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Families covered: Parker of Arwerton (Erwerton), Parker of Hurstmonceux, Parker Lord Monteagle, Parker Lord Morley
[Information on the Parkers of North Molton, ancestors of the Earls of Morley, was transferred out of this page to Parker03 on 24.01.05.]

TCP says of the following William "whose origins are unknown" but that his arms were "Arg. a lion passant Gu. between two bars Sa. 3 bezants, 2 and 1; in chief 3 bucks' heads cabossed of the third". We have found a possible ancestry for him (see here) but it is far too speculative for us to make the connection.
Sir William Parker (a 1504, standard bearer)
m. Alice Lovel, 'Baroness Morley' (d 23.12.1518, dau of William Lovel, Lord Morley)
1. Sir Henry Parker, Lord Morley (b by 1486, d 27.11.1556)
  m. (before 1505) Alice St. John (bur 23.11.1553, dau of Sir John St. John of Blethsho)
  A. Sir Henry Parker (dvp 06.01.1551/2, 2nd son)
  m1. (18.05.1523) Grace Newport (dau/heir of John Newport of Brent Pelham aka Pelham Furneux)
i. Henry Parker, Lord Morley (b by 1532, d 22.10.1577)
  m. Elizabeth Stanley (d by 1591, dau of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby)
  a. Edward Parker, Lord Morley (b c1550, d 01.04.1618)
  m1. Elizabeth Stanley (d 12.06.1585, dau of William Stanley, 3rd Lord Monteagle)
  Children all presumed to have been by 1st marriage.
(1) William Parker, Lord Morley and Monteagle (b c1575, d 01.07.1622)
  m. (before 06.01.1592/3) Elizabeth Tresham (bur 02.01.1647/8, dau of Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton)
  (A) Sir Henry Parker, Lord Morley and Monteagle (b c1620, d 10.05.1655)
  m. (c1619) Philippa Carrel (bpt 05.10.1600, d c1660, dau of Sir Thomas (not Philip) Carrel or Caryll of Bentons in Shipley)
  (i) Thomas Parker, Lord Morley and Monteagle (b c1636, dsp bur 15.07.1697)
  m. (by 1660) Mary Martin (bur 13.07.1700, dau of Sir Henry Martin of Landsworth)
(B) Katherine Parker
  m. (before 1626) John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers (b c1603, d 10.10.1654)
  (C) Elizabeth Parker
  m. Edward Cranfield
  (D)+ other issue - William (dsp), Charles (dsp), Frances (nun)
  (2) Mary Parker
  m. Thomas Abington of Hinlip
  (3) Elizabeth Parker
  m. Sir Alexander Barlow of Barlow
(4) Frances Parker
  m1. Christopher Danby of Leighton (d 1624)
  m2. (sp) William Richards of Farnley
  (5) Anne Parker (bur 22.05.1612) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Brouncker, Lord President of Munster (d 03.06.1607)
  (6)+ other issue - Henry, Charles
  m2. Gertrude Denis (a 1593, dau of Sir Robert Denis of Holcombe)
  b. Alice Parker
  m. Sir Thomas Barrington
c. Mary Parker
  m. Sir Edward Laventhorpe
  ii. Jane Parker (beheaded 13.02.1541/2)
  m. (by 1526) George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford (dvp beheaded 17.05.1536)
  iii. Margaret Parker
  m. Sir John Shelton
m2. (by 1549) Elizabeth Calthorp (d 26.05.1578, dau of Sir Philip Calthorp of Erwarton)
  iv. Sir Philip Parker of Erwarton, Sheriff of Suffolk (a 1578)
  m. Catherine Goodwin (dau of Sir John Goodwin of Winchendon)
  a. Sir Calthorpe Parker of Erwarton
  m. Mercy Soame (dau of Sir Stephen Soame)
  (1) Sir Philip Parker of Erwarton or Arwarton (a 1640)
  m. Dorothy Gawdy (dau of Sir Robert Gawdy of Claxton by Winifrid Bacon)
  (A) Sir Philip Parker, 1st Bart of Arwarton (d c1699)
