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Families covered: Wolrich of Dudmaston, Wolryche of Wenlock

The name of this family is spelled in various ways, including Woolrich, Woolrych and Woollrych. We keep to Wolrich on this page of the database but may not be consistent on other pages.
Sir Adam FitzWolfric or Wolriche of Gretton, Wenlock & Wickshall, Salop (a 1254)
m. Editha
1. Roger Wolryche of Wenlock
  A. Richard Wolryche of Wenlock
  m. _ Lenthall
  i. John Wolryche of Wenlock
  m. _ Bethe
  a. Roger Wolryche of Wenlock
  m. Margaret Upton (dau/coheir of _ Upton of Upton)
  (1) William or Roger Wolryche of Wenlock - continued below
  m. Margaret de Dodmaston (dau/heir of Hugh de Dodmaston of Dodmaston)
2.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), John (dsp), Robert (dsp), Joan



William or Roger Wolrich of Dudmaston - continued above
Named Roger by Visitation but William by Commoners.
m. Margaret de Dudmaston (dau/heir of Hugh de Dudmaston of Dodmaston)
1. Andrew Wolrich of Dudmaston
  Commoners identifies Andrew's wife as Margaret, sister to Boicus Hampton (esquire to the body to Henry VI), but Visitation identifies her as ...
  m. _ Walton (dau of Thomas Walton of Staffordshire)
  A. Thomas Wolrich of Dudmaston
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Elizabeth, dau/coheir of William, but Commoners identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Rowley (dau/heir of William Rowley of Staffordshire)
i. Humphrey Wolrich of Dudmaston (a 1501)
  m. Joyce Peshall (dau of Humfrey (sb Hugh) Peshall)
  a. Roger Wolrich (dsp)
  m. Katherine Brandon (sister of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk)
  b. John Wolrich of Dudmaston
  m. Mary Gatacre (dau of John Gatacre or Gattacre of Gatacre)
  (1) William Wolrich of Dudmaston
  m. Dorothy Poyner (dau of Thomas Poyner of Beslowe)
(A) Francis Wolrich of Dudmaston
  m. Margaret Bromley (dau of George Bromley of Hallon)
  (i) Sir Thomas Wolrich, 1st Bart of Dudmaston (b 1598, d 04.07.1668)
  m. Ursula Oteley (dau of Thomas Oteley of Pitchford or Pichford by Mary Gifford)
  (a) Sir Francis Wolrich, 2nd Bart of Dudmaston (b c1628, d 1689)
  m. Elizabeth Wrottesley (dau of Sir Walter Wrottesley, 1st Bart of Wrottesley)
  ((1)) Ursula Wolrich
  m. William Wright of Ashby (Rev.)
BEB1841 identifies 2 more daughters of Sir Francis: Mary (married Henry Grey, grandson of Lord Grey of Groby) and Elizabeth (married George or John Grey (it gives George in the text but John in a note), 3rd son of Henry, 1st Earl of Stamford). BP1934 (Stamford) gives the name of the 3rd son of the 1st Earl of Stamford as John (confirmed in TCP (Stamford)) and shows his 1st wife (and mother of Mary who married William Ward) as named Mary. BEB1841 reports that Elizabeth was mother of the Mary who married William Ward. Noting that Enville Hall appears to have passed between younger sons of the Greys of Groby/Stamford, we suspect that there is some confusion here and provisionally show just 1 other daughter as follows:
  ((2)) Mary Wolrich
m. John Grey of Enville Hall
  (b) John Wolrich of Dudmaston (d before 06.1688)
  BEB1841 does not mention John but shows Thomas, 3rd Bart, as brother of Francis, 2nd Bart. TCB identifies Thomas as Sir Francis's nephew by John and ...
  m. Mary Griffith (dau of Rev. Matthew Griffith, chaplain to Charles I)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Wolrich, 3rd Bart of Dudmaston (bpt 14.04.1672, d 03.05.1701)
m. (26.11.1689) Elizabeth Weld (b 1671-2, d 01.04.1765, dau of George Weld of Willey Park by Mary, dau of Sir Peter Pindar, 1st Bart)
  ((A)) Sir John Wolrich, 4th Bart of Dudmaston, Sheriff of Shropshire (b c1691, d unm 25.06.1723)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Wolrich
  m. William Hopton of Herefordshire
(c) Margaret Wolrich
  m. Sir Walter Wrottesley, 2nd Bart of Wrottesley (b c1632, d 1686)
  (d) Elizabeth Wolrich
  m. T. Berington of Winsley
  (e)+ other issue
  (ii) Mary Wolrich
  m. Henry Grey of Enville
  (iii) Elizabeth Wolrich
  m. Sir John Puleston of Emral (d 08.1659)
(iv)+ other issue - George, Elianor
  (B) George Wolrich (dsp)
  c. Humfrey Wolrich of Wooton ancestor of Wolryches of Quatford Lodge, Salop
  m. Eleanor Colinson (dau of John Colinson of Rowley)
  (1) Thomas Wolrich
  d. Rowland Wolrich
  e. Sir William Wolrich ancestor of Wolrichs of Suffolk (Cowling & Wickornbroke) & Huntingdonshire (Alconbury)
Visitation names only 5 sons (none a William) but identifies Edward as the 6th son. BEB1841 gives only a partial pedigree of this family before the 1st Bart but identifies a Sir William as son of Humphrey and brother of Roger. Robinson, who follows the line of Edward, shows the males of this generations as John then Edward, Humphrey, Roger, Robert then William.
  f. Edward Wolrich or Wolrych of Dynmore
  m. Elizabeth Grosvenor (dau of William Grosvenor of Whitmore)
  g. daughter
  m. Sir Richard Peshall
  h. daughter
  m. _ Worley of Worley
  i. Elizabeth Wolrich
  m. Edward Hopton
  ii. Sir William Wolrich of Ludlow, Salop, later in Suffolk
  m. Isabel Cullinge (dau/heir of _ Cullinge of Wickombroke)
  iii.+ other issue - Joyce, Margaret
2. John Wolrich
  m. Joyce Westcroft (dau of William Westcroft)
  A. Cicely Wolrich
  m. Walter (sb John?) Bentall

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 21.01.11) : Commoners (vol 4, Stansfeld of Burley Park)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 30.07.05) : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Wolrich of Dudmaston), BEB1841 (Wolrich of Dudmaston) with some support/input from TCB (vol 2, Wolryche of Dudmaston), Commoners (vol 4, Stansfeld of Burley Park)
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