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Families covered: Popham of Bagborough, Popham of Houndstrete (Hunstrete), Popham of Huntworth, Popham of Littlecote, Popham of Sherston

Edward Popham of Huntworth (a 1573, 1623)
m. Jane Norton (dau of Richard Norton of Abbott's Lee)
1. Alexander Popham of Huntworth
  m. Dulcibella (Dowreball) Barley (dau of John Barley or Bayly)
  A. Edward Popham of Huntworth, Sheriff of Somerset (a 1623, dsp)
  m1/2. Dorothy Barlet (dau of Richard Bartlet of Berkshire)
  m2/1. Anne Gifford (dau of Sir Henry Gifford, relict of _ Portman)
  B. Alexander Popham (a 1623)
  m. Francis Michell (dau of Sir Bartholomew Michell)
  C. Thomas Popham of Beminster (Beaminster), later of Huntworth
  m1. Grace Dale (dau of William Dale of Somerset)
  i. Edward Popham (d young)
  ii. Sarah Popham
  m. _ Score
  m2. Mary Darby (dau of Henry Darby of Beaminster)
  iii. Thomas Popham of North Petherton, later of Huntworth
  Our Main Sources identify Thomas's wife merely as Eleanor Wansford. Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Popham of North Petherton) identifies her as ...
  m. Eleanor Warndesford (dau/heir of Rowland Warndesford of Ripon, Yorkshire)
  a. Alexander Popham (b c1654, d 1717)
  m1. Elizabeth Linney
  (1) Francis Popham of Wellington
  (2) Elizabeth Popham
  m. Rev. John Hawes
m2. ??
  m3. Mary Gatchell (d 1717, dau of Thomas Gatchell of Clawsey)
  (3) Thomas Popham of West Bagborough
  m. Sarah Andrews
  (A) Thomas Popham
  (B) Alexander Popham of Bagborough (d 06.10.1792)
  m. Charlotte Louisa Eyre (dau of Samuel Eyre of New House)
  (i) Francis Popham of Bagborough (b 03.1780)
  m. (1809) Susan Fenwick (dau of Nicholas Fenwick of Lemmington)
  (a) Susan Popham
  m. (17.07.1815) Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset of Lessendrum (dsp 07.07.1884)
  (ii) Louisa Charlotte Popham
  m. Rev. Francis Warre of Cheddon Fitzpaine (d 1854)
  (iii) Letitia Harriet Popham (d unm 1856)
(4) Alexander Popham
  b. Thomas Popham had issue
2. Thomas Popham of Sherston in North Petherton (d before 09.01.1616-7)
  The following comes from Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Popham of Sherston).
  m. Grace Harley of the Isle of Wight
  A. Alexander Popham of Sherston (b c1598, a 1672)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Jane, Margery, Elizabeth
3. Elizabeth Popham
  m. Thomas Ford in Devonshire
4. Sara Popham
  m. Roger Warre
5.+ other issue - Ferdinando, John, George (Captain), Humphrey, Thomas (d young), Penelope (d infant), Rachell (d infant), Elizabeth, Janes, Katherine, Dowdrehall (d young)



