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Families covered: Arscott of Arscott, Arscott of Dunsland, Arscott of Holesworthy, Arscott of Tetcott

Until we obtained a copy of Vivian's work, we were puzzled as to how the 7 different sections on this family within the Harleian Society's report on Visitation (Devon, 1620) worked together. Vivian's work helped us clarify the issues and rework & expand our data.
John Arscot of Arscot
m. _ Renston or Renson
1. John Arscott of Arscott (a 1407)
  m. Joan Tilley (dau of Nicholas Tilley)
  A. John Arscott of Arscott this generation confusingly shown in Visitation (Devon, 1620, Arscott-6) as Richard of Ashwater (m. Joane)
m. Elizabeth Floyre (dau of _ Floyre of Holesworthy (Floyer of Floyershays))
  i. John Arscott of Arscott & Holesworthy (d 1493)
  m. Joane Cloford (heir) named Margerie in Visitation (Devon, 1620, Arscott-7)
  a. John Arscott of Arscott (b c1469, d 18.12.1541)
  m. Margery Floyer (dau of Richard Floyer)
  (1) John Arscott of Arscott (b c1494, d 01.05.1563)
m. Phillipa Battyn (dau/heir of Humphrey Battyn of Dunsland)
  (2) Thomas Arscott of Holsworthy (d 17.09.1562)
  m. Agnes Bligh (dau of John Bligh of Bodmin)
  (3) Richard Arscott 'of Ashwater' (d 19.08.1578)
m. Margaret Fitz (dau of John Fitz of Fitzford)
  (A) Tristram Arscott of Annery, Devon (b c1574, d 07.04.1621)
  m. (c10.1583!) Elizabeth St. Leger (dau of Sir John St. Leger, widow of Edmund Tremayne of Collacombe)
  (i) John Arscott (b c1591, a 1620)
  m. (21.12.1605) Alice Southcot (dau of Thomas Southcot of Bovy, m2. John Pynsent)
  (a)+ issue - Richard (bpt 1612, d young), Tristram (bpt 1618, d young), Eulalia (bpt 1609, bur 04.05.1611), Elizabeth (bpt 1611, a 1620)
  (ii) Tristram Arscott
(iii) Mary Arscott
  m. (29.04.1611) Edward Trelawny of Menheniot
  (iv) Katherine Arscott
  m. (1604) Humphrey Prowze of Chagford
  (B) Humphrey Arscott of West Budley (a 1620)
  m. Margery St. Cleere (dau of Gabriel St. Cleere (or St. Cleare) of Tudwell)
  (i) Katherine Arscott
  m. John Nankivell of St. Wenn
(ii)+ other issue (a 1620) - Charles (b c1603), Francis, Humphrey, Ambrose, Phillip, Richard, Hercules (bur 20.09.1641)
  (C) Marie Arscott
  m. (13.09.1568) Anthony Monke of Podderidge
(D)+ other issue - Phillip, Hercules (bpt 12.05.1562), Elizabeth, Phillipa
  (4) John Arscott of Tetcott, Devon (d 14.01.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Walter (dau of John Walter of Broxborne, m2. Humphry Specott)
  (A) Arthur Arscott of Tetcott (b c1554, d 23.01.1617-8)
  m. Mary Langsford (a 1618, dau of John Langsford of Thurleston)
  (i) Edmund Arscott of Tetcott (Thetcott) (b c1587, bur 01.10.1656)
m. (c11.1611) Mary Walrond (bur 12.12.1652, dau of William Walrond of Bradfield)
  (a) John Arscott of Tetcott, Sheriff of Devon (bpt 13.07.1613, bur 25.09.1675)
  m. Gertrude Calmady (d 18.10.1699, dau of Sir Shilston Calmady)
  Vivian shows no children for John & Gertrude and shows the following Mary as daughter of his brother William. However, provisionally, we follow Commoners (vol I, Coham of Coham) which specifically identifies Mary as daughter of John & Gertrude although it is noted that Commoners does not identify her as John's heir or coheir.
