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Families covered: Gatacre of Claverley, Gatacre of Gatacre, Gatacre of Hughley, Gataker of Mildenhall, Gatacre of Sutton

Commoners reports that this family obtained lands at Gatacre from Edward the Confessor (who r. 1042-1066).
Stephen de Gatacre of Gatacre, Sutton and Claverley (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
1. Thomas de Gatacre (dvp)
  m. Alice (dau of Robert la Zouch)
  A. Robert de Gatacre of Gatacre (b by 1272, d unm after 1292)
  B. William de Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1272, a 1313)
  m. Eleanor Harcourt (dau of Sir Richard de Harcourt)
  i. Galfrey or Geoffrey de Gatacre of Gatacre (a 1335)
  m. Helen Holland (dau of Sir Robert de Holland of Yoxall)
a. Thomas Gatacre of Gatacre and Hughley (b 1331, d 1367)
  m1. Joan Leigh (dau of Richard de Leigh of Leigh and Park Hall)
  (1) Thomas Gatacre of Gatacre and Hughley (b 1355, d after 07.1410)
  m. Alice Lovell (dau of Sir John de Lovell of Yoxall)
  (A) William Gatacre of Gatacre (dsp)
  (B) John Gatacre of Gatacre, Sutton and Hughley (b 1389, d 1426-7)
  m. Joice Burley (dau of John Burley of Bromcroft Castle, Sheriff of Salop)
(i) John Gatacre of Gatacre (a 1471)
  m. Jane Younge (dau of Nicholas Younge or Yonge of Caynton)
  (a) John Gatacre of Gatacre, Sutton and Hughley (d 1499)
  m1. Eleanor Acton (dsp, dau of John Acton of Aldenham)
  m2. Elizabeth Bostock (d by 1501, dau of Sir Adam Bostock of Bostock)
((1)) Robert Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1476, d 1509)
  m. Joan Hord (dau of John Hord of Hord's Park)
  ((A)) William Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1506, d 20.12.1577) - continued below
  m. Eleanor Mytton (dau of William Mytton)
  ((B)) Mary Gatacre
  m. John Wolryche of Dudmaston
  ((C)) Margery Gatacre
m. William Middlemore of Worcestershire (d 1549)
  ((D)) Jane Gatacre
  m. John Whitton of Whitton Court
  ((E))+ other issue - Richard, Francis
  ((2)) Arthur Gatacre
  ((3)) Christabel Gatacre
  m. John Lyster of Rowton Castle
  (ii) Humphrey Gatacre (a 1509)
  m. Eleanor Blyke (dau of Richard Blyke of Astley)
  (a) Joyce Gatacre
  m. Thomas Eynes of Church Stretton
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard (a 1448), Isabel in Claverley
  m2. Alice (cousin)
  ii. Avis de Gatacre of Claverley (a 1314)
2. Reginald de Gatacre (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  A. Bertram de Gatacre (a 1293)
  i. Osbert de Gatacre
  a.+ issue - William of Claverley (a 1324), Simon



William Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1506, d 20.12.1577) - continued above
m. Eleanor Mytton (dau of William Mytton of Coton Hill, Shrewsbury, and Habberley)
1. Francis Gatacre of Gatacre (d 19.06.1590/9, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Swinnerton (dau of Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton)
  A. William Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1560-1, d 1615)
  m. Anne Corbet (dau of Jerome Corbet)
  i. John Gatacre of Gatacre (d 1667)
  m. Mary Polwhele (d 1667,dau of William Polwhele of Polwhele)
a. Thomas Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1641, d 1707)
  m. Sarah Acton (dau of Sir Walter Acton, 2nd Bart of Aldenham)
  (1) Thomas Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1676, d unm 1734)
  (2) Edward Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1680, d 1747)
  m. (03.10.1734) Margaret Yate (dau of Benjamin Yate of Ludstone)
  (A) Edward Gatacre of Gatacre (b 11.09.1735, d 21.08.1821)
  m. (1767) Mary Pitchford (d 13.02.1815, of family of Pitchford)
  (i) Edward Gatacre of Gatacre (b 26.04.1768, d 11.1849, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (1805) Annabella Lloyd (d 17.02.1817, dau of Robert Lloyd of Swanhill by Jane Williams)
