bladen of Lincoln's Inn & Hemsworth (by Isabella, dau of Sir William Fairfax of Seaton (Steeton)), widow of Col. _ Ruthven)
1. Edward Hawke, 1st Lord Hawke of Towton (Yorkshire) (b 21.02.1710, d 17.10.1781, Vice Admiral, 1st Lord of the Admiralty)
  m. (1737) Catherine Brooke (d 28.10.1756, dau/heir of Walter Brooke of Burton Hall)
A. Martin Bladen Hawke, 2nd Lord Hawke of Towton (b 20.04.1744, d 27.03.1805)
  m. (06.02.1771) Cassandra Turner (d 19.11.1813, dau of Sir Edward Turner, 2nd Bart of Ambrosden)
  i. Edward Hawke, later Harvey-Hawke, 3rd Lord Hawke of Towton (b 30.05.1774, d 29.11.1824)
  m. (28.08.1798) Frances Anne Harvey (dau/heir of Stanhope Harvey of Womersley Park)
  a. Edward William Harvey-Hawke, 4th Lord Hawke of Towton (b 15.07.1799, d 08.01.1869) had issue (1 dau)
  m1. (01.08.1821, sp) Elizabeth Frances Ramsden (d 26.08.1824, dau of Sir John Ramsden, 4th Bart)
  m2. (26.04.1848) Frances Fetherstonhaugh (d 29.06.1903, dau of Walker Fetherstonhaugh of Chester-le-Street)
  b. Stanhope Harvey-Hawke, 5th Lord Hawke of Towton (b 18.01.1804, d unm 05.05.1870, Captain)
  c. Martin Harvey-Hawke (b 1806, d(sp) 19.11.1857)
  ii. Martin Bladen Edward Hawke (b 17.04.1777, d 14.09.1839) had issue
  m. (08.03.1815) Hannah Nisbet (d 06.04.1876, dau of Thomas Nisbet of Mersington)
  iii. Cassandra Julia Hawke
  m1. (15.07.1793) Samuel Estwicke of Barbadoes (dsp 02.1797)
  m2. (09.1800) Rev. Stephen Sloane
  m3. Thomas Green
  iv. Annabella Eliza Cassandra Hawke (d unm 1818)
  B.+ other issue - Edward (b 12.1746, d unm 02.10.1773, Lt. Colonel), Chaloner (b 1750, d unm 17.09.177), Catharine



Mathew de Vernon of Hulgreve (Holgreve) & Erdeswick
1. Mathew de Hulgreve of Hulgreve & Erdeswick
  Visitation shows the husband of Mabilla de Bunbury as a 3rd Matthew in this line. Ormerod notes that this is given in some sources but shows it to have been the 2nd Matthew who married ...
  m. Mabell de Bunbury
  A. Mathew de Hulgreve of Hulgreve (d c1244?)
  m. Alice de Verdon (dau of Henry de Verdon)
  i. Mathew de Hulgreve 'of Hulgreve'
  a. Mathew de Hulgreve 'of Hulgreve' (a 1303, d c1336?)
  m. Mabell de Bunbury (dau of Hugh de Bunbury)
(1) Mathew de Hulgreve 'of Hulgreve' (d c1356?)
  m1. Johanna de Spurstow (dau of William de Spurstow)
  (A) William de Hulgreve 'of Hulgreve' (d c1369?)
  m. Alice (d 1394-5, m2. William de Moston)
  (i) Henry de Hulgreve 'of Hulgreve' (dsp 1389-90)
  (ii) Ellen de Hulgreve
  (iii) Margaret de Hulgreve, heiress of Hulgreve & Tiverton
  m. John Beeston (b c1371, d c1419)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Roger, Hugh
  m2. Elizabeth
  (F) Nicholas de Hulgreve had issue
(2)+ other issue - Thomas, Roger, John, Richard, Katherine
  b. Thomas de Hulgreve in Tiverton
  ii. David de Hulgreve
  B. Richard de Hulgreve of Erdeswick
  i. Thomas de Erdeswick
  Ormerod (vol 3, p118) does not follow this line beyond Richard. This Thomas is shown by Visitation. We presume that he was father of ...
  a. Thomas Erdeswicke 'of Leighton'
  m. (1338-9) Margaret Stafford (dau/heir of Sir James Stafford of Sandon)
  b. Mabella de Erdeswick probably of this geneartion
  m. William de Mynshulle
  c. Margery de Erdeswick (d 1382) possibly fits here
  m1. Sir Roger de Culy (dsp 1359)
  m2. John Deincourt of Blankney
  (1) Roger de Deincourt (b c1378?)
  C. Alice de Hulgreve
  m. Richard Minshull



