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Families covered: Harley of Brampton Castle, Harley of Mortimer, Harley of Oxford

John Harley of Brampton, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b 29.10.1521, d c1606)
m. Maud Warncomb (dau of Richard Warncomb of Hereford)
1. Thomas Harley of Brampton, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b c1543, d 03.1631, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret Corbet (dau of Sir Andrew Corbet of Morton Corbet)
A. Sir Robert Harley of Brampton (bpt 01.03.1579, d 06.11.1656)
  m1. (sps) Anne Barrett (dau of Charles Barrett of Belhouse)
  m2. (sps) Mary Newport (dau of Sir Francis Newport)
  m3. Brilliana Conway (d 10.1643/4, dau of Edward Conway of Ragley, 1st Viscount Conway)
  i. Sir Edward Harley of Brampton Castle (bpt 21.10.1624, d 08.12.1700, Colonel)
  m1. (26.06.1654) Mary Button (dau of Sir William Button of Parkgate)
  a. Brilliana Harley
  m. Alexander Popham
b. Martha Harley
  m. Samuel Hutchins of London
  c.+ 2 daughters (d young) - Marie, Marie
m2. Abigail Stephens (dau of Nathaniel Stephens of Essington or Eastington)
  e. Robert Harley of Brampton, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b 05.12.1661, d 21.05.1724)
  m1. (14.05.1685) Elizabeth Folley (d 30.11.1691, dau of Thomas Folley of Whitley or Witley Court)
  (1) Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b 02.06.1689, bur 25.06.1741)
  m. (31.08.1713) Henrietta Cavendish Holles (b 11.02.1693/4, d 09.12.1755, dau of John Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle)
  (A) Henry Cavendish Harley, 'Lord Harley' (b/d 10.1725)
  (B) Margaret Cavendish Harley (d 17.07.1785)
  m. (11.07.1734) William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland (b 01.03.1708-9, d 01.05.1762)
(2) Abigail Harley (d 15.07.1750)
  m. (c01.09.1709) George Henry Hay, 8th Earl of Kinnoull (b 23.06.1689, d 28.07.1758)
  (3) Elizabeth Harley (d 20.11.1713)
  m. (16.12.1712) Peregrine Hyde Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds (b 11.11.1691, d 09.05.1731)
  m2. (04.10.1694, sp) Sarah Middleton (d 17.06.1737, dau of Simon Middleton of Edmonton)
  f. Edward Harley of Eyewood or Eywood (b c1664, d 30.08.1735)
  m. Sarah Folley (dau of Thomas Folley of Whitley or Witley Court)
  (1) Robert Harley (d infant)
  (2) Edward Harley, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b c1699, d 11.04.1755)
  m. (16.03.1724/5) Martha Morgan (d 04.01.1774, dau of John Morgan of Tredegar)
  (A) Edward Harley, 4th Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b 02.09.1726, dsp 08.10.1790)
  m. (11.07.1751) Susannah Archer (b c1728, d 11.1804, dau of William Archer of Welford)
  (B) John Harley, Bishop of Hereford, Dean of Windsor (b 29.09.1728, d 07/8.01.1788)
  m. (23.02.1770) Roach Vaughan (dau/heir of Gwyn Vaughan of Trebarry or Trebarried)
  (i) Edward Harley, 5th Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b 20.02.1773, d 28.12.1848)
  m. (03.03.1794) Jane Elizabeth Scott (b c1773, d 20.11.1824, dau of Rev. James Scott by Jane Elizabeth, dau of Henry Harmood)
  (a) Alfred Harley, 6th Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (b 10.01.1809, dsp 19.01.1853, 2nd son)
m. (17.02.1831) Eliza Nugent (b c1807, d 14.09.1877, natural dau of George Thomas John Nugent, 1st Marquess of Westmeath)
  (b) Jane Elizabeth Harley (b 09.03.1796, d 01.09.1872)
  m. (17.08.1835) Henry Bickersteth, Lord Langdale (b 18.06.1783, d 18.04.1851, Master of the Rolls)
  (c) Charlotte Mary Harley
  m. (Anthony) Bacon (General)
  (d) Anne Harley
  m. (1835) Cavaliere San Giorgio
  (e) Frances Harley (d 15.10.1872)
  m. (1835) Henry Vernon Harcourt (b 1791, dsp 26.02.1853, Lt. Colonel)
  (f)+ other issue - Edward (b 20.01.1800, dvp unm 01.01.1828), Louisa (d young)
(ii)+ other issue - John (b 31.12.1774, d unm 20.10.1815), Frances (b c1772, d 25.11.1848), Martha (d 25.01.1824)
  (C) Thomas Harley, Lord Mayor of London (b 24.08.1730, d 01.12.1804)
  m. (15.03.1752) Anne Bangham (d 15.01.1798, dau of Edward Bangham)
  (i) Martha Harley (d 17.08.1788)
  m. (30.11.1779) George Drummond, 3rd of Stanmore (b 1758, d 06.03.1789)
(ii) Anne Harley (b 13.05.1759, d 14.04.1840)
  m. (10.04.1781) George Rodney, 2nd Lord (b 25.12.1753, d 02.01.1802)
  (iii) Sarah Harley (b 19.10.1760, d 15.02.1837)
  m. (03.06.1781) Robert Auriol Hay-Drummond, 10th Earl of Kinnoull (b 18.03.1751, d 12.04.1804)
  (iv) Elizabeth Harley (b 04.1763, d 09.07.1824)
m. (08.10.1783) David Murray of South Warnborough (b 19.05.1748, d 07.05.1794)
  (v) Margaret Harley (d 20.11.1830)
  m. Sir John Boyd, Bart
  (D) Martha Harley
  m. (20.04.1764) Charles Milborne of Wonaston
  (E)+ other issue - William (d 08.07.1769, prebendary of Worcester), Sarah (d unm 1737)
  (3) Robert Harley in Leominster (d unm 1774)
  (4) Abigail Harley
  m. Hon. John Verney (b c1700, d 05.08.1741, Master of the Rolls)
g.+ other issue - Nathaniel (bpt 06.03.1663, dsp 1719-20), Brian (d young), Abigail (b 1664, d unm 04.10.1726)
  ii. Sir Robert Harley (dsp bur 18.11.1673)
  m. (08.02.1670) Edith Pembrugge
  iii. Thomas Harley of Kinshamcourt
  m. Abigail Saltonstall (dau of Sir Richard Saltonstall)
  a.+ 4 sons (dsp)
  iv. Brilliana Harley
  m. James Stanley
  v. Dorothy Harley
  m. William Mitchell of Norfolk
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Margaret, Elizabeth
m2. Anne Griffith (dau of Walter Griffith of Burton Agnes)
  B. James Harley (bur 14.07.1618)
  m. (10.10.1610) Anne Gardiner (bur 18.06.1618, dau of John Gardiner of Brampton)
  i. Anne Harley (bpt 16.07.1615, bur 27.03.1619)
  C. Thomas Harley
2. Catherine Harley (b c1539, d 16.02.1623)
  m1. John Cresset of Upton Court
  m2. John Cornwall, baron of Burford
3. Elizabeth Harley
  m. Giles Nanfan of Birch Morton
4. Jane Harley
  m. Roger Mynors of Treago
5.+ other issue - John (dvp), William, Richard

Main source(s): BE1883 (Harley of Oxford), TCP (Oxford), Collins (1812, vol IV, Harley of Oxford)
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