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Families covered: Shelton of Barningham, Shelton of Shelton

We found much of the data for this top section in various web sites which did not identify their sources. Until we have seen them in a 'traditional source' we view it with caution.
John de Shelton, Norfolk
1. Sir John or Nicholas de Shelton of Shelton
  Some sites have an additional generation here, a Nicholas de Shelton of Shelton.
  A. Sir Ralph de Shelton of Shelton (d c1245)
  m. (1225) Catherine (dau of Sir Henry de Illegh)
  Some sites have an additional generation or two here, a Henry de Shelton of Shelton (or 2 Henrys).
  i. Sir Robert de Shelton of Shelton (d 25.08.1306)
  m. Isabel Ball
  a. Sir John de Shelton of Shelton (d c1353)
  m. Jane or Maud
  Some sites have an additional generation here, a John de Shelton of Shelton who married Agatha Gedding.
  (1) Ralph de Shelton of Shelton (d 17.11.1378)
  Various sites show Ralph as married to Ann Burgelegh or Burglion (name spelt variously). This is possibly the Sir Ralph identified by 'The Royal Descent' as cousin/heir of Sir Ralf Burgulion of Kerdeston & Thirsford and married to ...
  m. (1346) Joan de Plais (dau of Sir John de Plais of Wetyng)
  (A) Sir Ralph Shelton of Shelton (dsp 25.04.1424)
  m. Alice Uvedale
Some sites show Sir Ralph as father of Sir John but 'The Royal Descent' claims that he dsp and was succeeded by his brother Sir William.
  (B) Robert Shelton
  (C) Sir William Shelton of Shelton
  m. Catherine Baret (dau/heir of Simon Baret)
(i) Sir John Shelton of Shelton (d 1430) the first mentioned by Douglas Richardson
  m. Margaret Brewes (dau of Robert Brewes by Ela, dau of Sir Miles Stapleton)
  (a) (Sir) Ralph Shelton of Shelton (d 16.07.1497)
  m1. Joan
  ((1)) Margaret Shelton
  ((2)) Elizabeth Shelton
  m. Richard FitzLewis
  m2. Margaret Clere (d 16.01.1499/1500, dau of Robert Clere of Ormesby by Elizabeth Uvedale)
((3)) Sir John Shelton of Shelton, Sheriff of Norfolk (b c1478, d 21.12.1539) - continued below
  Shown by some web sites as father (by Margaret Lewis) of Sir John, the husband of Anne Bolleyne, but by 'The Royal Descent' as the same Sir John who married ...
  m. Anne Bolleyne (dau of Sir William Boleyn)
  ((4)) Ralph Shelton of Broome & Norwich (bur 25.10.1538)
  m. Mary Brome (d 29.10.1540, dau/coheir of Gilbert (sb Henry?) Broome of Broome, widow of John Jenny of Hardwicke)
  ((A)) Ralph Shelton of Broome (d c11.1592)
  m1. Prudence Calthorpe (bur 23.10.1562, dau of Edward Calthorpe of Kirby Cane by Thomasine, dau/coheir of Thomas Gavell)
  ((i)) Thomasine Shelton
m1. Thomas Uvedale
  m2. Charles Croft
  ((ii)) Grace Shelton (bur 12.12.1606)
  m. (1582) John Thurton or Thurlton of Broome (bur 20.09.1610)
  ((a)) Maud Thurton (bpt 17.11.1584)
  m. (08.09.1602) Christopher Calthorpe of Cockthorpe
  ((iii))+ other issue - Richard, Edward, Richard, John, Frances
m2. Cecily Steward (bur 13.03.1612, dau of Augustine Steward of Norwich by Elizabeth Rede, widow of John Pickerell of Cringleford)
  ((viii)) Mary Shelton probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
  m. (1592) William Cooke of Linstead
  ((ix)) 1 other
  ((B)) Dorothy Shelton
  m. Francis Shardlowe
  ((C))+ other issue - Anne, Mary
  ((5)) Alice Shelton
  m. John Heveningham
  ((6))+ other issue - Richard, Elizabeth
  (2) Alianora Shelton probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Richard de Breuse (b c1302)
  b. Agatha Shelton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Jernegan of Somerley Town



Sir John Shelton of Shelton, Sheriff of Norfolk (d 21.12.1539) - continued above the first mentioned by Visitation
m. Anne Bolleyne (dau of Sir William Boleyn, sister (not dau) of Thomas, Earl of Wiltshire)
1. Sir John Shelton of Shelton, Sheriff of Norfolk (d 11.1558)
  m. Margaret Parker (dau of Henry Parker, Lord Morley)
  A. Sir Ralph Shelton of Shelton, Sheriff of Norfolk (a 1570)
  m1. Mary (not Anne) Woodhouse (dau of Sir William Woodhouse of Waxham)
  Not sure on the order of the following sons. It is clear that a number of Shelton families in North America have tried to identify exactly how their ancestor(s), who emigrated to North America in the 17th century, fitted into this family. We think it likely that some of them have got it wrong.
