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Families covered: Swynnerton of Hilton, Swynnerton of Isewall, Swynnerton of Whilton

Humphrey de Swynnerton of Desire & Badenhall (d 1372)
m. Hillaria de Bromley (d 06.07.1372, dau of John de Bromley)
'Collections' suggests that there may have been an intermediary generation here.
1. Robert de Swynnerton (d 1410)
  m. Joan (a 1415)
A. Robert Swynnerton (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth
  B. Thomas Swynnerton
  i. Humphrey Swynnerton of Isewall (a 1463)
  a. John Swynnerton of Isewall (a 1499)
m. Frances Preston (dau of Francis or Philip Preston)
  (1) Robert Swynnerton of Isewall (d by 1545)
  m. Lucy Littleton (a 1583, dau of Richard Littleton of Pillaton, m2. Nicholas Bradburne)
  (A) Edward Swynnerton, last of Isewall (d 1598)
  m1. Frances Erdeswick (dau of Sampson Erdeswick of Sandon)
  (i) Hugh Swynnerton
  m. Joan Sutton (bur 03.03.1602-3, dau of (Edward?) Sutton, Lord Dudley)
  (a) Mary Swynnerton
  m. (17.04.1609) James Scrymsher of Shrewsbury
  (b)+ other issue - John (a 1600), Thomas
  m2. Anne Morris
  (ii) Edward Swynnerton
  (B)+ other issue (a 1545) - Richard, Anne, Elizabeth, Joan
  (2) Humphrey Swynnerton of Swineshead Hall (dsp)
  m. Agnes
  (3) ? William Swynnerton (a 1538)
  b. ? William Swynnerton (d 1538, chaplain, rector of Blymhill)
  ii. ? Sir Thomas Swynnerton (d 1488, chaplain, later of Blymhill rectory)
  C.+ other issue (a 1415) - Henry, Joan



Sir John de Swynnerton of Hilton, Staffordshire (d 1340, forester of Cannock)
m. Anne Montgomery (b c1291, dau of Philip de Montgomery of Whilton by Felicia de Whelton)
1. Sir John de Swynnerton of Hilton & Whilton (b by 1310, d 12.1379, forester of Cannock)
  m. Christian
  A. John de Swynnerton of Hilton & Whilton (b by 1350, d c1426-7, forester of Cannock)
  m. Clemence (d 1431)
i. John de Swynnerton (dvp 1408)
  m. Elena Malory (d 1440, dau of John Malory, m2. Sir John Bernard of Iselham)
  a. John de Swynnerton of Hilton (b c1408, dsp 1430)
  ii. Thomas Swynnerton of Hilton (b by 1401, d 1448, forester of Cannock)
  m. Elizabeth Bonde (dau of John Bonde)
  a. Anne Swynnerton (b c1435, d 27.03.1470)
  m1. Humphrey Swynnerton of Swinnerton (d before 14.02.1464)
  m2. John Mytton of Weston-under-Lyziard (d 07.02.1500)
  b. Alice Swynnerton (b c1436, d 10.06.1472)
  m1. Richard Beaufo of Burford St. John
  m2. William Hugford (a 10.1472)
  (1) Anne Hugford (dvmsp)
  iii. Giles Swynnerton of Repton (d 1440, 4th son)
  m. Margaret (a 09.1440)
  a. Alice Swynnerton (b 1439)
  iv.+ other issue - Edmund/Edward, son, Peter

Main source(s): 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire' by the William Salt Archaelogical Society (1886, vol vii, pt2, 'An Account of the Family of Swynnerton') with support for the lower section from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Whelton, Nevill, Swynnerton and Beafou or Beaufoy', p232)
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