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Families covered: Hunt of Ashen, Hunt of Bradley, Hunt of Cappagh White, Hunt of Curragh Chase (Currah), Hunt of Friarstown, Hunt of Glangoole, Hunt of Gosfield, (Le) Hunt of Hunt's Hall, Hunt of Ligadoon, Hunt of Springfield

Alhough the family shown in the lower section may well have been connected to that shown in the upper section, we have no evidence to support such a view. Given that a loose application of the generalisation that there were 3 generations to a century implies that the following John lived in the 12th century, whilst what we know of (for example) the Clopton family makes it difficult to make a connection to that family, we are suspicious of the early pedigree shown for the following family. It may be that generations have been confused (for example: successors being treated as sons rather than brothers) or it may be that some of the following is simply spurious. We do not know.
John le Hunte of Suffolk
m. _ Upwell (dau/heir of John Upwell of Upwell)
1. Sir Warren le Hunt of Bayton, Suffolk
A. Eustace le Hunt
  m. Elizabeth Hunt (dau/heir of Edward Hunt of Wingham (Kent?) (by Joan, dau/heir of John Wingham), son of Edmond of Rushbrooke (Suffolk))
  i. Robert le Hunt of Springfield, Essex
  a. John le Hunt of Springfield
  m. Anne Rushbrook (dau/heir of Sir William Rushbrook of Rushbrook) ## see here ##
  (1) Abell le Hunt of Springfield
  m. Mary Clopton (dau of William Clopton of Kentwell)
  (A) John le Hunt of Springfield
  m. Frances Topsfield (dau/heir of _ Topsfield of Yeldham)
  (i) Robert le Hunt of Springfield
m. _ Mackwilliams (dau of Henry Mackwilliams of Stamborne)
  (a) John le Hunt of Hunt's Wall in Ashen, Essex
  m1. ??
  ((1)) son (dsp)
m2. ??
  ((2)) William le Hunt 'of Hunt's Hall' of Ashen
  m. Agnes Waldegrave (dau (sb sister?) of Sir William Waldegrave of Smallbridge)
((A)) William Hunt
  m. Ann Fotheringer (dau/coheir of Roger Fotheringer)
  ((i)) Richard Hunt of Little Bradley, Suffolk
  m. Anne Knighton (dau/heir of Thomas Knighton of Little Bradley)
  ((a)) John Hunt of Bradley & Hunt's Hall (d 1605)
  m. Jane Colte (dau of Henry Colte of Colte's Hall)
  (((1))) Sir George Hunt of Bradley
  m. Barbara Shelton (dau of Sir Rafe Shelton of Shelton Hall)
  (((A)))+ issue - John, George, Jane, Mary, Martha
  (((2))) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Robert Hovell alias Smyth of Ashfield
  (((3))) Mary Hunt (dsp)
  ((b)) William Hunt
  ((c)) Alice Hunt
  m1. John Day
  m2. William Stone
  m3. Edward Conington (serjeant at law)



