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Families covered: Fenwicke of Earsdon, Fenwick of Lemmington, Fenwicke of Longframlington, Fenwicke of Morpeth, Fenwick of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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Described by BLG1886 as "a relative of Fenwick of Blagdon, an estate long in the possession of the family, and adjoining Brenkley" was ...
Robert Fenwick of Brenkley, Northumberland (a 1600)
1. Nicholas Fenwick, Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne (a 1682)
  A. Robert Fenwick, Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne (a 1708)
  m. Isabella Ellison (dau of Cuthbert Ellison)
  i. Nicholas Fenwick of Lemmington, Northumberland (d 23.02.1752, MP for Newcastle)
  m1. Elizabeth Baker (dsp, dau of George Baker of Crook)
  m2. Elizabeth Clavering (dau/heir of Sir James Clavering, 2nd Bart of Axwell, by Elizabeth Middleton)
  a. Robert Fenwick of Lemmington, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 1714, d 1802)
  m. Isabella Ord (dau/heir of William Ord of Sandybank)
(1) Nicholas Fenwick of Lemmington, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 1750, d 01.1823)
  m. Dorothy Forster (dau of Collingwood Forster of Alnwick)
  (A) Robert Ord Fenwick of Lemmington (dspm)
  m. Louisa Jones (dau of Benjamin Jones of London)
  (B) Collingwood Forster Fenwick (rector of Brooke) had issue
  m. _ Christie (dau of Admiral _ Christie of Baberton)
  (C) Susan Fenwick probably of this generation
  m. (1809) Francis Popham of Bagborough
(2) William Fenwick
  m. Elizabeth Bisset (dau of Rev. Alexander Bisset of the Isle of Wight)
  The following was supported by BLG1952 (Bisset of Lessendrum).
  (A) Maurice George Fenwick, later Bisset of Lessendrum (d 06.08.1879, archdeacon of Raphoe) had issue
  m. (03.1824) Jane Harriet Bisset of Lessendrum (d 1866, dau/heir of Maurice George Bisset of Lessendrum)
  (B)+ other issue
  (3) James Fenwick (b 1755, d 1827, Captain)
  (A) Elizabeth Fenwick (d 06.11.1873)
  m1. Thomas Grey
  m2. (03.01.1821) Sir John Penistone Milbanke, 7th Bart of Halnaby
  b.+ other issue
  B. Nicholas Fenwicke of Newcastle-on-Tyne
  m. Sarah Winship (dau of Thomas Winship of Halliwell)
i. Thomas Fenwicke of Earsdon, Northumberland
  m. Mary Bowes (dau of Thomas Bowes of Cleadon)
  a. Thomas Fenwicke of Earsdon
  m1. _ Horsley of Bolam (dsp)
  m2. Anne Dawson (dau of Christopher Dawson of Newcastle by Sarah, dau of Luke Clennell of Clennell & Harbottle Castle)
(1) Thomas Fenwicke, later Clennell of Harbottle Castle (d 1848) had issue
  m. Sarah Reed (dau of Christopher Reed of Chipchase Castle)
  (2) Christopher Fenwicke, last of Earsdon (d 1848) had issue
  m. (1809) Margaret Collingwood (dau of Henry Collingwood of Lilburn Tower & Cornhill)
  (3) Percival Fenwicke of Prestwich Lodge & Cartington had issue
  m. Harriet Collingwood Leaton (dau of George Thomas Leaton, later Blenkinsop, of Wickham Hall & Hoppyland)
  (4) _ Bowes Fenwicke had issue
  m. _ Hornby (dau of Alderman _ Hornby)
  (5) William Fenwicke (Lt. Colonel, Governor of Pendennis Castle) had issue
  (6) Nicholas Fenwicke of North Shields had issue
  (7) Sarah Fenwicke
  m. John Collingwood of Chirton House (brother of Lord Collingwood)
  ii. Nicholas Fenwicke of Newcastle-on-Tyne
  m. Deborah Ward (dau of Abraham Ward)
  a. Grace Fenwick
  m. Rev. N. Clayton
  iii. Robert Fenwicke (dsp)
  m. _ Colville (dau of Edward Colville of Whitehouse, widow of Charles Clerk, sister of Camilla, Countess of Tankeville)
  iv. William Fenwicke
  m. Anne Bell (dau of Matthew Bell)
  v. Margaret Fenwicke
  m. Robert Ellison
  vi.+ other issue - John of Ipswich, Matthew in Genoa
  C. Elizabeth Fenwick
  m. Mathew White (son of Miles of Hawthorn)



?? Fenwicke, last of Matfen (b c1660, d 29.12.1744)
m. ?? (b c1664, d 02.10.1708)
1. James Fenwicke of Morpeth (d 21.04.1759)
  m. (c1720) Catherine Wilkinson (b 27.12.1697, d 20.01.1773, dau/coheir of John Wilkinson of Morpeth by Barbara, dau/coheir of William Wilson of Longframlignton)
  A. John Fenwicke of Morpeth (b 05.03.1722, d 23.12.1783)
  m. Mary Thornton (d 09.11.1773, dau of John Thornton of Netherwitton, son/heir of Nicholas of Netherwitton Castle by Anne, dau of Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton Castle, Bart)
  i. James Fenwicke of Longwitton Hall in Hartburn, Northumberland (b 15.10.1758-9, d 03.02.1837)
  m. Jane Manners (dau/heir of John Manners, last of Longframlington)
  a. John Manners Fenwicke of Longframlington (b 16.05.1796, dsp 08.02.1852)
  m. (16.12.1845) Susan Catherine Murray (dau of John Murray of Murraythwaites)
  b. James Thomas Fenwicke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, later of Longframlington (b 15.06.1799, d 15.06.1868, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (11.08.1842) Jane Hay (dau of Charles Hay, son of John of Duncan law & Gifford)
  c. Edward Fenwicke of Heckley (b 07.10.1809, d 03.07.1851) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (27.03.1845) Augusta Crawforth (dau of James Crawforth of Lynn)
  d. Manners Fenwicke (b 24.07.1808, a 1858, youngest son) had issue
m. (07.10.1837) Eliza Walker Thompson Collison (dau of Rev. John Collinson of Kirkhall)
  e. Jane Fenwicke (b 22.09.1805, d 05.12.1835)
  m. (17.02.1835) Henry Montonnier Hawkins of Gaer & Tredunnock
  f.+ other issue - William (b 14.08.1797, d unm 11.09.1837, Major), Walter Raleigh (d 01.12.1832), Thornton (b 02.04.1803), Thomas (d 07.05.1725)
  ii. John Ralph Fenwicke of Durham (b 14.11.1761, dsp 11.01.1855)
  m. Dorothy Spearman (dau/coheir of Robert Spearman of Old Acres)
  iii. Catherine Fenwicke (b c1766, d unm 1841)
  iv. Margaret Fenwicke (b c1767, d 12.03.1832-3)
  m. (1778) William Charlton of Hesleyside
  v. Mary Fenwicke
  m. _ De Martenne (General, "of the French army")
  B. William Fenwicke of the Grange House (dsp)
  m. Ann Margaretta Leake (dau of Robert Leake)
2. daughter
  m. _ Saint of Morpeth
3.+ other issue - son (b c1694, d 31.10.1728), Ann (d unm)

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