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Families covered: Parker of Chepstow (Strugill), Parker of Ford, Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel)

Siddons reports that much of the following came froma pedigree drawn up in 1606 by Thomas Jones of Fountain Gate, Tregaron "a well-known genealogist and compiler of heraldic pedigree rolls". However, there appear to be too many generations in it.
Sir Robert Parker of the Foorde (near Leominster, Herefordshire) (a 1216)
1. Richard Parker of the Foorde
A. William Parker of the Foorde
  i. John Parker of the Foord
  m. Margaret Harley (dau of Sir Robert Harley of Brampton Bryan)
  a. William Parker of the Foord
  (1) Elianor Parker
  m. Sir Hugh Croft
  b. Henry Parker in Herefordshire
  m. Joan Pembridge (dau of William Pembridge of Maunsell Gamadge)
  (1) John Parker of Strugill (Chepstow), Monmouthshire
  m. Margaret Semor (dau of Sir John Semor)
(A) William Parker of Chepstow
  m. Katherine Morley (dau of Lord Morley) questionable! see note ## below
  (i) John Parker of Monmouthshire
  m. Margaret Vaughan (dau of Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretower)
  (a) Thomas Parker
  m. Margery Tomlyn or Huntley (dau/coheir of John Tomlyn alias Huntley)
  ((1)) Walter Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel) Castle
  m. Elinor Sutton (dau of John Sutton, Lord Dudley)
  ((A)) Richard Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel)
  m. Margery (dau/coheir of Richard ap Hywel ap Gwillym David of Llanfwyst)
  ((i)) George Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel)
  Siddons reports that this was the last generation mentioned by Thomas Jones (referred to in the note at the top of the page).
  m1. Elizabeth (dau/coheir of Morgan ap William David ap Jerworth (or Morgan Llwelyn Iorwerth))
  ((a)) Richard Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel) (b c1580, d c1640)
  m. Anne Vann (dau of Thomas Vann of Colledre)
  (((1))) George Parker (d young)
  (((2))) Nicholas Parker of Llanlowell (Llanllywel) (b c1622, a 1683)
  m. Syrophenicia Williams (dau of Christopher Williams, brother of Sir Charles of Llangibby)
  (((A))) Florence Parker
  m. Joseph Morton of London
  (((B))) Margaret Parker
  m. Richard Jenkins of Usk
  (((C))) Syrophenicia Parker
  m. George Stephens of Gloucestershire
  (((D))) Elizabeth Parker
  m. Philip Jenkins of Llanhowell
  (((E)))+ other issue - Christopher (b c1649), Nicholas in London (b c1656), Charles (b c1662)
  (((3))) Mary Parker
  m. William Packer of Cheltenham & Coford
  (((4))) Elizabeth Parker
m. William Brittle of Bristol
  ((b)) Tindal Parker (d unm)
  ((c)) Jane Parker
  m. William Morgan of Newchurch
  ((d)) Elizabeth Parker
m. William Harris of Newchurch
  ((e)) Alice Parker
  m1. Thomas Abrahall of Newport (d 06.1626)
  m2. Rice Williams of Glamorganshire
  m2. Maude Herbert (illegitimate dau of Sir Thomas Herbert of Llanwarw (Wonastow), son of Sir William of Troy)
  (B) Henry Parker
  ## Siddons reports that Jones's pedigree shows this Henry as the husband of Ales, dau/heir of Robert Lovell, Lord Morley, and father by her of Henry Parker, Lord Morley (who was born by 1486). Siddons notes that this is contradicted by TCP whiich identifies Ales's husband and progenitor of the later Lords Morley as Sir William Parker ("whose origins are unknown"). Note that the pedigree also shows this Henry's elder brother William as married to a daughter of Lord Morley. It is perhaps just possible that it was William who was the father of Henry, Lord Morley, with the above John of Monmouthshire being a younger brother of that Henry. However, that is mere speculation and, as indicated in the note at the top of the page, at least some of the above pedigree is questionable not least because there are too many generations in it.

Main source(s): Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (1996, 'Visitations by the Heralds in Wales'), Monmouthshire, 1683, 'Parker of Llanllywel', p174+)
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