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Families covered: Hilton of Billinghurst, Hilton of Hilton (Hylton of Hylton), Hilton of Irnham, Hilton of Swine, Hilton of Winestead

William de Helton (d before 20.04.1208)
m. Bone Tison (dau of German Tison of Shilbottle)
1. Alexander de Hilton of Helton or Hilton
  m. Agnes de Verly (sister of Hugh de Verly)
  A. Robert de Hilton, 1st Lord (d c1310)
  BE1883 (Hilton of Hilton) appears to confuse this Robert de Hilton with Robert de Hilton of Swine (see below) by reporting that he was the one who married Marmaduke de Thweng. TCP (Thweng) reports that this had been suggested by Dugdale, wrongly.
  m. (before 12.1255) Joan (dau of William Le/De Breton of Essex)
  i. Alexander de Hilton of Rennington (dvp c1303)
  m. Elizabeth
a. Robert de Hilton, 2nd Lord (d c1322)
  m1. Joan
  m2. (before 13.02.1314/5) Ellen (d before 12.04.1339, widow of Walter, Lord Huntercombe)
  (1) Alexander de Hilton, 3rd Lord of Hilton (d c04.1361)
  m1. Alice
  m2. Maud de Emeldon (b c1310, d 08.09.1369, dau of Richard de Emeldon of Embleton and Jesmond)
  (A) Robert de Hilton, 4th Lord of Hilton (d before 27.05.1370)
  m. Alianore de Felton (dau of Sir William de Felton of Edlingham)
(i) Sir William de Hilton, 5th Lord of Hilton (b c1356, d 25.05.1435)
  m. Denise de Hilton (d 31.07.1436, dau of Sir Robert de Hilton of Swine) @@ below
  (a) Sir Robert Hilton of Hilton (de jure 6th Lord) (d 11.08.1448)
  m1. (before 13.04.1398) Maud de Clifford (d before 16.05.1442, dau of Roger de Clifford, Lord)
  ((1)) William Hilton of Hilton (de jure 7th Lord) (d 13.10.1457) - continued below
  m. (by 01.1438/9) Mary or Mariot Stapilton (dau of William Stapilton of Edenhall)
m2. (before 22.04.1445) Elizabeth (d 16.08.1450, widow of Sir Bertram Monbocher & others)
  (b) Thomas Hilton
  (c) Margaret Hilton apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton (b by 1406, d 05.04.1444)
  (ii) Maud Hilton probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Constable
  ii. Sir William de Hilton of Swine and Winestead (d 1290-1)
  The following is supported by VCH (Yorkshire, East Riding volume 7, Swine) though, other than to note that Sir William's widow Maud m2. Sir Robert de Tilliol, VCH does not name any of the wives. Sir William's wife is identified by TCP (Lascelles) as ...
  m. (1288) Maud de Lascelles (d 1343, dau of Roger, Lord Lascelles, m2. Sir Robert de Tilliol)
  a. Sir Robert de Hilton or Hylton of Swine (d c1351)
  (1) Having reference to the dates, it is presumed that this was the Robert (rather than his son) who married Margaret Thweng, sister of Thomas, 4th Lord. TCP (Thweng) identifies Thomas's coheirs as including Margaret's daughter Isabel and John, son of Isabel's sister Maud. There is no mention of Sir Robert Hilton so it is presumed that Sir Robert was not Margaret's son.
(2) Robert, husband of Margaret Thweng, is sometimes described as though he was a Lord but this appears to have resulted from confusion with either his grandfather or his cousin (above)
  m1/2. ??
(1) Sir Robert Hilton of Swine (d by 1363)
  m. Maud (a 1363)
  (A) Sir Robert Hilton of Swine (a 1393)
  This was possibly the Sir Robert who was father of Denise. TCP (Hylton) identifies the mother of Denise as Margaret, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Braunsholm Castle and Sutton. However, after noting that this had been modified by TCP (vol xiv) which presumably suggested that his wife's name was Constance rather than Margaret, 'MedieGen' indicates that Denise must have been by an earlier wife.
  m1. ??
  (i) Denise de Hilton (d 31.07.1436)
  m. Sir William de Hilton, 5th Lord of Hilton (b c1356, d 25.05.1435) @@ above
  m2. Constance Sutton (dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Braunsholm Castle & Sutton, widow of Piers de Mauley)
Of this generation but uncertain of which marriage were ....
  (ii) Sir Robert Hilton of Swine (d c1431)
  (a) Elizabeth Hilton (d 1454)
  m.Sir John Melton (b 1415, d 23.10.1474)
(b) daughter(s)
  (iii) Sir Godfrey Hilton of Swine (d 1459)
  VCH reports that Sir Godfrey, brother of Sir Robert, "seems to have held Swine manor for life". Although this has not been confirmed properly, this appears to have been the Godfrey (d 05.08.1459) who married Hawise Luttrell. The following comes from TCP (Luterel or Luttrell).
  m. Hawise Luttrell (d 24.03.1421/2, sister/heir of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Irnham)
(b) Geoffrey Hilton 'of Irnham' (b 09.11.1419, d 18.05.1472)
  TCP (Luterel or Luttrell) identifies Geoffrey's wife only as Margery (d 14.11.1495, m2. William Walron). Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. (1453?) Margery Willoughby (d 14.11.1495, dau of Sir Hugh Willoughby of Willoughby by Margaret Freville)
  ((1)) Godfrey Hilton (dsp 12.09.1476)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Hilton
  m. Richard Thimelby of Irnham (d before 1523)
  ((3)) Hawise Hilton
  m. Lawrence Breuern
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, were ....