  m1. Rebecca Long (dau of Sir Walter Long, Bart of Whaddon)
(i) Sir Philip Parker, 2nd Bart of Arwarton (d c1700)
  m. Mary Fortrey (dau of Samuel Fortrey of Byall Fen)
  (a) Sir Philip Parker, later Parker-A Morley-Long, 3rd Bart of Arwarton and Whaddon (d 20.06.1740-1)
  m. Martha East (dau of William East of the Middle Temple)
  ((1)) Martha Parker (b 23.03.1715, dsp 30.11.1775)
  m. (1751) John Thynne Howe, 2nd Lord Chedworth (b 1714, dsp 1762)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Parker
  m. James Plunkett
((3)) Catharine Parker
  (b) Catherine Parker (d 22.08.1749)
  m. (10.06.1710) Sir John Perceval, 1st Earl of Egmont (b 22.07.1683, d 01.05.1748)
  (c) Mary Parker
  m. Daniel Dering (grandson of Sir Edward, Bart of Surenden Dering)
  (ii) Calthorpe Parker, later Long of Whaddon (b c1657, dsp 1729)
  m. Dionysia Harrington (dau of John Harrington of Kelston)
(iii) other issue (d unm) - Walter, Rebecca, Mary, Anne
  m2. Hannah Bacon (dau of Philip Bacon of Wolverstone)
  (vii)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Dorothy
  (B) Winifrid Parker
  m1. Sir John Barker, Bart of Trimley (d 1664)
  m2. Anthony Gawdy of Westminster
  (C) Mercy Parker
  m1. William Guibbon of Thursford
  m2. Edmond Wodehouse of East Lexham (d 05.09.1727)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Calthorpe, Robert, Dorothy, Mary
  (2) Anne Parker probably of this generation
  m. John Gurdon of Assington Hall (b c1595, d 09.09.1679)
  b. Katherine Parker (b c1583, d 1636) probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Cornwallis of London
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
v. Amy or Anne Parker (bur 08.12.1571)
  m. Thomas Glemham of Glemham & Farnham (b c1533, bur 25.09.1571)
  The following comes from Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Parker).
  B. Francis Parker (dvp bur 20.12.1553)
  i. William Parker of Margate
  m. Joane (d 1613)
  a. Francis Parker
  m. Joan (bur 08.12.1607)
(1)+ issue - Mary (bpt 20.01.1571-2), bur 01.06.1574), Ann (bpt 14.06.1573, bur 15.06.1592), Mary (bpt 01.09.1577), Christian (bpt 27.5.1589, bur 12.10.1607)
  b. Gregory Parker of Bramley, Surrey
  The following is supported by MGH (vol 1, 1868, p167).
  m. Margaret Byden (d after 09.1565, dau of Richard Byden of Surrey)
  (1) William Parker of Hurstmonceux, Sussex (d 11.1617)
  m. Jane Dewtry (d 05.1598, dau of William Dewtry of Petworth)
  (A) Samuel Parker of Hurstmonceux (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Holman (dau of John Holman)
(i) William Parker of Hurstmonceux had issue
  (ii) Samuel Parker of Eastbourne (d 09.08.1690)
  m1. (15.03.1659) Judith Hutchings of Eastbourne (d 24.03.1681)
  (a) Samuel Parker (bpt 19.02.1666, d unm?)
  (b) Anne Parker
  m. (before 07.1692) Thomas Rowe of Pevensey (b c1660 (1665?), bur 12.10.1702)
  (c) daughter
  m. John Newman (Vicar of Rottingdean)
  m2. Elizabeth (a 1681)
  (iii)+ other issue - John, Ann (d 30.09.1662)
  (B) John Parker
  (C) Jane Parker
  m. George Luxford
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Gregory
  C.+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Jane, Margaret, Katherine

Main source(s): BE1883 (Parker of Morley and Monteagle), TCP (Morley), BEB1841 (Parker of Arwarton) with input as reported above
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