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Families covered: Ireland of Adbrighton, Ireland of Lythwood, Ireland of Oswaldstre (Oswestry)
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Robert Ireland of Oswaldstre, Salop
1. Robert Ireland
  A. Richard Ireland of Oswaldstre (a 1390)
  i. Roger Ireland
  m. Cecilia
a. Richard Ireland of Oswaldstre
  m1/2. Tibota Salter (dau of Roger Salter of Oswaldstre)
  (1) Robert Ireland of Oswaldstre
  m. Margaret (dau of John ap Meredith)
  (A) David Ireland of Shrewsbury (a 1529)
  m1. Katherine Knight (dau of Robert Knight of Salop)
(i) Thomas Ireland of Adbrighton, Salop (bur 10.11.1554)
  m. Jane Oteley (dau of William Oteley of Pichford)
  (a) Robert Ireland (a 1592)
  m. Elizabeth Screven (dau of Thomas Screven)
  (b) George Ireland of Adbrighton
  m. Mary Purcell (dau of Thomas Purcell of Vainor)
  ((1)) Thomas Ireland of Adbrighton, Sheriff of Salop (a 1623)
  m. Jane Dutton (dau of Roland Dutton of Hatton)
((A))+ issue (a 1623) - Robert (b c1612), Margaret, Maria
  ((2)) Sarah Ireland
  m. Edward Heynes
  ((3)) Susanna Ireland
  m. Richard Twiford
  ((4))+ other issue - Robert, Samuel, Edward, Nathaniel, Josuah, Martha, Hester
  (c) William Ireland
  m. Sara Baker (dau of Roger Baker of Salop)
  Visitation shows their daughters as follows but notes that some sources show them as daughters of William's elder brother Robert.
  ((1))+ issue - Martha, Maria
(d) Lucy Ireland
  m1. Thomas Pope
  m2. Thomas Charlton or Clarke of Salop
  (e) Susanna Ireland
  m. Thomas Lewis of Shrewsbury
  (f) Margery or Maria Ireland
  m. Richard Lewis of Salop
(ii) Robert Ireland (d 06.10.1599)
  m. Elizabeth Pontesbury (dau of Thomas Pontesbury of Adbrightley)
  (a) Edward Ireland of Lythwood
  m. Jane Mitton (dau of Richard Mitton)
  ((1)) Richard Ireland of Lythwood
m. Ursula or Margaret (dau of John Lewis ap Owen by Ursula, dau of Richard Mitton)
  ((A))+ issue - Edward, Ursula, Elianora
  (b) Thomas Ireland
  (iii) Mary Ireland
  m. Richard Trentham of Staffordshire
  (iv) Alice (Sarah) Ireland
  Visitation shows Alice as married twice, to Richard Howell ap Owen then Richard Owen. The Owen records show a Richard Owen ap Howel married to Alicia, dau of David Ireland of Shrewsbury, and another Richard Owen (also of Shrewsbury) as married to Sarah, dau of David Ireland of Shrewsbury.
  m1. Richard Howell ap Owen
  m2. Richard Owen
  (v) Elizabeth Ireland
m1. Edmund Pope
  m2. Thomas Montgomery
  (vi) Jane Ireland
  m. Robert Allen of Allwin of Salop
  (a) Eliza(beth) Allen or Allwin
  m1. William Charlton
  Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Banaster or Banester of Wem) shows that Elizabeth & William had the following daughter.
  ((1)) Elizabeth Charlton
m. Edward Bridgman
  m2. (Lawence) Banaster
  (vii) Margery Ireland
  m. Edward Hosier of Preson Gobalds
  (a) Elizabeth Hosier
  m. John Draycot of Paynesley
  m2. Anna (Jane) Lister of Rowton
  (viii) Richard or John Ireland (vicar of Trellonge)
  (ix) William Ireland of Oswaldstre
  (a)+ issue - David, Edward, Katherine
  (x) Anna Ireland
  m. Thomas Harper of London
  (xi) Hellena Ireland
  m. John Bayley
  (xii) Christiana Ireland
  m. _ Grosvenor of London
  partner unknown
  (xiii) Margaret Ireland
  m. Griffith ap Rees of Shrewsbury
  (B) John Ireland (dsp)
  (C) Gwenhiver Ireland
  m. William ap Jenkin of Chirkland
  (D) Jeneta Ireland
  m1. Evan ap Owen
  m2. Rerid Vlayth
  m3. Nicholas ap Thomas
  (2) Thomas Ireland of Oswaldstre
  m. Mabilla (dau of Howell ap Morris Kuffin)
  (A) Meredith Ireland (dsp)
(B) Gwenliwenor Ireland
  m1. Meredith ap Richard of Oswestre
  (i) Thomas Meredith
  (a) Meredith ap Thomas
  ((1)) Thomas ap Meredith
  Visitation identifies Gwenliwenor's 2nd husband as Owen, son of Lewellin of Machynleth, but from the details given of their descendants he was clearly ...
  m2. Owen ap Griffith of Llunllo
  (C) Thomasine Ireland
  m. David Lloyd ap Owen
(D) Elianora Ireland
  m. Hugh Davis of Oswestre
  (E) Jane Ireland
  m. John Wynn of Powis
  (i) Reginald Wynn
  (a) Robert Wynn
  (3) Johanna Ireland
m. Meredith ap Howell Kiffin
  (4) Thomasina Ireland
  m. Meredith ap Howell ap Morris Kiffin
  m2/1. Anna Brereton (dau of Ralph Brereton)
  (5) Ralph (Ranulph) Ireland
  (A) Ralph (Ranulph) Ireland (dsp)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (6) Cicely Ireland
  m. William Muckleston
  b. Thomas Ireland

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Ireland of Adbrighton)
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