William Hunt of Gosfield, Essex (d 12.08.1552)
m. Ellen Cracherode of Crust Hall (d 12.09.1578)
1. Henry Hunt of Gosfield, Sheriff of Essex the first mentioned by BP1895
  m. Jane de Vere (dau of Aubrey de Vere, son of John, Earl of Oxford)
  A. John Hunt (b 1582, a 1650, Colonel, 2nd son)
i. Vere Hunt of Ballygholan then Glangoole (co. Tipperary) & Curragh Chase (co. Limerick) (to Ireland in 1657, d by 1681)
  m. Mary (a 1681)
  BLGI1912 suggests that, of their sons, Henry was the elder and John was the younger. BP1895 suggests the other way around. Provisionally we follow the latter.
  a. John Hunt of Glangoole & Curragh Chase (b 1633, d 1736!)
  m1. _ Hicks (dau of Rev. John Hicks of Kilcooley)
  (1) Vere Hunt of Glangoole & Currah (d 1759, Rev.)
m. (1712) Constantia Piers (dau of Sir William Piers of Tristernagh, Bart, by dau of William Fitzmaurice, Lord Kerry)
  (A) Vere Hunt of Currah & Glangoole (d 1759, Rev.)
  m1. (1743) Katherine Chadwick (dsp, dau of William Chadwick of Ballinard)
  m2. (29.05.1760) Anne Browne (dau of Edmund Browne of New Grove)
  (i) Sir Vere Hunt of Currah & Lundy Island, 1st Bart (d 11.08.1818, MP)
  m. (04.03.1784) Elinor Pery (d 25.12.1820, dau of Bishop William Cecil Pery, Lord Glenworth)
  (a) Sir Aubrey Hunt, later De Vere, 2nd Bart (b 28.08.1788, d 05.07.1846) had issue
m. (12.05.1807) Mary Rice (d 11.02.1856, dau of Stephen Edward Rice of Mount Trenchard by Catherine, dau/heir of Thomas Spring of Ballycrispin)
  (i) John Fitzmaurice Hunt had issue
  m1. Jane Henn (dau of William Henn of Paradise)
  m2. (1799) Frances Evans (dau of Col. _ Evans)
  (iii) Jane Hunt (d 1807)
  m. John Hamilton Lane of Lanespark
  (a) Anne Lane probably of this generation
  m. Richard White of Kilmoylan (b 1769, d 1821)
  (B) Henry Hunt
  The following comes from BLGI1912 (Phillips-Hunt of Ballysinode).
  m. _ Bradshaw (dau of Robert Bradshaw)
  (i) Vere Dawson Hunt of Cappagh White, co. Tipperary (d before 30.10.1792)
  m. (11.1773) Elizabeth Davis
  (a) Moses ('Vere Dawson') Hunt of Cappagh White (d 1812) had issue
  m1. Fanny Palmer Short (dau of James Short of Newtown)
m2. (24.106.1809) Mary Holmes (dau of Philip Holmes of New Park)
  (b) Henry David Hunt of Ballysinode (b 31.10.1789, d 06.02.1827) had issue
  m. (03.1814) Anne Ross (d 07.02.1856, dau of Robert Ross)
  (c) FitzMaurice Hunt of Cappagh (b 1795, d 1885) had issue
  m. (1827) Dorothea Pennefather (dau of Edward Pennefather of Marlow)
  (d) Mary Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Rev. John Hunt of High Park @1@ below
(e) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. _ Short
  (f) Henrietta Hunt
  (ii) FitzMaurice Hunt ancestor of Hunts of Georgia, America
  (iii) Piercy Hunt (dsp)
  (iv) Henry Hunt of Ballysinode, co. Tipperary
  (a) Jane Hunt (d 08.1860)
  m. (1816) Vere David Urquhart Hunt of Friarstown @2@ below
  (v) Damer Hunt of Millbrook, co. Tipperary
  (a) Mary Ann Hunt (d 30.03.1871)
  m. Rev. John Hunt of High Park @3@ below
  (C) John Hunt
  m. _ Turvin (dau/coheir of William Turvin of Tennor)
  (D) William Hunt
  m. _ Lane
  (2) William Hunt had issue
  m. Mary Bury (dau of John Bury of Shannon Grove)
  (3) Alice Hunt
  m. Peter Agar
  (4) Susan Hunt
  m. Rev. Henry Royse
  (5) Gertrude Hunt
  m. _ Tennison
  (6)+ other issue - John, Daniel
  m2. _ Bowles
  (8) Henry Hunt (d 1796, 6th son)
  m. (1747) Grace Forsyth
  (A) Charles Hunt (d unm 1803, RN)
  (B) James Hunt (d 1819)
  m. (1797) Mary Seaton (d 1818)
  (i) Henry Hunt (b 26.05.1792, d 22.05.1861, rector of Virginia, Vicar General of Elphin) had issue
  m. (12.03.1823) Rose Anne Adair (d 18.11.1879)
  (ii) Charles Hunt
  m. ?? (dau of Baron Pfeilitzer)
  (iii) other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Maria, Harriette, Jemima
  (C) Susanne Hunt
  m. James Kearney of Blancheville
  (9) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. _ Foster
  (10) Anne Hunt
  m. _ Odell
  (11) Mary Hunt
  m. _ Sprigg
  (12) Penelope Hunt
  m. _ Halpin
  (13)+ other issue - Thomas, James, George, Rebecca, Lucy, Dorothea, Amelia
  b. Henry Hunt of Ligadoon (a 1730)
(1) John Hunt of Ligadoon (dsp after 07.1759)
  (2) Henry Hunt of Friarstown (a 1730)
  m. Margaret Widenham (dau of Daniel Widenham)
(A) Vere Hunt of Friarstown
  m. Anne Maunsell (dau of William Maunsell)
  (i) William Hunt of Friarstown
  m. Elizabeth Urquhart (dau/heir of David Urquhart of Newhall)
  (a) Vere David Urquhart Hunt of Friarstown (b 13.01.1794, d 05.10.1854) had issue
  m. (1816) Jane Hunt (d 08.1860, dau of Henry Hunt of Ballysinode) @2@ above
  (b) William Henn Hunt (b 31.12.1795, d 10.1867) had issue
  m. (31.08.1836) Ellen Rochfort (dau of George Bonynge Rochfort of Pierstown)
  (ii) John Hunt of High Park, co. Tipperary (d 03.1837, Rev.) had issue
  m1. Mary Elizabeth Hunt (dsp, dau of Vere Hunt of Cappagh White) @1@ above
  m2. (1812) Mary Anne Hunt (d 30.03.1871, dau of Damer Hunt of Milbrook) @3@ above
  (iii) Thomas Hunt
  m. (03.1798) Dorothea Bloomfield (dau of John Bloomfield of Redwood)
  (a) Robert Hunt of Cloghadromin & Green Hill, Sheriff of Limerick (b 31.08.1814, d 1895, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1833) Maria Rochfort (d 1885, dau of George Bonynge Rochfort of Pierstown)
  (b)+ other issue - Vere (d unm), Thomas Bloomfield, Rochfort, Frances (d unm), Anne
  (iv) Mary Hunt
  m. Robert Ross
  (v) Anne Hunt
m. Henry David Hunt (cousin)
  (B) Daniel Hunt of Ballygaddy, co. Galway
  (C) Henry Hunt of Clorane, co. Limerick
  m. Arabella Matthews of co. Kilkenny
  (D) Dorothea Hunt
  m. (13.11.1764) George Bowles (son of Sir WIlliam)
  (3) Robert Hunt
  (A) Robert Hunt of Inchirourke
  m. Gertrude Browne (dau of Edmund Browne of New Grove)
  (4) Anne Hunt
  m. Vere Royse of Nantenan
  (5) daughter
  m. Rev. Thomas Widenham of Milford
  B. Agnes Hunt
  m. Thomas Whitbread of Whight Notley
  C.+ other issue - William (b 1577, d 1578), Edward, Henry, Dorothy
2.+ 10 others

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Hunt)
(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 (Hunt of Cummer More) with some support from BP1895 (Vere) and input as reported above
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