?? de Haselwall
1. John de Haselwall (a 1244)
  A. Alice de Haselwall
m. Bertram de Meoles
2. Patrick de Haselwall, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1277, 1300)
  m1. ??
  A. David de Haselwall (a 1296)
  i. Ralph de Haselwall of Haselwall (a 1314)
  a. Eliza de Haselwall
  m. Robert de Calveley
b. Eustasia de Haselwall
  m1. William de Egerton
  m2. John de Barnston
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1296, d before 1311), Peter (a 1296,m d before 1311), Patrick (a 1311), William (a 1311), Cicely (a 1311), Alice (a 1311)
  m2. Agnes, heiress of Thurstanton (dau/heir of Peter de Thurstanton)
  B. William de Haselwall of Thurstanton
  i. Agnes de Haselwall
m. William de Whitmore (son of Robert)
  C. ?? de Haselwall
  m. Margaret (dau of John son of Eustachia, dau/heir of Ralph Vernon)
  i. John de Haselwall of Thurstanton
  a. Cicely de Haselwall
  m1. (before 1326) William de Brichull (dsp c1333, son of Piere)
  m2. John de Whitmore (d 10.1374, son of John son of William by Agnes de Haselwall)
  D. Agnes de Haselwall (a 1288)
  E. Nichola de Haselwall (a 1288)
  m. John le Norreys
  F. Margaret de Haselwall probably of this generation
  m. Alan le Norreys (brother of John)
3. Alice de Haselwall
  m. Guy de Provence ancestor of the Oldfields of Oldfield in Haselwall



Thomas Horseman of Burton Pedwardine & Mareham Grange, Lincolnshire (a 1540, 1551)
m. Elizabeth Hussey (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Hussey of Blankney by Anne, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Say of Liston, widow of ?? Ayscough)
1. Sir Thomas Horseman of Slyford & Mareham (b c1536, dsp 26.11.1610)
  m. Anne (d 10.1612, widow)
2. Robert Horseman of Kyme & Burton Pedwardine (d before 08.04.1611)
  A. Thomas Horseman of Burton Pedwardine & Mareham Grange (b c1583, dsp 02.04.1631)
  m. Mary Tredway (bpt 30.11.1600, a 1634, dau of John Tredway of Easton by Elizabeth, dau of Edmund Waller of Beconsfield)
  B. Elizabeth Horseman
  m. (c03.1602-3) Peter Orpe or Orby of Burton Pedwardine & Chertsey (bur 24.09.1633)



Roger Harene
m. Maria Magdeleine
1. Roger Harene of Paris then London (d 10.06.1763)
  m. Susanna Hays (dau of Daniel Hays of Calais then Wimbledon by Susanne Delfose)
  A. Benjamin Harene of London & Foots Cray Place, Sheriff of Kent (b c1735, d 15.04.1821)
  m. (c1771) Sarah Cade (b c1740, d 1810)
  i. Benjamin Harene of Foots Cray Place (b 20.04.1780, d 13.09.1827) had issue
  m. (1804) Sophia Caroline Berens (d 04.07.1851, dau of Joseph Berens (son of Herman by Magdalene, dau of Stephen Riou of Kevington))
  ii. Eliza Susanna Harene (b 18.01.1776)
  m1. (01.06.1797, sp?) John Traubman (Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Benjamin Bunbury of Marlston House (Colonel)
  B. Susanna Mary Harene (d 04.04.1776)
  m. Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 1st Bart (b 10.10.1717, d 07.1807)



Walter Harris of Monmouthshire
1. Edward Harris of Cornwall 'of Cornworthy Priory' (Devon) (d 08.04.1592)
  In his article on this Harris family, Vivian shows Edward's 1st wife as _ Vowell. In his article on the Pomeroy family, Vivian identifies her as ...
  m1. Philippa Fowell (dau of Thomas Fowell)
  A. Sir Thomas Harris (b 1546-7, bur 25.05.1610, Sergeant-at-law)
m. Elizabeth Pomeroy (bur 18.04.1634)
  i. Sir Edward Harris of Cornwall 'of Cornworthy Priory' 'of Dromny' (bpt 13.12.1575, d by 1639, Chief Justice of Munster)
  Wikipedia ("Edward Harris (Irish judge)") supports some of the following.
  m1. Elizabeth Fowell (d 1622, dau of Arthur (not Richard) Fowell of Fowellscombe)
  a. (Sir) Thomas Harris of Cornworthy (bpt 18.06.1598, bur 22.06.1665)
  b. Phillipa Harris
  m. Sir Robert Tynte of Youghal
  c. Mary Harris (d c1656)
  m. William Greatrakes (b c1600, d 1643)
d.+ other issue - Edmund (a 1638), Arthur (bur 28.08.1630), Elizabeth (bpt 15.04.1604), another
  m2. Jane Bussey (dau of John Nussey of Heydour, widow of Sir Richard Waldron of Farnham)
  ii. Anne Harris (bpt 22.08.1574)
  m. Sir Thomas Southwell of Suffolk
  iii. Honor Harris (bpt 06.10.1578)
  m. Sir Hugh Harris of Scotland
  m2. Anne Huckmore (bur 26.11.1602, dau/heir of William Huckmore)
  B. Arthur Harris 'of Cornworthy' of Cherston (Devon) (dsp bur 02.10.1640)
  m1. (30.07.1586) Honor Wykes (bur 25.10.1601, dau of John Wykes of Northwike)
  m2. Phillip(a) Duke (a 10.1640, dau of Richard Duke of Otterton)
  C. John Harris
  i. Thomas Harris (a 1638)
  D. Suzan Harris (bpt 20.01.1565-6)
  m. (05.06.1586) Henry Fortescue of Cornworthie
  E.+ other issue - Edward (a 1638), William (bpt 01.04.1562, bur 29.01.1594-5)

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