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Families covered: Thirkeld of Esthorpe, Thirkeld of Hazon, Thirkell of Smalwood, Thirkeld of Thirkeld (Threlkeld of Threlkeld)

The family name is spelled variously as Threlkeld, Thirkeld, Thirkell, Thyrkell, Thirkill, etc..
William de Threlkeld or Thirkeld of Threlkeld, Cumberland (d 1409) mentioned on various web sites
m. Margaret
1. Henry Threlkeld or Thirkeld of Threlkeld (d 1452)
Foster starts with this Henry but does not identify his wife. Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Lomley') shows that the Sir Lancelot who married Margaret Bromflete was son of Henry by Maud, dau of Sir John Lomley, sister of Lord George who m. Elsabeth Thornton. That Visitation is not consistent with what we show for the Lumley family on Lumley02, apparently mixing-up various generations. Accordingly, we provisionally follow those web sites which show the mother of Lancelot as ...
  m. Margaret Thornburgh (dau of Roland Thornburgh)
  A. Sir Lancelot Threlkeld or Thirkeld
Sir Lancelot is variously described as 'of Threlkeld' (for Joan), 'of Malmerby' (for Margaret), and 'of Yeawith' (for Grace). Nevertheless, the Lancelot who married Margaret Bromflete is identified as the father of at least those daughters. However, Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5, 'Vaughan of Sutton') shows Grace as of the next generation
  m. Margaret Bromflete (d 12.04.1483, dau of Sir Henry de Bromflete, Lord of Vescy, m1. John Clifford)
  i. Sir Lancelot Threlkeld or Thirkeld
  a. Elizabeth Threlkeld or Thirkeld
  m. James Pickering (son of Sir James by Anne Moreseby)
b. Grace Threlkeld or Thirkeld
  m. Thomas Dudley (aka Sutton)
  c. Winifred Threlkeld or Thirkeld
  m. William Pickering (son of Sir James by Anne Moreseby)
  ii. Christopher Threlkeld or Thirkeld, Sheriff of Northumberland (3rd son) the first mentioned by Hodgson (as 3rd son of Lanceslot)
  m. Joan Carliell (dau of John Carleill by Elinor, dau of Laurence Acton son of Laurence son of Sir Laurence Acton of Newcastle & Hazon)
  a. Christopher Thirkeld of Esthorpe & Hazon
m. Josian Constable
  (1) Marmaduke Thirkeld of Esthorpe & Hazon (d 1592-3)
  m. Elizabeth Hilton (dau/coheir of William Hilton, (2nd) son of William, Lord Hilton)
  (A) Joyce Thirkeld
  m. Richard Langdale of Houghton
  (B) Katherine Thirkeld
  m. (before 09.08.1582) Robert Lacy of Folkton
(C) Dorothy Thirkeld
  m. Walter Grimston of Goodmanham (b c1563)
  (D) Elizabeth Thirkeld (bur 17.11.1585) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. Mathew Amcotts of Vere Temple & Wickenby
  iii. Margaret Threlkeld or Thirkeld
  Visitation shows this as the Margaret who m. Christopher Moresby. Provisionally, having considered the dates, we follow those web sites which show that Margaret a generation earlier and this Margaret as married to ...
  m. William Belasyse of Belasyse
  iv. Ann Threlkeld probably the Ann who married ...
  m. Sir Hugh Lowther of Lowther (d c1511)
  v. Joan Threlkeld shown by various web sites as of this generation
  m. Sir Bryan Stapleton
  vi.+ other issue - James, Elizabeth
  B. Margaret Threlkeld or Thirkeld probably of this generation rather than 1 later
  m. Christopher Moresby (d 1461)



Rowlande Thirkell "the firste that came into Staffordsh."
m. Rose Minours (dau of John Minours)
1. John Thirkell of Smalwood, Staffordshire
  m. _ Poole (dau of Sir John Poole of Harington)
  A. John Thirkell of Smallwood
  m. Elizabeth Swinnerton (dau of ?? Swinnerton of Swinnerton)
  i. John Thirkell of Smalwoode
  m. Jane Bagotte (dau of Sir James Bagotte)
  a. Elene Thirkell (a c1550, "sole heir")
  m. Rowland Ruggeley of Shenston and Smalwood
  ii. Jane Thirkell
  m. Thomas Adderley of Blackhagh

Main source(s): [Both the above sections were originally uploaded on 15.12.07 into Temp41. They were moved here for consolidation & review.]
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5 & 1612, 'Vaughan of Sutton') with some input/support from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 5, John Crawford Hodgson, 1899, 'Acton, Thirkeld and St. Quinton of Hazon', p467)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, 'Rugeley of Shenstone')
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