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Families covered: Longueville of Overton Longueville, Longueville of Little Billing, Longueville of Wolverton

The first recorded member was the following Walter who came to England at the time of the Conquest. It is thought likely that he came from the area of Longueville-la-Gifart (now Longueville-sur-Scie) in Upper Normandy. The family name was spelt variously over the centuries (including Lungvile & Longfield) but on this page we stick to Longueville. [See also Longfield1.]
Walter de Longueville of Overton Longueville, Huntingdonshire (a temp King William I who r. 1066-1087)
1. Henry de Longueville of Overton Longueville (d c1135)
  A. Reginald de Longueville of Overton (d c1179)
i. Henry de Longueville of Overton Longueville (d c1200)
  a. Sir Henry de Longueville of Overton Longueville (d c1235)
  (1) Sir John de Longueville of Overton Longueville (d 1265-8, judge)
  m. Isabella de Oyldebœuf (d c1276, dau/coheir of Walter de Oyldebœuf (Weldbof) of Colmesworth)
(A) Henry de Longueville of Overton Longueville and Colmworth (b 1252/3 d 1296)
  m. (before 1274) Petronilla de Lovetot (dau of Roger de Lovetot, Governor of Bolsover Castle)
  (i) John de Longueville of Overton Longueville and Colmworth (d c1319)
  m. (1301/2) Margaret de Worteley (dau of Sir Nicholas de Worteley by Isabel Heron, m2. Sir Peter de Saltmershe)
  (a) Margaret de Longueville of Orton Longueville (b c1316 d c1369)
  m1. (c1339) John de Bekyngham of Redingge (Reedness) (d c1345)
  m2. (1350) Gerald de Braybrooke of Horseden & Colmworth (d 01.02.1403)
  (B) Sir John de Longueville of Little Billing, Mayor of Northampton (b 26.10.1265, d 1329)
  m1. Joan
  (i) Sir George de Longueville of Little Billing (d 1357, MP) - continued below
  m. Isabella Preston (dau of Sir Laurence de Preston by Joan de Molton)
  (ii) Henry de Longueville of Hardingstone, Northamptonshire (dsp c1328)
  m. (1306) Joan (dsp, dau of William, son of Michael of Hardingstone)
  m2. Elizabeth
  (iii) Thomas de Longueville of White Roding & Kitchenhall (d 06.01.1347)
  m. Beatrice de Hastings (b 16.11.1310, d c1349, dau/heir of Philip de Hastings of Quenton (Quintin) by Alice, m2. William de Quenton of Quinton)
  (a)+ issue (dsp) - John (b c1331, d c1349), Robert (d c1349)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert (d c1292, monk), William (d c1320, priest)
  (2) Henry de Longueville of Northampton (d c1287)
  m. Juliana (a 1329)
  (3) ? Robert de Longueville (dsp c1263, priest)
  b. ? Thomas de Longueville (dsp c1238, Prior)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, Giles



Sir George de Longueville of Little Billing (d 1357, MP) - continued above
m. Isabella Preston (dau of Sir Laurence de Preston by Joan de Molton)
1. John de Longueville, Mayor of Northampton (dvp c1348)
A. John de Longueville of Little Billing (d 20.07.1361)
  m1. Joan
  i. John de Longueville of Little Billing & Wolverton, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire (b 1355, d 07.07.1438)
  m. (1376) Joan Hunt (d before 1439, dau/co-heir of John Hunt of Fenny Stratford by Margaret de Wolverton)
  a. Sir George Longueville of Little Billing, Hardingstone & Wolverton (b 1388/90, d 23.05.1458)
m1. (c1406) Elizabeth Roche (d ante 1434, dau/co-heir of Thomas Roche of Castle Bromwich & Nether Whitacre by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas de Birmingham)
  (1) Richard Longueville of Wootton (dvp c1444)
  m. Margaret Vernon (d 1486, dau of Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon, Speaker of the House of Commons, m2. Sir Richard Roos or Ros of Whitefriers)
  (A) Richard Longueville of Walton (b 23.05.1428, d 24.08.1458)
  m. Anne
(i) Sir John Longueville of Wolverton, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 05.10.1458, d 01.12.1541)
  m1. (1493/4) Elizabeth Hastings (dau of Sir Raffe Hastings of Harrowdon & Kirby)
  p/m2. Isabel and/or Elizabeth Tresham (dau of John Tresham of Rushton)
  (2) Elizabeth Longueville (d 19.12.1448)
  m John Dyve of Quinton
  m2. Margaret de Sutton (dau of John de Sutton, Lord Dudley by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John de Berkeley of Beverstone)
(3) George Longueville of Wolverton (b 1434, d 27.07.1499)
  (A) Richard Longueville (b c1469)
  (i) Sir William Longueville of Calverton possibly ancestor of Viscount Longueville in Ireland
  (B) Agnes (Anne) Longueville
  m. (c1470) Richard Boughton of Little Lawford & Brownsover
  (4) Elizabeth Longueville
  m. James Swetenham of Blakesley & Hardingstone
  (5) Anne Longueville
  m. John Mortimer of Grendon
  (A) Eleanor Mortimer
  m. William Holdenby of Holdenby (son of John of Holdenby)
  (B) Joan Mortimer
  m. John Holdenby of Holdenby Isham (d c1456, son of John of Holdenby)
  b. ? John Longueville (dsp 02.1424, prebendary)
  ii. Joan de Longueville
  m1. John Heylesden (Hailsden or Ailesdon) of London (d 1384)
  a.+ issue - Margaret (dsp), Alice
  m2. Sir John de Seyton of Maidwell & Ellesborough (d 1396)
  m2. Isabel (a 1361)

Main source(s): information kindly provided by a contributor (OWC, 16.03.08) with reference to a range of sources including VCH (Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire)
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