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Families covered: Bostock of Bostock, Bostock of Gilden Sutton

Sir Osmer (Oliver) de Bostock (a 1066)
1. Hugh Bostock
A. Richard Bostock
  i. Roger Bostock
  a. Sir Gilbert Bostock
  (1) Ranulph de Bostock the first mentioned by Hunter who calls him Sir William (a temp Herny 2 who r. 1154-1189)
  m. Margaret Vernon (dau of Warren Vernon of Shipbroke)
(A) Sir Warren (Warine) Bostock of Bostock
  m. Havice (sister of Randoll, Earle of Chester, widow of Robert Quincy)
  (i) Sir Henry de Bostock of Bostock, etc. (a temp Henry 3 who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Eleanor de Pool (dau of Robert de Pool of Pool in Cheshire)
  (a) Sir William de Bostock the first mentioned by Ormerod
  m. Elizabeth Audley (dau of Hugh or James, Lord Audley) ?? father named Hugh by Visitation but James by Ormerod & Hunter
  ((1)) Sir Edward Bostock generation omitted by Hunter & Ormerod
  ((A)) Sir Adam Bostock (a 1298)
  m. Jane Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
  ((i)) Sir William Bostockof Bostock - continued below
  m1. _ Winnington (dau/heir of Sir Richard Winnington)
  m2. Jane Moulton (dau/heir of William Moulton of Moulton)
  ((2)) Hugo Bostock probably of this generation
  m. Hawisia Hellesby (dau of Richard de Hellesby)
  (ii) Joan Bostock possibly of this generation
  m. Nicholas de Harley (a 1150)



Sir William Bostock of Bostock (a temp Edward 3 who r. 1327-1377) - continued above
Visitation shows Sir William as father of Adam & Rafe by _ Winnington. Ormerod shows him as father of Adam & Ralph by dau of William Multon. Provisionally we follow Hunter as follows.
m1. _ Winnington (dau/heir of Sir Richard Winnington)
1. Sir Adam Bostock of Bostock
  m. Margery Wetnall (dau of John Wetnall al's Kingsley)
  A. Sir Adam Bostock of Bostock
  Hunter identifies Adam's wife as Jane, dau of Sir Henry Brodshall of Brodshall. Visitation & Ormerod name her ...
  m. Jenet/Jonet Bradshaw (dau of Sir Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw)
i. Sir Ralph Bostock of Bostock
  m. Isabel Lawton (dau of William Lawton)
  a. Sir Adam Bostock of Bostock (d Bloreheath 23.08.1459)
  Ormerod & Hunter identify Adam's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Richard Venables & sister/heir of Hugh. Provisionally we follow Visitation in showing her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Venables (dau of Hugh Venables of Kinderton)
  (1) Ralph Bostock of Bostock (b 1438, d 1483) the only one of this generation mentioned by Hunter
  m. Alice or Elizabeth Dutton (d 1516, dau of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton)
  (A) Anne Bostock
  m. Sir John Savage (d 02.03.1527)
  (B)+ other issue - William (dspl), John (dvpsp?)
  partner unknown mentioned by Hunter
  (D) John Bostock had issue
  (2) William Bostock of Stapleford then Bostock
  m. Elizabeth Done (dau/heir of Robert Done)
  partner(s) unknown
  (A) George Bostock of Bostock
  m. _ Holt (dau of Sir Edward Holt)
  (i) Robert Bostock of Bostock
  m. Emme Bromefeld (dau of Humfrey Bromefeld)
  (a)+ issue - John (d 30.04.1594, Captain), Ralfe (Captain), Arthur, Edward (d 1599), Charles in London, George, Isaack
(ii) Jane Bostock
  m. William Abraham of London
  (B) Ralfe Bostock of Norcroft
  m. Margaret Vernon (dau of _ Vernon of Daveham)
  (i) Ralfe Bostock of Gilden Sutton (a 1584)
  m. Katherine Huriston (widow of _ Whitmore)
  (a) Katherine Bostock
  m. Richard Whitmore
  (ii) Edward Bostock of Gilden Sutton
  (a)+ issue - Thomas, Edward
  (iii) Arthur Bostock of Redish.
  (a)+ issue - Ralfe, Thomas
  (iv) Elizabeth Bostock
  m. Hugh Holme of Coddington
  (v) Jane Bostock
  m. Randoll Smith of Oldhaugh
  (vi) Katherine Bostock
  m1. Robert Massy of Minshull Vernon
  m2. John Cliff
  (vii) Anne Bostock
  p. Sir Thomas Venables of Kinderton
(viii) Emm Bostock
  m1. Humfrey Bromfeld
  m2. Hugh Walley
  (ix) Margaret Bostock
  m. Randoll Olton of Wetnall
  (x) Isabell Bostock
  m. Thomas Bradfeld of Trafford
  (C) Arthur Bostock
  (i) Edward Bostock
  (D) Edward Bostock
  (i)+ 3 illegitimate children
  (E) Elme or Anne Bostock
  m. Arthur Halford or Holford
  (F) Anne Bostock
  m. Jenkin de Mere
(G) Isabell Bostock
  m1. _ Buckley
  m2. _ Painter
  m3. _ Morgan
  m4. _ Clifton
  (H) Margery Bostock
  m. _ Hoo of Shropshire
  (I)+ 8 other children
(3) Nicholas Bostock of Morburley, Maburlegh or Moberley
  m. Katherine Mobberley (dau of Sir William Mobberley)
  (4) John Bostock of Belgrave had issue, mentioned by Hunter
  (5) Margaret Bostock (dsp)
  m. William Whitney of Whitney
  (6) Margery Bostock
  m. Lewis Eaton of Wildmore
  (7) Jane Bostock
  m. Sir Edward Holt or Hoult of Lancashire
  (8) Elizabeth Bostock (d by 1501)
  m. John Gataker of Gatacre (d 1499)
  (9) Ellin Bostock
m. Humfrey Bostock of Mortensay (Moreton Say)
  partner unknown
  (10) Jone Bostock probably of this generation
  m. Robert Bostock of Churton
  b. Hugh Bostock (dsp)
  c. Alice Bostock probably of this generation
  m. Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle
  ii. Henry Bostock of Huxley
  m. Alice Brett (dau of Thomas Brett of Davenham)
  a. Thomas Bostock of Huxley had issue
  b. Richard Bostock ancestor of Bostock of Tattenhall
c.+ other issue - Randle, Thomas
  iii. George Bostock of Modburleigh (2nd son) possibly of this generation
  a. Agnes Bostock (coheir)
  m. Randle Baskervyle of Old Withington
  iv. Margaret Bostock
  m. Huchon Davenport of Henbury
  v.+ other issue - Hugh (dsp),William of Huntingdon, Elizabeth, Agnes
  B. David Bostock of Churton
  m. Margaret Dee
m2. Jane Moulton (dau/heir of William Moulton of Moulton) this marriage given by Hunter but omitted by Visitation which shows _ Winnington as mother rather than wife of ...
2. Rafe Bostock of Moulton
  As indicated just above, Visitation identifies Rafe's wife as Alice, dau of Randall de Moulton. Hunter identifies her as ...
  m. Alice (dau of Randle of Merton)

Main source(s): Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Bostestock al's Bostock + Bostock of Bostock') with some support from Ormerod (vol 3, 'Bostock of Bostock', p135), FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Bostock of Bostock in Cheshire', p21+)
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