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Families covered: Musgrave of Musgrave

Gamel de Musgave (b 1030)
1. Wascelinus de Musgrave (b 1065)
  A. Stephen de Musgrave (b c1095, d 1157)
  i. Peter de Musgrave (b 1125, d 1154)
  a. Robert de Musgrave (b 1146)
  (1) Adam de Musgrave (b 1170, d 1216)
  m. (c1195) Alicia de Holebec
  (A) Thomas de Musgrave (b c1196, d 1265)
  m. Alice de Sandford
  (i) Thomas de Musgrave (d 1287)
  m. Sybil
  (a) Avice de Musgrave (d 10.1289)
  m. Thomas de Hellebeck
  (b) Isobel de Musgrave
  m. Patrick de Castle Cagrock
(ii) Richard de Musgrave, Sheriff of Westmorland (d by 01.1301)
  m1. Isabella
  (a) Alice de Musgrave
  m. Thomas de Newton
  m2. (c1275) Christina (b 1245, d 1292)
  (b) Thomas de Musgrave (b c1280, d 21.08.1314)
  m. (by 1301) Sarah de Harcla (b 1280, d 1327, sister of Sir Andrew de Harcla, Earl of Carlisle)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas de Musgrave, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Lord Musgrave (b 1302, d 1376/c1385)
  m1. (c1335) Margaret de Ros (dau of William de Ros of Youlton and South Holme)
  m2. (09.06.1345) Isabel de Berkeley (b c1307, d 1362, dau of Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Lord)
  (c) Richard de Musgrave
  m. Joan de Soulby (bpt 01.1292)
  ((1))+ issue - Robert (dsp 1357), John, Thomas, Adam (dsp 1334)
  (d) Nicholas de Musgrave (d 1346)
  ((1)) John de Musgrave
  ((2)) Christiana de Musgrave
  m. (c1345) John Maltby
  (e) Alice de Musgrave
  (iii) Hugh de Musgrave (d c1273)
  m. Matilda
  (a) Thomas de Musgrave (a 1324)
  (B) Richard de Musgrave (d 1269) had issue
  (C) Adam de Musgrave (d 1247)
  (D) Robert de Musgrave (d 1282)
  m. _ Rouette
  (i) Isabella de Musgrave
  m. (1290) Sir Anthony de Tipton (b 1260)
  (E) Nicholas de Musgrave (d 1269) had issue
  (F) son
  (i) Nicholas de Musgrave (b c1255)
  (2) John de Musgrave (b 1175, d 1203)
  m. (c1200) Matilda de Carevile (b c1179)
  (3) Walter de Musgrave (b c1180, d 1203)
  (A) Peter de Musgrave (b c1210)
  (4) son
  (A) Ralph de Musgrave (b c1212, d 1278)
  (i) Roger de Musgrave (b c1250)
  (a) Robert de Musgrave (b c1282, d c1350)
  m. (c1307) Emma Sturmy
  ((1)) Cecily de Musgrave (b c1308)
  m. (c1327) John de Kirkeharle
  ((2)) John de Musgrave (b c1315, d 1362)
  m. (before 1343) Margaret de Ryhill (d c1362)
  ((A)) John de Musgrave (b c1343, d 07.12.1419)
((i)) Robert Musgrave (b 1388, d 06.10.1455)
  m. (c1420) Margaret
  ((a)) Robert Musgrave (b 1424, d 17.01.1457)
  m. (c1450) Elizabeth (b c1430, d after 1458)
  ((b)) Thomas Musgrave 'of Ryall' (b c1432, d 10.11.1482)
  m. (c1457) Isabella (a 1496)
  (((1))) Joan Musgrave (b 1461, d 14.04.1488)
  m. (c1480) William Fenwycke
  (((2))) Margaret Musgrave (b c1462, d 14.04.1488)
  m. (c1482) (Robert) Mittford
  ((ii)) son
  ((a)) William Musgrave (b c1435)
  (((1))) Robert Musgrave (b c1470, dsp)
  (((2))) William Musgrave (b c1475) had issue
  m. (c1500) Agnes Petre (b c1479)
  ((3)) Mary de Musgrave (b c1318)
  m. (12.11.1339) William de Acton
  (b) John de Musgrave (b c1290, d 1364)
  (B)+ other issue - Michael, Adam

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