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Families covered: Harley of Brampton Castle, Harley of Harley

Sir William de Harley of Harley (a 1100)
m. Catherine Croft (dau of Sir Jasper Croft of Croft)
1. Nicholas de Harley (a 1150)
  m. Joan Bostock (dau of Sir Warine de Bostock of Bostock)
  A. Sir William de Harley
  m. Alice de la Bere (dau of Sir John de la Bere, or Delabarr, of Kinnesley and Clonger)
  i. Richard de Harley
  m. Alice Prestop (dau of Robert Prestop of Prestop)
a. Robert de Harley
  m. Alice Pulisdon (dau of Sir Richard Pulisdon or Puleston of Puleston)
  (1) Sir Richard de Harley, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 1321)
  m. Burga de Willey (dau of Sir Andrew de Willey or Willsley of Willsley or Willeagh)
  (A) Sir Robert de Harley, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 1349)
  m. Margaret de Brampton (dau of Sir Brian de Brampton of Brampton)
  (i) Robert de Harley
  m. (1341) Joan Corbet (dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Morton Corbet)
(a) Alice Harley
  m. Sir Hamond de Peshall
  ((1)) Elizabeth Peshall
  m1. Henry Grendon of Harley
  m2. Sir Richard Lacon
  (ii) Brian de Harley
  m. Elizabeth Corbet (dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Morton Corbet)
  (a) Bryan de Harley
m. Isolda Lyngoyne (dau of Sir Ralph Lyngoyne of Stoke)
  ((1)) Richard de Harley (d unm)
  ((2)) Jeffrey de Harley of Brampton
  m1. Joan (dau of Johan ap Harry of Poston)
  ((A)) Margaret Harley
  m. Hugh Walley
  m2. Julian Burley (dau of Sir John Burley of Burley)
((B)) Sir Thomas Harley of Brampton, Sheriff of Shropshire
  m. Joan Hacklait (dau of Sir John Hacklait of Eyton)
  ((i)) Richard Harley 'of Brampton Brian', Sheriff of Salop (a 1499)
  m. Catherine Vaughan (dau of Sir Thomas Vaughan of Tretower Castle)
  ((a)) John Harley of Brampton (b 1491, d 06.08.1542)
  m1. (1520/1) Anne Croft (dau of Sir Edward Croft of Croft)
  (((1))) John Harley of Brampton, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b 29.10.1521, d c1606)
  m. Maud Warncomb (dau of Richard Warncomb of Hereford)
  (((2))) William Harley of Beckjay (bur 29.07.1600)
  m. Joan Boyle (dau of Thomas Boyle of Hereford)
  (((3))) Margaret Harley
  m. Thomas Adams of Electra
  (((4)))+ other issue - Thomas (rector of Brampton), Edward, Joyce, Elizabeth
  m2. Anne Rouse (dau of Sir Edward Rouse of Warwick)
(((8))) Alice Harley
  m. Simon Macklew
  Possibly Joyce or Elizabeth above or otherwise of this generation (but, if so, uncertain who her mother was) was ...
  (((9))) daughter
  m. Thomas Davies of Derehurst
  ((b)) Catherine Harley
  m. Roger Hopwood
  ((c))+ other issue - William, Thomas
  ((ii)) Alice Harley
  m1. Richard Monington
  m2. William Tomkins of Monington
((C))+ other issue - Brian of Byton, Joan
  (b) Eleanor Harley
  m1. Sir John Bromwich of Bromwich
  m2. Thomas Cotes
  (iii) Walter de Harley
  (iv) Joan de Harley
  m. Gilbert de Lacy of Frome Castle
  (v) Margaret de Harley
  m. John Parker of Foord
  (B)+ other issue - Malcolm, Henry
  (2) Malcolm de Harling (chaplain to King Edward I)
  (3) Sybil Harling (a 1310)
  m. Richard Delamere

Main source(s): Collins (1812, vol IV, 'Harley of Oxford', p37+)
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