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Families covered: Bostock of Abingdon, Bostock of Barton, Bostock of Belgrave, Bostock of Churton, Bostock of Loppington, Bostock of Moberley, Bostock of Moulton, Bostock of Whixall

Nicholas Bostock of Morburley, Maburlegh or Moberley
m. Katherine Mobberley (dau of Sir William Mobberley)
1. George Bostock of Moberley
  A. Margaret Bostock
  m. Peter Hatton of Kirsty Birches
  B. Agnes Bostock
m. Randoll Baskerville
2. Thomas Bostock
  A. Randoll Bostock of Modburley or Moberley
  m. Alice Mottram
  i. Roger Bostock 'of Moberley'
  m. Felice Heaton (dau of John Heaton of Blechingleigh)
  a. Richard Bostock of Tanridge
  b. Jone Bostock
  m. William Knight
  c. Katherine Bostock
  m. Richard Fulwer
  d. Margaret Bostock
  m. Richard Blunt
3. Hugh Bostock
  m. Jane Delheath (dau of John Delheath of Churton Heath)
  A. George Bostock of Chylds Arcall
  m. _ Horne (dau of _ Horne of Chyldes Arcall)
  i. Raph Bostock of Abingdon
  m. Maud Gosling (dau of William Gosling of Longworth)
  a. Richard Bostock of Abingdon
  m1. Anne Steele (dau of Thomas Steele of Essex)
  (1) Edmund Bostock of Abingdon
  m. Mary Lydall (dau of Thomas Lydall of Reading)
  (A) William Bostock of Abingdon (b c1610, a 03.1664)
  m. Joane Saunders (dau of John Saunders of Shipton)
  (i) Jane Bostock
  m. Robert Blackaller of Abingdon
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1664) - Edmund (b c1633), Mary, Joane
  (B) Thomas Bostock
  m. Martha Payne (dau of John Payne of Abingdon)
  (i)+ issue (a 1665) - Edmond of the Middle Temple (b c1641), Thomas, Elizabeth
  (2) Thamar. Bostock
  m2. Anne Browne (dau of John Browne or Bourne of Abingdon)
  (3)+ other issue - James, Thomas
  b. Anthony Bostock
  m1. Margery Frere
  (1) Brigitt Bostock
  m. John Withers
m2. Elizabeth Smith
  (2) Thomas Bostock
  B. Richard Bostock
  m. Margery Higgenson (dau of _ Higgenson of Wenn or Wem)
  i. Humfrey Bostock of Abingdon
  m. Barbara Walker
  a. Lionell Bostock of Abingdon
  m. Jane Wooley (dau of Thomas Wooley of Henley)
  (1) William Bostock of Abingdon
  m. (1593) Ida (Edith) Fettiplace (dau of Basil Fettiplace)
  (2)+ other issue - Lionell, Edward, Jane
  b. John Bostock
  (1) Thomas Bostock
  (A)+ 2 daughters
  ii.+ other issue - Rafe, John



David Bostock of Churton
m. Margaret Dee
1. Robert Bostock of Churton
  A. Robert Bostock of Churton
  m. Alice Snelston (dau of Robert Snelston by Margaret, dau of Thomas Shocklach)
  i. Robert Bostock of Churton
  m1. Jone Bostock (base dau of Sir Adam Bostock of Bostocke)
  a. Robert Bostock of Churton
  m. Margaret Norris (dau of Richard Norris)
  (1) John Bostock of Churton
  m. Maud Hulme (dau of Hugh Hulme of Coddington)
  (A) Robert Bostock (dvp)
m. Elenor Brereton (dau of Owen Brereton of Bursham)
  (i) George Bostock of Churton (a 1613)
  m. Anne Hankey (dau of John Hankey of Churton)
  (a) George Bostock (a 1613)
  m. Allice Croker (dau of John Croker of Stepell Barton)
  (b) Elizabeth Bostock
  m. Robert Fletcher of Chester (haberdasher)
  (c) Anne Bostock
  m. John Harper of Chester (ironmonger)
  (d) Frances Bostock possibly the Frances who married ...
  m. Robert Draper of London
  (e)+ other issue - John (d young), Edward, Richard, Robert, Alice, Anne, Dorothy, Mary
  (ii)+ other issue - Edward, William, Katharen, Gwenhwyfer, Elizaebth, Janne, Margaret, Anne
  (B) Randall Bostock had issue
  m. Anne Gower (dau of Nicholas Gower or Grover of Killingworth)
(C) Margaret Bostock
  m1. Thomas Darewell or Darnall
  m2. Robert Carisone or Carrison
  (D) Elizabeth Bostock
  m. Roger Dee
  (E) Maior or Mawde Bostock
  m. Thomas Dodde of Churton
  (F) Elianor Bostock
  m. Richard Barrone or Barrow
  (G) Jane Bostock
  m. William Walton of London
  (H) Dorothy Bostock
  m. John Warren of London
  (I)+ other issue - John, Hugh
  m2. Dorothy Calveley (dau of Sir George Calveley)
  b. Launcellot Bostock
  m. Jane Roydon
(1) George Bostock
  ii. John Bostock of Barton
  m. Joice Buckley (dau of _ Buckley of Broxton)
  a. John Bostock of Barton
  (1) John Bostock of Belgrave
  (A)+ issue - John of Belgrave, Hugh
  b. Richard Bostock
  (1) John Bostock of Barton
  (A)+ issue - Richard, Hugh
  c. Katherine Bostock possibly of this generation (could be later?)
  m. Ralph Huxley of Sidwall, last of Huxley (a 1580)



