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Families covered: Oteley of Oteley, Oteley (Ottley) of Pitchford, Oteley of Shrewsbury

This family name appears surprisingly consistently throughout its early generations spelt as Oteley but appears to have become Ottley in more recent generations. We provisionally title this page showing preference to the former but may change that in due course.
George Oteley of Oteley, Salop
m. Anna Corbet (dau of Robert Corbet of Leigh)
1. Phillipp Oteley of Oteley
  m. Anna Lacon (dau of ?? Lacon of Willey)
  A. Richard Oteley
Visitation does not follow Richard's family. It is a presumption that he was father of ...
  i. William Oteley of Oteley
  a. Elizabeth Oteley, heiress of Oteley
  m. Humphrey Kinaston of Stocks (a 1520)
  ii. Elianora Oteley sister/heir of William of Oteley, presumed of this generation
  The following comes Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Forster of Watling Street and Sutton Madoc).
  m. Richard Upton of Upton, Essex
a. Robert Upton of Oteley (dsp)
  b. Philip Upton of Oteley possibly son of Stephen son of Richard
  m. Anna Steventon of Dothill
  (1) Joce Upton
  m. John Forster of Watling Street (d 1591)
  B. John Oteley of Shrewsbury (a 1495)
  m. Sibilla Cole (dau of Edmund Cole of Salop)
  i. Thomas Oteley of Shrewsbury
  m. Johanna Pipe (dau of Hugo Pipe alias Walker, she m2. Thomas Berington)
  a. Mary Oteley (d 1568)
  m. Richard Owen of Shrewsbury
  b. Hellen Oteley
  m. Richard Hussey of Battlefield
(1) Edward Hussey of Adbright Hussey
  (A) Sir Richard Hussey (a 1623) had issue
  C. Thomas Oteley of Pitchford, Salop (a 1473)
  m1. Anna Scryven (dau of Robert Scryven of Frodesley)
i. William Oteley of Pitchford, Sheriff of Salop (d 26.09.1529)
  m. Margery Bruyn (a 1530, dau of John Bruyn of The Hay near Bridgnorth)
  a. Adam Oteley of Pitchford (d 16.10.1578)
  m. Mary Manwaring (dau of Richard Manwaring of Ightfield)
  (1) Richard Oteley of Pitchford (a 1584)
  m. Katherine Macworth (d 20.11.1586, dau of John Macworth of Betton Strange)
(A) Thomas Oteley of Pitchford (a 1623)
  m. Mary Gifford (dau of Roger Gifford, the Queen's physician)
  (i) Francis Oteley, Sheriff of Salop (b c1602, a 1645)
Visitation ends with this generation. It is a presumption that Francis (who is presumed also to have been the Sir Francis Ottley of Pitchford Hall who was Governor of Shrewsbury for the Royalists during the Civil War) was father of ...
  (a) Thomas Ottley of Pitchford probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Baldwyn (dau of Sir Samuel Baldwyn of Stokesay Castle)
  ((1)) Adam Ottley of Pitchford possibly of this generation
  m. Bridget Gresley (dau of Sir William Gresley, 3rd Bart of Drakelow)
  (ii) Frances Oteley
  m. Edward Fox of Hurst
(iii) Ursula Oteley presumably the Ursula who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Wolrich, 1st Bart of Dudmaston (b 1598, a 1668)
  (iv)+ other issue - Richard, Thomas
  (B) Adam Oteley of London (a 1623, 5th son)
  m. Dorothy Cranage (dau of Lawrence Cranage of Keele, relict of Richard Mackworth of Betton)
  (i) Adam Oteley (b c1620)
  (C) Dorothy Oteley
  m. Thomas Leigh of Cotton
  (D) Anna Oteley
  m. Sir Robert Purslow of Sidbury (Sudbury)
  (E) Jane Oteley
  m. Richard Blundell (Blunden) of Bishops Castle
  (F) Mary Oteley
  m. Thomas Draper of Walton
(G) Sara Oteley
  m. Edward Owen of Brightley (Adbrightlee)
  (H) Martha Oteley
  m. Richard Corbett of Alston
  (I)+ other issue - William (dsp), Walter (dsp), Francis Oteley of Midleburgh in Holland, Elizabeth
  (2) Thomas Oteley
  m. Chrisabella Lister (dau of Richard Lister of Rowton)
  (3) Katherine Oteley
m1. John Hord of Bridgnorth
  m2. Edward Lutwyche
  (4) Ann Oteley
  m. George Kerry of Binweston
  (5) Johanna Oteley
  m. Thomas Heynes of Stretton
  (6) Jane Oteley
  m. Edward Fox
  (7) Mary Oteley
  m1. Richard Crompton of Acton Burnell
  m2. Edward Walter
  m3. Richard Eyton (a 1608, dsp)
(8) Elizabeth Oteley
  m1. Lancelot Ridley of Astley
  m2. John Golston or Goulston of Dunwallin and Astley
  (9)+ other issue - Arthur (dsp), John (dsp), George of Chester, Francis (dsp), Dorothy
  b. Thomas Oteley of Forde
  m. _ Mitton (dau of Richard Mitton of Shrewsbury)
  (1) Richard Oteley of Forde
  m. ?? Lingen (dau of ?? Lingen of Hurst)
  (2) Walter Oteley of Bromley
c. Thomas Oteley (dsp)
  d. Jane Oteley
  m1. Thomas Kynaston of Walford
  m2. _ Harnage of Shenton
  e. Dorothy Oteley
  m. John Leighton of Leighton
  f. Johanna Oteley
  m. Thomas Ireland of Shrewsbury (bur 10.11.1554)
  g. Anna Oteley
  m. George (not Gregory) Sandford
  h. Katherin Oteley
  m. Thomas Jennyns
i. Alice Oteley
  m. William Norton of the Seet
  j. Joyce Oteley
  m. Adam Onslow
  k. Mary Oteley
  m. _ Bren of London
  ii. Richard Oteley
  iii. Elizabeth or Margaret Oteley
  m1. John Salter of Newport
  m2. William Young
  iv. Jane Oteley
  m1. Ralph (not Richard) Astley of Patishull (d 1532)
  m2. _ Scrimshire
  v. Mary Oteley
  m. Brian Stapleton ## see here (Bruen of Stapleford) ##
  m2. Jane Blount (dau of Humfrey Blount)
  vi.+ other issue - Edward, Humfry, George, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Oteley of Oteley and Pitchford)
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