  i. Thomas Shelton
  'The Royal Descent' suggests that Thomas dsp in 1595 but Visitation shows a son Thomas (who may have dvp?). Some web sites show Thomas as father (by Elizabeth Flowerdew) of a Ralph who was ancestor of Thomas who emigrated to Maryland (see below). Visitation shows that Thomas married ...
m. _ Appleyard
  a. Thomas Shelton
  ii. Sir John Shelton mentioned by Visitation but not by 'The Royal Descent'
  m. _ Cromwell (dau of Lord Cromwell)
  iii. Sir Ralph Shelton described by 'The Royal Descent' as Thomas's next surviving brother
  m. Dorothy Jermyn (dau of Sir Robert Jermyn of Rushbrook) mentioned by 'The Royal Descent'
  Visitation shows Raufe as "died in the Isle of Ree, s.p." which is suppored by 'The Royal Descent'. However, some web sites identify him as father of Captain James who was father of Thomas who died in Maryland in 01.1683/4.
  iv. Margaret Shelton
  m. Anthony Sothwell (Southwell)
  Visitation shows that Sir Ralph married twice but did not name his 2nd wife. Various web sites show him as married to ...
  m2. Anne Barrow (dau of Thomas Barrow of Barningham in Suffolk, m2. Sir Charles Cornwallis)
v. William Shelton (d 12.12.1583) not mentioned by Visitation
  Some web sites show that William lived in Kent, as did his successors, and had a descendant who emigrated to North America. However, noting that Visitation only mentions Henry and that other web sites report that Henry was the only surviving son of Sir Ralph, we view that as probably spurious.
  v. Henry Shelton (b c1576, d 18.10.1634)
  Visitation ends with this generation. 'The Royal Descent', which identifies Henry as the only surviving son of this marriage, provides the following ...
  m. Elizabeth Jermyn (dau of Thomas Jermyn of Depeden)
a. Maurice Shelton of Shelton & Barningham
  m. Elizabeth Kemp (dau of Sir Robert Kemp of Gissing, sister of Sir Robert, Bart)
  (1) Maurice Shelton of Shelton & Barningham (dsp)
  (2) Henry Shelton of Shelton & Barningham (d 1690)
  (A) Maurice Shelton of Shelton & Barningham (b 1683-4, dsp 31.07.1749) probably the Maurice who married ...
  m. Arabella Duke (dau of Sir John Duke, 2nd Bart of Benhall)
  (3) Elizabeth Shelton
  m. Richard Bokenham of Weston
  (4) Sarah Shelton
m. (16.11.1669) Robert Suckling of Wotton (b 1641, d 1708)
  (5) Mary Shelton
  m. Thomas Greene
  (6) Jane Shelton
  m. Waldegrave Alexander of Badingham
  (7)+ 2 sons
  Probably of this generation, but (if so), of what marriage is not known, was ...
  vi. Mary Shelton
  m. Sir George Hunt of Bradley
  B. Ann Shelton
  m1. _ Godsall (son of Sir John)
  m2. _ Gray
C. Alice Shelton
  m. _ Josselyn of Essex
  D. Mary Shelton
  m. John Scudamore of Hertfordshire
2. Thomas Shelton
3. Ralph Shelton
  m. _ Woodhouse
  A. Ann Shelton
  m. _ Sydley of Norfolk
4. Margaret Shelton
  m. Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley (dvp Musselburgh 1547)
5. Mary Shelton
  m1. Anthony Heveningham (b c1507, d 1557-8)
  m2. Philip Appleyard
6.+ other issue (dsp) - Gabriell, Amy, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites with input from 'Magna Carta Ancestry' by Douglas Richardson (2005, ISBN 9780806317595, in Google Books) and 'The Royal Descent of Nelson and Wellington from Edward the First ...' by George Russell French (1853, in Google Books)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Shelton), 'The Royal Descent ...' (as identified above)
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