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Families covered: Milbancks of Chirton, Milbanke of Halnaby, Milbank of Thorp Perrow

Ralph Milbancks of Chirton (cupbearer of Mary, Queen of Scotland, from Scotland to Northumberland)
1. Edmond Milbancks of Chirton (d after 08.1596)
  A. William Milbancks (d after 1602)
  m. Grace Laburne
  i. Mark Milbanke of Halnaby & Dalden Tower, Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 05.1677)
  m. (14.07.1629) Dorothy Cooke (dau of Ralph Cooke (Cock), alderman of Newcastle)
a. Sir Mark Milbanke, 1st Bart of Halnaby (d 1680)
  m1. Elizabeth Acclom (dau of John Acclom of Moreby)
  (1) Sir Mark Milbanke, 2nd Bart of Halnaby (d before 10.06.1698)
  m. (03.02.1680) Jane Carr (bur 14.05.1704, dau of Sir Ralph Carr of Cocken)
  (A) Sir Mark Milbanke, 3rd Bart of Halnaby (d unm 05.1705)
  (B) Sir Ralph Milbanke, 4th Bart of Halnaby (d 09.05.1748)
  m1. (05.1708) Elizabeth D'Arcy (d 10.1720, sister of Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holdernesse)
  (i) Bridget Milbanke (d 03.09.1774)
  m1. Sir Butler Cavendish Wentworth, Bart of Howsham (dsp 03.12.1741)
  m2. (03.10.1748) John Murray
m2. Anne Delaval (d 21.03.1765, dau of Edward Delaval of South Dissington)
  (ii) Sir Ralph Milbanke, 5th Bart of Halnaby (d 08.01.1793)
  m. (1748) Elizabeth Hedworth (d 06.07.1767, dau of John Hedworth of Chester-le-Street)
  (a) Sir Ralph Milbanke, later Noel, 6th Bart of Halnaby (d 19.03.1825)
  m. (07.01.1777) Judith Noel (d 28.01.1822, dau of 1st Viscount Wentworth)
  ((1)) Anna Isabella Milbanke-Noel, Baroness Wentworth (b 17.05.1792, d 16.05.1860)
m. (02.01.1815) George Gordon Byron, later Noel-Byron, 6th Lord (b 22.01.1788, d 19.4.1824, the poet)
  (b) John Milbanke (d 12.03.1800)
  m. (1775) Cornelia Chambers (dau of Sir William Chambers)
  ((1)) Sir John Penison Milbanke, 7th Bart of Halnaby (b 20.08.1776, d 27.07.1850)
  m. (01.01.1799) Eleanor Hering (d 30.07.1819, dau of Julines Hering of Jamaica)
((A)) Sir John Ralph Milbanke, later Milbanke-Huskisson, 8th Bart of Halnaby (b 05.11.1800, d 30.12.1868) had issue
  m. (13.07.1843) Emily Mansfield (d 19.12.1905, dau of John Mansfield of Digswell House)
  ((B))+ other issue - Eleanor Judith (Mrs Lauga), Anna Maria (Mrs Moore), Emily Mary (Mrs Copley), Louisa Dorothy, Harriet Laura (Mrs Crewe then Boland)
  m2. (03.01.1821) Elizabeth Fenwick (d 06.11.1873, dau of Capt. James Fenwick)
  ((2)) Henry Ralph Milbanke (d unm 1811)
(c) Elizabeth Milbanke (d 06.04.1818)
  m. (13.04.1769) Peniston Lamb, Viscount Melbourne (b 29.01.1748, d 22.07.1828)
  (iii) Edward Milbanke of Sunderland
  m. Mary Terry
  (a) Mary Milbanke
  m. Rev. John Nelson
  (b) Anne Milbanke
  m. William Russell of Brancepeth Castle
  (c) Judith Milbanke
  m. John Nelson (RN)
  (d)+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Ralph (d 28.11.1823, Captain RN)
  (iv) Mark Milbanke (a 1779, Admiral RN, Ambassador)
  m. Mary Webber (d 1812)
(a) Harriet Milbanke
  m. _ Tilghman of Philadelphia
  (b) Elizabeth Emily Milbanke
  m. William Huskisson (MP)
  (v) John Milbanke
  m. (1764) Mary Watson-Wentworth (dau of Thomas Watson-Wentworth, 1st Marquess of Rockingham)
  (a) Mary Milbanke (d 09.11.1846)
  m. (20.05.1793) John Gage of Rogate (b 23.12.1767, d 24.12.1846)
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (rector of Croft), Acclom
  (C) Acclom Milbanke (d unm)
  (D) Judith Milbanke
m. Cuthbert Routh of Low Dimsdale
  (i) Judith Routh (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. George Baker of Elemore Hall
  (E) Dorothy Milbanke (d 1741)
  m. John Milbank of Thorp Perron (d 22.08.1759) @@ just below
  (2) Acclom Milbanke of Barningham had issue, possibly by ...
  m. (31.10.1693) Anne Davison (bpt 29.12.1678, dau of Timothy Davison of Beamish)
(3) Ralph Milbanke (dsp)
  (4) John Milbank of Thorp Perrow (d 13.03.1713)
  m. Mary Robson (dau of Timothy Robson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  (A) John Milbank of Thorp Perrow (d 22.08.1759)
  m. Dorothy Milbanke (d 1741, dau of Sir Mark Milbanke, 2nd Bart of Halnaby) @@ just above
  (i) Mark Milbank of Thorp Perrow
  (a) William Milbank of Thorp Perrow (b 15.01.1768, d 02.1802)
  m. (1792) Dorothy Wise (dau of John Wise of Woolston by Margaret, dau of John Ayshford of Wonwell Court)
  ((1)) Mark Milbank of Thorp Perrow and Barningham Park, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 02.05.1795, d 21.10.1881) had issue
  m. (02.06.1817) Augusta Henrietta Vane (b 1796, d 13.09.1874, dau of William Henry Vane,1st Duke of Cleveland)
  (5) Elizabeth Milbanke
  m. Nicholas Cole
  m2. (sp) Faith Acclome (d 31.04.1689 (!), dau of Thomas Acclome of Bonwick)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Milbanke of Halnaby) with input from BP1934 (Milbank of Well)
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