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Families covered: Dodd of Broxton, Dodd of Egerton

John Dod or Dodd of (Smith's Pentry in) Broxton, Cheshire (a 1369)
m. Margery le Bird (a 1369, dau of Hugo le Bird, m2. William de Bickerton)
1. David Dodd of Broxton
  m. Nicola Bird (dau/heir of Thomas le Bird or Burd of Broxton, son of Uchtred of Broxton)
  A. Owen Dodd of Broxton
  Visitation (1580) identifies Owen's wife as Margaret, dau of Robert Bulkley of Broxton, sister of Hugh. Visitation (1613) identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Bulkeley (dau of Richard Bulkeley of Over, sister of Hugh of Broxton)
  i. John Dodd of Smythes Penry in Broxton
  m. Katherine Cotgrave (dau/coheir of Randall Cotgrave or Cotgreve of Cotton son of William son of Randoll)
a. Randall Dodd of Smythes Pentry (a 1524)
  m. Margaret Norris (dau/coheir of Richard Norris of Chester, brother of ?? Norris of Speake)
  (1) Peter Dodd of Broxton (d 1611)
  m. Anne Carington (a 1599, dau/heir of Hugh Carington of Over, son of Nicholas of Carington)
  (A) Thomas Dodd of Bickerton & Broxton (a 1580)
  m. Jane Dodd (dau/heir of John Dodd of Bickerton)
  (i) John Dodd of Broxton (b c1576, a 1613)
  m. Eleanor Stockton (dau of Owen Stockton of Codington)
  (ii) Anne Dodd
  m. William Dodd of Egerton @@ below
  (B) Margaret Dodd
  m1. Raffe Cowper or Cooper
  m2. John Kettell of Bursley or Burwardsleigh
  (i) Katherine Kettell
  m. Randall Povay (Povey) of Locrosse
  (C) Anne (Amy?) Dodd
  m. Richard Phillips of Stockton
  (i) Richard Phillips
  (D)+ other issue - George, Richard, John of Bellshill, Henry of London
  (2) Elianor Dodd
  m. John Bradley of Hinton
  (3) Margaret Dodd
  m. Randall Jenings of Stockton
  (4) Elizabeth Dodd
  m. Lancelott or Leonard Muffett
  b. Margaret Dodd
  m. Ralph Shepley
  ii. Margaret Dodd
  m. Ralph Clutton of Clutton



William Dod or Dodd of Broxton (a 1377)
Ormerod continues to spell the family name with one 'd'. Somewhat arbitrarily, we follow Visitation in spelling it with 2 ds.
m. Alice Broxton (dau of Thomas Broxton, sister/coheir of Henry of Broxton)
1. Thomas Dodd of Broxton
  A. Higin or Hugh Dodd of Broxton
  i. Rowland or Randle Dodd named Rowland by Visitation but Randle by Ormerod
  a. William Dodd of Broxton
  Visitation (1580) identifies m. William's wife as Margery, dau of _ Bird of Yowley, but this appears to be the William (a 1470) who was the first mentioned in Visitation (1613) which shows him as married to ...
  m. Alice Crewe (dau/coheir of John Crewe of Crewe (nar Farndon))
(1) Thomas Dodd of Broxton
  m. Alice Crewe (dau of Thomas Crewe of Trafford)
  (A) William Dodd of Broxton
  m. Anne Cheshire (dau of Roger Cheshire of London)
  (i) Roger Dodd of Broxton (a 1566)
  m. Anne Donne (dau of Richard Donne of Flaxyards, sister of Ralph)
  (a) Thomas Dodd of Broxton (bur 26.02.1601)
  m. Katharine Crewe (dau of Thomas Crewe of Holt or Howlle)
  ((1)) Anne Dodd
  m. Edward Tannatt of Broxton
  (b) William Dodd of Chester and/or London (mercer)
  m. Anne Fitton (dau of John Fitton of Chester)
  ((1)) daughter
  (c) George Dodd (dsp, 5th son)
  m. Margery Hinton (dau/heir of Christopher Hinton, brother/heir of Thomas, m2. William Yardley)
  (d) Frances Dodd
  m. Edward Totys or Tottie of Molington
  (e) Susanna Dodd
  m. Richard Humfreyson
  (f)+ other issue - Roger, Richard, Raffe, John
  (ii) Randal Dodd of Bickerton (bpt 12.09.1588)
  (a) William Dodd of London (draper)
  (iii) Anne Dodd
m. Robert Trafford
  (iv) Margaret Dodd
  m. Thomas Horton
  (B) Thomas Dodd of Churton
  m. Eleanor or Elizabeth Rowlett (dau of William Rowlett)
  (i) Thomas Dodd of Churton
  m. Mawde or Maior Bostock (dau of John Bostock of Churton)
  (C) Margaret Dodd possibly of this generation
  m. Roger Bird of Clopton
(D) Mary or Matilda Dodd possibly of this generation
  m. John Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1528)
  (2) Rafe (Randle) Dodd of Egerton mentioned by Ormerod & Visitation (1613) but not by Visitation (1580)
  (3) Margaret Dodd
  m. Thomas Bird of Broxton (a 1527)
  b. Randle Dodd of Broxton (a 1483)
  This Randle is shown by Ormerod who identifies him as "ancestor of the Dods of Egerton". We presume that this was the Ralph who is the first mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Dod of Egerton) which provides the following.
  (1) Raffe Dodd
  (A) John Dodd of Egerton
  m. Margaret Walley (dau of Henry Walley of Bickerton)
  (i) William Dodd of Egerton
  m. Anne Dodd (dau of Thomas Dodd of Smithes Pentrey) @@ above
2. Ralph Dodd

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(2) For lower section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Dodd of Broxton), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Dod of Broxton), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, p370, 'Dod of Broxton')
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