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Families covered: Swinnerton (Swynnerton) of Butterton, Swynnerton of Chorlton, Swinnerton of Shutlane

Richard de Swynnerton of Chorlton (a 1350)
1. Thomas de Swynnerton of Chorlton
  m. Matilda (d 1361, relict of Sir John Latymer of Braybrook)
  A. Roger de Swynnerton (a 1389, of Whitmore ?)
  B. John de Swynnerton (a 1397, of Whitmore ?)
  i. Roger Swynnerton of Butterton (a 1445)
a. Thomas Swynnerton of Butterton (d by 1497)
  m. Margaret Clayton (dau of Thomas Clayton of Ridge Hill, sister of Hugh)
  (1) William Swynnerton of Butterton (a 1508)
  (A) Thomas Swynnerton of Butterton & Ridge Hill (d 1552)
  m. Elen (m2. William Rowley)
  (i) William Swynnerton of Butterton (bur 17.12.1629)
  m. Alice Hakyn (dau of William Hakyn of Ridge Hill)
(a) Thomas Swynnerton or Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 04.06.1571, d 1634) - continued below
  m. Mary Hollyns (dau of Hugh Hollyns of Moseley)
  (b) ? James Swynnerton
  m. Katherine Maire
  (c) ? Ellen Swynnerton
  m. (20.09.1614) Thomas Heath
  (ii) Grace Swynnerton
  m. _ Morris
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1552) - Hugh (legitimate?), John, Joan, Ellen
  (B) ? William Swynnerton (bur 21.10.1562)
  b. John Swynnerton (a 1467)
  c. Richard Swynnerton of Thursfield (a 1466)
  m. Agnes
  ii.+ ? other issue - Nicholas, Stephen



Thomas Swynnerton or Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 04.06.1571, d 1634) - continued above
m. Mary Hollyns (dau of Hugh Hollyns of Moseley)
1. William Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 28.06.1597, bur 04.05.1678)
  m. (04.02.1622-3) Jane Nicholls (dau of Michael Nicholls of Fenton)
  A. Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 05.03.1625, bur 21.05.1701)
  m. Elizabeth Bentley (bur 28.04.1681, dau of Thomas Bentley of Whitehurst)
i. William Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 20.10.1647, d 1724)
  m. (1677) Elizabeth Bayley (d 06.08.1710, dau of James Bayley of Madeley)
  a. Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton (bpt 13.02.1677-8)
  m. (26.12.1712) Mary Abnet (b 1629/30, d 09.03.1716, dau of William Abnet of Burston Hall)
(1) William Swinnerton of Butterton (b c1718, d 12.10.1790, recorder of Stafford & Newcastle)
  m. Margaret Colclough (bur 01.10.1757, dau of Blest Colclough of Eccleshall)
  (A) Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton, Sheriff of Staffordshire (bur 21.05.1836, recorder of Stafford, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Milborne (d 05.1795, dau of Charles Milborne of Wonaston)
  (i) Martha Swinnerton (dsp)
  m. (1823) William Bagot
  (ii) Mary Swinnerton, later Milborne-Swinnerton (bur 24.12.1854)
  m. Sir William Pilkington of Chevet, Bart
  (iii) Elizabeth Swinnerton (d 10.05.1838)
  m. Charles John Kemeys Tynte of Halswell
  (B) Anne Swinnerton (b 25.06.1735, bur 18.02.1786)
  m. (07.09.1754/73) Walter Bagot (rector of Blithfield)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Blest Colclough (bur 26.03.1761), Margaret (d 1795), Elizabeth (d 1827)
  (2) Elizabeth Swinnerton (d unm)
  b. John Swinnerton (bpt 12.02.1693)
  m1. Hannah Edwardes (dsp, dau of John Edwardes of Langleyford)
  m2. ??
  (1) John Swinnerton
  (A) John Swinnerton (dsp, rector of Wybunbury)
  m. _ Hinckes of Stone
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Mary (a 1835)
  c. Elizabeth Swinnerton
  m. (28.04.1716) Richard Beech of Newhouse, Stone
  d. Jane Swinnerton
  m. (1713) Thomas Whitehurst of Hanchurch
  e. Mary Swinnerton (bpt 15.12.1691, d unm 1724)
  ii. Thomas Swinnerton of High Wall Hill (d 1713)
  m. Sarah Isley
  iii.+ other issue - Michael (bpt/bur 07.1653), Samuel (bpt 17.11.1659, dsp 1685), Mary (bpt 30.03.1658, d unm 1671)
  B. James Swinnerton of Coventry (bpt 28.07.1633)
  m. Anne Clarke (dau of _ Clarke of Darlaston)
  i. John Swinnerton (dvpsp)
  ii. Anne Swinnerton
  m. _ Hildyard
  C. Edward Swinnerton of Offleyhey (bpt 27.03.1631)
  m. Elizabeth Mayden (dau of John Mayden)
  D. Michael Swinnerton of Leek (bpt 09.04.1640)
  m. Sarah Falkner (dau of John Falkner)
  i. Christian Swinnerton
  E. Margaret Swinnerton (bpt 09.05.1624)
  m. John Hunt of Stoke
  F.+ other issue - Mary (bpt 12.10.1628, bur 24.06.1630), Edith (bpt 28.02.1635), Dorothy (bpt 13.01.1638, d 1639)
2. Hugh Swinnerton
  m. Fortune Walker of Dilvern
  A. Thomas Swinnerton of Shutlane (d 15.02.1725-6)
  m. Jane Shaw of Handley
  i. Thomas Swinnerton (bpt 08.04.1673)
  m. Hannah Deane of Hanley
  a. James Swinnerton of Acton then Shutlane Head (bpt 01.09.1696, a 1731)
  m. Sarah (bur 13.03.1780)
  (1) James Swinnerton of Acton then Shutlane Head (bpt 07.06.1729, bur 17.08.1804)
  m. Anne
  (A) John Swinnerton (bpt 20.02.1764, d c1851)
  m. Martha Whittingham of Newcastle
  (i) Thomas Swinnerton of Newcastle (b 1807, a 1887, 3rd son) had issue
m. Anne Williams of Audley
  (ii)+ other issue - James, John, Martha, Maria
  (B)+ other issue - James (bpt 22.07.1770), Benjamin, Thomas (bpt 13.07.1777), Mary (bpt 09.01.1754), Mary (bpt 01.08.1756), Sarah (bpt 14.02.1762), Hannah (bpt 23.05.1773)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 02.07.1731), Mary (bpt 28.04.1722), Hannah (bpt 16.02.1723-4), Elizabeth (bpt 09.10.1725)
  b.+ other issue - Jemima, Kesia
  B. John Swinnerton of Shutlane
  m. Anne Thorneycroft (bur 10.03.1719-20)
3. Dorothy Swinnerton (bpt 29.12.1591)
  m. _ Swinnerton of Keele
4. Anne Swynnerton (bpt 27.01.1604-5)
  m. (15.06.1631) Thomas Landor of Beech
5.+ other issue - Thomas (b/d 1600), Edith (bpt 15.03.1593-4)

Main source(s): 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire' by the William Salt Archaelogical Society (1886, vol vii, pt2, 'An Account of the Family of Swynnerton')
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