Sir John Popham of Littlecote (b 1531, d 1607, Lord Chief Justice)
m. Amy Games (dau of Robert Games of Castleton)
Amy is identified in Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Popham) as "Amy or Anne d. and h. of Hugh Adams al's Games of Glamorganshire".
1. Sir Francis Popham of Littlecote (d 08.1651)
  m. Anne Dudley (dau of John Dudley of Stoke Newington (grandson of Thomas, son of Edward, Lord Dudley) by Elizabeth Gardiner)
  A. John Popham (dvpsp)
  m. _ Harvey (dau of Sir Sebastian Harvey, Lord Mayor of London)
  B. Alexander Popham of Littlecote (d 1669)
  m1. Letitia Carre (dau of William Carre, groom of the bedchamber to King James I)
i. Sir Francis Popham of Littlecote (d 28.08.1674)
  m. Eleanor (Helena) Rogers (dau of Hugh Rogers of Cunnington)
  a. Alexander Popham of Littlecote (d 16.06.1705)
  m. Anne Montagu (dau of Ralph Montagu, 1st Duke of Montagu)
  (1) Elizabeth Popham (d 20.03.1761)
  m1. (12.04.1707) Edward Richard Montagu, 'Viscount Hinchinbroke' (b 07.07.1692, dvp 03.10.1722)
  m2. (30.07.1728) Francis Seymour of Sherborne (d 23.12.1761)
b. Laetitia Popham (d 1738)
  m. Sir Edward Seymour, 5th Bart of Berry Pomeroy (b 1663, d 29.12.1741)
  ii. Alexander Popham of Littlecote and Houndstrete (MP)
  m. Jane French
  a. Francis Popham of Littlecote (b c1683, d 23.09.1735)
  m. Anne Popham (dau of Alexander Popham of Burton) @@ below
(1) Edward Popham of Littlecote (d 1772/9, MP)
  m. Rebecca Huddon
  (A) Francis Popham of Littlecote and Houndstrete (dsp 1780)
  m. Dorothy Hutton (dau of Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  (B) Edward Popham (dsp 16.09.1815, rector of Chilton Foliat)
  (C) Anne Popham
  m. William Leyborne Tayler, later Leyborne, Governor of Tobago
  (i) Edward William Leyborne-Popham of Littlecote and Hunstrete, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 27.06.1764, General) had issue
  m. (22.07.1806) Elizabeth Andrew (d 01.03.1836, dau of John Andrew)
  (2) Letitia Popham
  m. Henry Bridgman
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander (dsp), Anne (d unm)
  b. George Popham (bur 21.02.1743-4, rector of Chilton, 4th son)
  m. Anna Scroggs (dau of Sir William Scroggs)
  (1) Alexander Popham (bpt 30.10.1716, d 12.07.1752)
  c.+ other issue - Alexander of Ogbourn (dsp 1719-20), Edward (dsp), Letitia (d unm), Anne (d unm)
  iii. George Popham of Barwick Basset (d 1687)
  m. Dulcibella Ford (dau of John Ford of Harting)
  a. John Popham of Rusley (Wiltshire), Newport & Shanklin
  m1. Grace Broad Alchorne (dau of Alexander Alchorne of Southampton)
  (1) John Popham of Newchurch, Isle of Wight (d 18.01.1762)
  m. Sarah Shapleigh (dau of John Shapleigh of New Court)
  (A) John Popham of Shankling & Kitchill (d 1816)
  m. Mary Perry (dau of James Perry of Kitchill)
  (i) Mary Popham
  m. Richard Walton White (rector of Wotton)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  m2. Elizabeth Redstone (dau of John Redstone of Newport)
  (4) Elizabeth Popham (d 1809)
  m. William Hill (Lt. Colonel)
  (A) Charles Fitzmaurice Hill (Lt.Colonel) had issue
  m. Margaret Buckley
  (B) Henry Hill (Rear Admiral RN) had issue
  m1. Anne Worsley (dau of Rev. James Worsley of Gatcombe)
  m2. Caroline Bettsworth (dau of James Bettsworth of Ryde)
  (C) Justly Hill (rector of Bonchurch) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Helena Shute (dau of Samuel Shute of Fern Hill)
(D) Elizabeth Hill
  m. Thomas Trusty Trickey (Lt. Colonel)
  b. Letitia Popham
  m. Francis Popham of Wellington
  c. Elizabeth Popham
  m. _ Norwood of Winchester (doctor)
  iv. Essex Popham (b c1644, d before 07.1667)
  m. (1663) John Poulett, 3rd Lord of Hinton St. George (d 07.1679)
v. Laetitia Popham (d 16.03.1714)
  m. (1674) Sir Edward Seymour, 4th Bart of Berry Pomeroy (b 1633, d 17.02.1707-87, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  vi. Anne Popham
  m. William Ashe of Heytesbury (d 1713)
  C. Edward Popham (d 08.1651, Colonel)
  m. Anne Carre (dau of William Carre, m2. _ Wharton)
  i. Alexander Popham of Bourton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire
  m. Brilliana Harley (dau of Sir Edward Harley)
a. (Anne) Popham
  m. Francis Popham of Littlecott (b c1683, d 23.09.1735) @@ above
  b.+ other issue - Edward, 3 daughters
  ii. Laetitia Popham
  m. John Bauden
  C. Mary or Amy Popham
  m1. Sir William Borlase of Marlow & Buckmer (d 15.12.1630)
  m2. Gabriel Hippesley
  D. Elizabeth Popham
  m. Sir Francis Pile, 1st Bart of Compton Beauchamp (d 01.11.1635)
  E. Frances Popham (b c1597, d 07.05.1671)
  m. (c10.1621) Edward Conway, 2nd Viscount (bpt 10.08.1594, d 26.06.1655)
  F. Jane Popham (d 1668)
  m. (1621) Thomas Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset (bur 07.02.1644)
  G. Eleanor Popham
  m. Edward Gwynn of Lanthony
  H. Katharine Popham
m. John Francis of Comb Flort
  I.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Hugh (d unm), Mary (d unm), Anne (d unm)
2. Penelope Popham
  m. Thomas Hanham (Serjeant)
3. Jane Popham
  m. Thomas Horner of Clandford (Cloford)
4. Eleanor Popham
  m. Roger Warre of Hestercombe (bur 29.01.1615)
5. Elizabeth Popham
  m. Sir Richard Champernon
6. Mary Popham
  m. Sir John Malet of Enmore and Deandon (d before 1614)
7. Katharine Popham
  m. Edward Rogers of Cannington

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Buller-Leyborne-Popham of Hunstrete), BLG1886 (Popham of Littlecote), Commoners (vol II, Popham of Littlecote) with some support/input for the upper section from Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Popham)
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