  ((1)) Mary Arscott
  m. (1669) Lewis Coham of Coham
  (b) William Arscott (bpt 25.05.1617, a 1675)
((1)) John Arscott of Tetcott (b 1647-8, d 17.06.1708)
  m1. (08.03.1673-4) Anna Trevill (b c1653, dsp 24.08.1675, dau/coheir of Andrew Trevill of Ethy)
  m2. Prudence (d 12..01.1688-9)
  ((A)) Arthur Arscott of Tetcott (bpt 03.06.1683, bur 08.09.1763, 2nd son)
m1. (21.09.1704) Elizabeth Trefusis (bur 01.09.1714, dau of Francis Trefusis of Trefusis)
  m2. Gwen Yonge (bur 12.06.1744, dau of Sir Walter Yonge, Bart of Collaton)
  ((i)) John Arscott of Tetcott (b c1718, d 14.01.1788)
  m. Thomasin Spry (b 1719-20, bur 11.03.1796)
  ((ii)) Arthur Arscott (bpt 09.09.1723, bur 01.04.1739)
  ((B)) Jane Arscott (bpt 19.06.1678, bur 06.05.1719)
m. (19.09.1699) Sir John Molesworth, Bart (bpt 1668, bur 1723)
  ((C))+ other issue - John (bpt 28.06.1681, dvp bur 22.12.1701), Dennis of Ethy (bpt 03.05.1685, bur 25.04.1721, Sheriff of Cornwall), Edmund (bpt 30.03.1686-7, bur 16.04.1719), Nicholas (bpt 13.05.1688)
  m3. (c05.1690) Frances Darell (a 1708, dau of Thomas Darell of Trewornan)
  (c) Mary Arscott
  Vivian (Devon, Arscott) shows Mary as the wife of John Calmady & her sister Anne as the wife of Amos Short. Vivian (Devon, Calmady) suggests that it was Anne who m1. John Calmady, m2. Amos Short.
(d) Anne Arscott (a 1675)
  m1. (13.02.1637) John Calmady
  m2. Amos Short of Lyme
  (ii) Ezekiell Arscott of Lamerton (d before 22.03.1653)
  m. Julian Bligh (dau of William Bligh of Botathon)
  (a)+ issue (a 1647) - Christian, Elizabeth, Grace
  (iii) John Arscott of Mevey
  (iv) Grace Arscott
  m. (19.05.1603) John Wikes of Wike
  (v) Honor Arscott
m. Alexander Maynard of Tavistock
  (vi) Martha Arscott
  m1. (c12.1616) William Hinckston
  Vivian identifies Martha's 2nd husband as Sir William Button of Fulham. Brydges, in his article on 'Harley, Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer' in the 1812 version of Collins's 'Peerage of England', identifies the mother of the undermentioned Mary as the daughter of Arthur Ascot of Tetcote, 2nd wife of ...
  m2. Sir William Button of Parkgate, Devon
  (a) Mary Button
  m. (26.06.1654) Sir Edward Harley of Brampton Castle
  (vii) Elizabeth Arscott
  m. (03.11.1606) Thomas Kendall of Cornwall
  (viii) Blanch Arscott
m. Thomas Bodley of Dunscombe
  (ix) Abigail Arscott
  m. (after 1619) John Syms of Chard
  (x) Mary Arscott
  m. John Berrie of Colaton
  (5) Christian Arscott
  m1. John Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh
  m2. Thomas Chamond (son/heir of Sir John of Cornwall)
  (6) Agnes Arscott (a 1564)
  m1. Richard Prideaux of Tavistock (d 13.10.1529)
  m2. John Shervington (Servington) of Beare
  b. Halnatha Arscott (d 06.03.1537, rector of Ashwater & Cheriton Fitzpaine)
  ii. Margaret Arscott
  m. John Lower of Tregovethan
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Alnet (priest), John (priest)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Arscott of Dunsland) with additional comments from Vivian (Devon, 1620, Arscott - various)
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