  m2. (1826, sp) Harriet Constantia Jenkins (dau of Richard Jenkins of Bickton)
  (B) Sarah Gatacre (d unm 24.07.1787)
  (3) Catherine Gatacre
  m. (1735) William Eaves of Claverley
  (4) Elizabeth Gatacre
  m. (1739) Elias Deane of Farmcote
  (5) Jane Gatacre
  m. (1718) William Hall of Stourbridge
(6)+ other issue - George (d unm 1739), Jerome (d unm 1740), Sarah, Mary, Frances (d 1731)
  b.+ other issue - William of Shipley, Jerome (b 1658), Penelope (d infant), Margaret Frances (d 1685), Catherine (a 1669), Anne
  ii.+ other issue - William (d 1653), Francis (d 1611), Ambrose in Shiffnall (b 1610), Jerome of Willey (d 1669), Edward (d 1645), Augustine (d young), George of Cannock, Elizabeth
  B. Thomas Gatacre of Shipley (d 1648)
  i. Jane Gatacre
  C. John Gatacre
  D. Margaret Gatacre
  m. Edward Morgan of Northfield
  E. Elizabeth Gatacre
  m. Andrew Vyse of Standon
  F. Dorothy Gatacre
  m. Thomas Skrymshire of Johnstone
2. Thomas Gatacre (d 1593, rector of St. Edmund the King, London)
  m. Margaret Pigot of Herefordshire
  A. Thomas Gataker (b 04.09.1574, d 29.07.1654, rector of Rotherhithe)
m1. ?? (widow of William Cupper)
  i. Thomas Gataker (dvp bur 08.10.1639)
  m2. _ Pinner (dau of Rev. Charles Pinner or Vinner)
  ii. Charles Gataker (bpt 26.08.1613, d 20.11.1680, rector of Hoggeston)
  m1. Anne (bur 26.11.1656)
  a. Thomas Gataker (bpt 08.10.1650, d 10.11.1701, 2nd son)
  m. Barbara Hebblethwaite (d 15.07.1735, dau of Sir Thomas Hebblethwaite of Norton)
  (1) Edward Gataker (b 24.01.1684, d 16.09.1729, minister of Mursley)
(A) Thomas Gataker (d 17.11.1768, surgeon to King George III)
  m. Anne Hill (d 22.07.1797, dau of Thomas Hill of Court of Hill)
  (i) Thomas Gataker of Mildenhall (b 1749, d 16.03.1844)
  m. Mary Swale (d 04.03.1839, dau of John Swale of Lincoln's Inn Fields)
  (a) William Gataker (dvp after 1840)
  (b) George Gataker of Mildenhall and White Knights Park (b 30.03.1792, d 30.04.1872) had issue
  m1. (05.11.1825) Elizabeth Harrison Wilkinson (d 01.01.1827, dau of Thomas Wilkinson of Nether Hall)
  m2. (29.08.1829) Sophia Sarah Partridge (dau of Henry Samuel Partridge of Hockham Hall)
  m3. (02.09.1862) Marianna Helen Birch (dsp, dau of Rev.Charles Edward Birch of Wiston)
  (ii) Anne Gataker
  m. (19.12.1771) Stamp Brooksbank (d 1802)
  (2) George Gataker (4th son) had issue
  m. _ Nash
  (3) William Gataker (b 1691)
  m. Anne Willet (dau of James Willet)
  (4) Barbara Gataker
  m1. John Pitcairn of London
  (A) Barbara Pitcairn
m. Thomas Carter of Dunton
  m2. _ Withers of Kent
  (5) Frances Gataker (d 1715)
  m. Benjamin Reynolds (rector of Hoggerston)
  (A) Benjamin Reynolds (rector of Hoggerston)
  (6)+ other issue - Charles, Thomas
  b.+ other issue - Charles (a 1654), Bernard (b 1651), William, John, Joseph
  m2. ??
  g.+ other issue (dsp) - George, Elizabeth
  m3. Dorothy Farwell (bur 15.08.1627, dau of George Farwell of Hilbishop, sister of Sir George & Sir John)
iii. Elizabeth Gatacre
  m. William Draper
  iv. Esther Gatacre
  m4. (sp) Elizabeth (bur 21.08.1652)
  B.+ other issue - George, Henry, Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah
3. Dorothy Gatacre
  m. Sir Robert Brooke of Madeley Court (a 1557, chief justice)
4. Barbara Gatacre
  m. James Barker of Gloucester
5. Catherine Gatacre
  m. Richard Kettleby
6. Alice Gatacre
  m. Simon Mucklowe of Howden
7. Elizabeth Gatacre
  m. Robert Pigott of Chetwynd (a 1574)
8.+ other issue - Humphrey (d young), George, John of Swinnerton (dsp)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Gatacre of Gatacre) supported by Commoners (vol iii, Gatacre of Gatacre) with input from BLG1952 (Gataker formerly of Mildenhall) supported by Commoners (vol i, Gataker of Mildenhall)
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