Rafe Bostock of Moulton
Hunter identifies Rafe as son of Sir William by Jane Moulton whereas Visitation shows her as his wife. Hunter shows his wife as ...
m. Alice (dau of Randle of Merton)
1. David Bostock of Moulton this generation omitted by Hunter
  m. _ Baguley (dau of Sir William Baguley)
  A. Raffe Bostocke of Moulton this generation omitted by Hunter
  m. _ Davenport
  i. David Bostock this generation given by Hunter but omitted by Visitation (1580)
  m. Elizabeth Brett (dau of Richard Brett of Danham) named Ellen by Hunter
  Hunter shows a generation (Ralph, omitted by Visitation) between David and ...
  a. Thomas Bostocke of Moulton
  Hunter identifies Thomas's wife as a dau of Valentine of Valentine. Visitation names her ...
  m. Elizabeth Ecleston (dau of Valantyn Ecleston of Lancashire)
  (1) Raffe Bostocke of Moulton
  m. Cicely Hulse (dau/heir of Henry Hulse of Pickmere)
  (A) Robert Bostock of Moulton
Visitation shows Robert as father of Raffe & Thomas by Anne Salter. Hunter shows him as father of George & Thomas by Ann Soulton. The following attempts to pull these together.
  m1. Anne Salter (dau of Thomas Salter of Whikesall and Oswestrey)
  (i) Raffe Bostock of Moulton (a 1595)
  m. Emme Roode (dau of Roger Roode of Holford)
  (a) Robert Bostock of Moulton
  m. Ciceley Browne (dau of John Browne of Midlewiche)
  ((1)) Raffe (Randle) Bostock of Moulton (dsp)
  m. (Eleanor) Swetenham (dau of Lawrence Swetenham of Somerford)
  ((2)) John Bostock
  (b) Thomas Bostock
  Visitation (1580) identifies Thomas's wife as Jane, dau of Knightley of Swanlo lane, but Visitation (1613) identifies her (with the same children) as ...
  m. Jane Galley (dau of Hugh Galley of Swanleyland)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward, Robert, Thomas, Margaret
  (c) Eleanor Bostock
  m. William Tomlinson of Wharton
  (d) Margaret Bostock
  m. Henry Bostock of Bostock
  (e)+ other issue - Ralph (dsp), William, Edward (dsp), Anne, Elizabeth
  (ii) Thomas Bostock possibly son of Ann Soulton
  m1/2. Katharen Brayne (dau of Hugh Brayne of Aston)
  (a)+ issue - George, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margery, Janne
  m2/1. Mawade Hugenson (dau of _ Hugenson of Wren)
  (g)+ other issue - Robert, Andrew, Anne
  m2. Ann Soulton (d 1565, dau/heir of Thomas Soulton of Souton by Wem)
  (iii) George Bostock of Loppington
  m. Margery Euney (dau of Roger Euney of Poynton)
  (a) Andrew Bostock of Loppington & Whixall
  m. Amy Hynton (dau/coheir of John Hynton of Colton by Whixall)
  ((1)) George Bostock of Whixall & Loppington
  m. _ Wasner (dau of Francis Wasner of Upton)
  ((A)) Richard Bostock of Whixall (b c1630, d 1703)
  m. Mary Welch (dau of Thomas Welch)
  ((i)) Nathaniel Bostock of Whixall (d 07.02.1714)
  m. Ann Stafford (dau/coheir of John Stafford of St. Edmundsbury by Alice Blackburn)
  ((a)) Richard Bostock (a 1737, physician)
  ((b)) Henry Bostock in Loindoin (a 1737, silk mercer)
  m. _ Crew
  ((c)) James Bostock
  m. _ Crew
  ((d)) John Bostock
m. _ Crew
  ((e)) Alethea Bostock
  m. Ralph Thicknesse
  ((f)) Catherine Bostock
  m. _ Paston
  ((g)) Ann Bostock
  m. Vincent Eyre of Woodhouse (b 11.1671, d 1758)
  (2) Cicely Bostocke (d by 1479) possibly of this generation
  m. William Swetenham of Somerford
  B. Phillip Bostock
  m. _ Warberton
  C. David Bostock
  i. Isabell Bostock
  m. Thomas Snelston

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(1) For upper section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Bostock of Moberley), Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, Bostock of Abingdon)
(2) For middle section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, Bostock of Churton)
(3) For lower section (reviewed & expanded 24.08.16) : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, Bostock of Moulton) with some support from FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Bostock of Bostock in Cheshire', p22+)
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