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Families covered: Bodley of Dunscombe

Richard Bodley
m. _ Tremill (heir)
1. John Bodley of Dunscombe, Devon (bur 25.02.1562-3)
m. Elizabeth Copleston (bur 26.03.1557-8, dau of John Copleston of Warley)
  A. George Bodley
  m. (06.08.1553) Agnes Hurst (dau/heir of William Hurst, m2. Humphry Carew of Bickleigh)
  i. William Bodley 'of Dunsomb' (bpt 13.04.1557, d 11.09.1610)
  m. Anne or Janet Dowrish (d 1619, dau of Thomas Dowrish of Dowrish)
  a. Thomas Bodley of Dunsomb (a 1620)
  m. Blanch Arscott (dau of Arthur Arscottt of Tetcott)
  (1) John Bodley (b c1601)
  (A) John Bodley (a 1678)
  m. Margaret Evans (a 1678, dau of Silvanus Evans)
  (i) William Bodley (bpt 24.03.1660, bur 14.06.1689)
  (B) Thomas Bodley (a 1678)
  (2) William Bodley (b c1607, dsp before 12.04.1679)
  m. Rebecca (a 1678)
  (3) Thomas Bodley (b c1610, a 1678, 4th son)
  m. Cheston
  (A) Thomas Bodley (bpt 22.09.1644)
  (4) George Bodley (b c1616, a 1678, 6th son)
  (A)+ issue (a 1678) - George, Elizabeth
  (5) Nicholas Bodley (a 1678)
  (A) Elizabeth Bodley (a 1678)
  (6) Elizabeth Bodley (a 1678)
  m. _ Galhampton
  (7)+ other issue - Francis (b c1609, a 1620), Arthur (b c1613, a 1620), Anne (b c1618), Mary (b c1619), Jane (a 1678)
  b. Elizabeth Bodley
  m. Richard Tresilian of Cornwall
  d. Grace Bodley
  m1. _ Elicott of Exeter
m2. Thomas Gourney of Dartmouth
  e. Jane Bodley
  m. John Davis of London
  f. Susan Bodley
  m. Nicholas Bellew near Barnstaple
  g. Marie Bodley
  m. Epenetus Bellew (brother of Nicholas)
  h.+ other issue (dsp) - William (bpt 27.12.1585), Ann
  ii. Christopher Bodley (bpt 02.1560, 3rd son)
  a. William Bodley
  iii. George Bodley (bpt 05.10.1576)
m. (21.07.1606) Elizabeth Slee
  iv.+ other issue - Mark (a 1562), Joan (bpt 01.01.1559-60), Mary (a 1562)
  B. Christopher Bodley (a 1562, cleric)
  C. John Bodley
  m. (06.07.1564) Pauline West
  D. Katherine Bodley
m. (before 1562) John West
  E. Mary Bodley
  m. John Trobridge or Trowbridge
2. John Bodley (2nd of the name)
  m1. Joan Fox (bur 01.08.1574, dau of John Fox of Exeter)
  A. Elizabeth Bodley
  m. Maurice Levermore of Exeter
m2. Alice Gale (dau of Thomas Gale of Dartmouth)
  B. John Bodley of Exeter (d 13.10.1591)
  m. Joan Home (dau/coheir of Robert Home of Ottery St. Mary)
  i. Sir Thomas Bodley in Oxford (b 02.03.1545, dsp 28.01.1612-3, (re)founder of the Bodleian Library, MP)
  Vivian identifies Sir Thomas's wife as Ann Cary of Bristol and reports that Sir Thomas dsp. Wikipedia ("Sir Thomas Bodley"), which reports that some people claim descent from Sir Thomas, identifies his wife as Ann Carew of Bristol, widow of _ Ball. HoP ("Thomas Bodley) supports the view that he dsp and identifies his wife as ...
  m. (19.07.1586) Ann (dau of Richard Cary or Carew of Bristol, widow of Nicholas Ball of Totnes)
  ii. Prothesia Bodley
  m. Walter Bogan of Totnes
  iii. Alice Bodley
  m. _ Holman
  iv. Sibell Bodley
  m. Anthony Culverwell
  v. Elizabeth Bodley
  m. Myles Willes
  vi. Susan Bodley
  m. William Shute
  vii.+ other issue - John (cleric), Sir Josias, Zachary (cleric), Lawrence (dsp 19.04.1615, rector of Shobrook, Canon of Exeter), Myles, John
  C.+ other issue - Richard, Alice
3. Edward Bodley (a 1562)
4. Agnes Bodley (a 1562)
  m. _ Deyman
5. Johanna Bodley (a 1562)
  m. John Atwill

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Bodley of Dunscombe)
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