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Families covered: Mynshull (Munsule of Munsulfe) of Mynshull

Augustin de Minshull of Minshull, Cheshire (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Adam de Minshull of Minshull (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  A. Gamuel de Munsulfe of Minshull (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  i. Michael de Munsule (a 1199)
a. Adam de Munsule (a 1243)
  (1) Richard de Munsule
  m. Alice de Hulgreve (dau of Matthew de Hulgreve)
  (A) John de Mynshull (a 1277) had issue
(B) Richard de Mynshull (a 1293)
  m. Alice de Praers (dau of William de Praers of Bartumley by Sibilla, dau of Sir Thomas Crewe of Crewe)
  (i) Richard de Mynshull (a 1293, 1346)
  m. (div?) Margaret (dau of Sir Richard de Holte, m2. John Davenport)
  (ii) Henry de Mynshull 'of Church Minshull'
  m. Tibota de Pulford (dau of Robert de Pulford, m2. John Barret)
(a) Johanna Mynshull (b 1350)
  m1. (1364) Edmund Dutton (d 1382)
  m2. William de Hoton
  (iii) Randle de Mynshull
  m. Margaret Dutton (dau of Sir Thomas de Dutton)
  (C) Margaret Mynshull
  m. Thomas Erdeswick
  (D) Rose Mynshull
  m. Randle de Stocke
  (E) Amicia Mynshull
  m. Thomas de Clyve (son of Henry)
  (F) Matilda Mynshull
  m. Thomas de Spurstow
  (G) daughter
  m. Hugh de Malvoisin
  ii. Henry de Munsulfe
  a. Thomas de Munsulfe
  m. Amicia
  (1) Thomas de Munsulfe
  iii. William de Munsulfe
  a. Richard de Munsulfe
2. William de Munsulfe
  A. Austin de Munsulfe
  i. Gilbert de Munsulfe
  a. Thomas de Munsulfe (a 1281)
(1)+ issue - Thomas, Philip
  b. Harold de Munsulfe had issue
  ii. Harold de Munsulf
  a. Philip de Munsulfe (a 1277)
  (1) William de Mynshulle
  m. Mabella de Erdeswik (dau of Thomas de Erdeswik)
  (A) William de Mynshull (a 1372)
  (i) William de Mynshull (a 1367)
  The connection betwen William and the following Edmund is a dotted line, which we normally interpret as indicating that either the connection is not certain or Edmund was illegitimate.
  (a) Edmund Minshull of Minshull (d by 1425)
  iii. Thomas de Munsulfe

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Minshull of Minshull)
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