  (iv) Isabel Hilton
  m. Sir Robert Hildyard of Arnall, Normanby, Riston, Winestead (d 1428)
  (v) daughter
  m. Sir Roger Salvayn of Herswell (d 07.03.1422)
  m2/1. Margaret de Thweng (dau of Marmaduke de Thweng, 1st Lord, sister of Thomas, 4th Lord)
  (2) Isabel de Hilton
  m. Walter de Pedwardene
  (3) Matilda (Maud) de Hilton
  m. John de Hotham (d 1370)
  iii. German de Hilton of Hodgson



William Hilton of Hilton (de jure 7th Lord) (d 13.10.1457) - continued above
m. (by 01.1438/9) Mary or Mariot Stapilton (dau of William Stapilton of Edenhall by Margaret Vepount)
1. Sir William Hilton of Hilton (de jure 8th Lord) (b by 1451, d before 31.05.1506)
  m. Margery Bowes (d before 04.06.1503, dau of Sir William Bowes of Streatlam by Maud FitzHugh)
  A. Sir William Hilton of Hilton (de jure 9th Lord) (a 11.1526)
  m. Sibyl Lumley (dau of Sir Thomas Lumley)
  i. Sir Thomas Hilton of Hilton (de jure 10th Lord), Sheriff of Durham (dsp 03.1558/9)
  m1. Elizabeth Clervaux (d 15.04.1543, dau of John Clervaux of Croft by Margaret Hansard)
  m2. Elizabeth (or Isabel) Boynton (b by 1479, d 22/3.03.1544/5, dau of Sir Henry Boynton of Sedbury by Isabel Lumley)
  m3. Agnes Ifeld (dau of John (or William) Ifeld, widow of Matthew Baxster, m3. William Bollen)
ii. Sir William Hilton of Bidick (de jure 11th Lord) (b by 1511, d 1562)
  m. Margaret Metcalfe (d before 10.06.1566, dau of Sir James Metcalfe of Nappa by Margaret Pigot)
  a. Sir William Hilton of Hilton (de jure 12th Lord), Sheriff of Durham (bur 09.09.1600)
  m. (after 21.02.1557/8) Anne Yorke (dau of Sir John Yorke, Sheriff of London, by Anne Smyth)
  (1) Thomas Hilton of Alston (dvp 27.02.1597/8)
  m. Anne Bowes (bur 03.07.1608, dau of Sir George Bowes of Streatlam by Jane Talbot)
  (A) Henry Hilton of Hilton (de jure 13th Lord) (b by 1587, dsp 3.03.1641)
  m. Mary Wortley (dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley by Elizabeth Boughton)
  Visitation (Durham) identifies Mary's father as Sir Francis Wortley, Bart of Wortley, but TCP names him as above which is confirmed by BEB1844 (Wortley).
  (B) Robert Hilton of Hilton (de jure 14th Lord) (dsp bur 25.12.1641, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret (d 1673)
(C) John Hilton of Hilton (de jure 15th Lord) (bur 12.12.1655, 7th son)
  m1. Thomasine Warter (dau of Thomas Warter of Whitwell)
  (i) John Hilton of Hilton (de jure 16th Lord) (b by 1619, bur unm 21.06.1670)
  (ii) Henry Hilton of Hilton (de jure 17th Lord) (b c1628, bur 16.04.1712)
  m. Anne Proctor (dau of Henry Proctor of Warsill)
(a) John Hilton of Hilton (de jure 18th Lord) (bur 16.04.1712)
  m. (22.02.1693/4) Dorothy Musgrave (bur 06.09.1709, dau of Sir Richard Musgrave of Hayton by Dorothy James)
  ((1)) Richard Hilton of Hilton (de jure 19th Lord) (d unm bur 23.09.1722)
  ((2)) Richard Hilton of Hilton (de jure 20th Lord) (d unm 25.09.1746)
  ((3)) Anne Hilton (b 26.01.1697, d 01.02.1766)
  m. (13.01.1723/4) Sir Richard Musgrave, 4th Bart of Hayton Castle (b c1701, d 05.10.1739)
  Hilton Castle passed to their son who took the name Hylton.His daugher married William Joliffe. Their grandson became Lord Hylton in 1866.
  ((4)) Elizabeth Hilton
  m. (31.05.1726) Thomas Younghusband
  ((5)) Catherine Hilton (b 22.12.1706)
  m. Rev. John Brisco
  (b) Thomasine Hilton (b 07.1666)
  (iii) Margaret Hilton
  m. John Forde of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  (iv) Mary Hilton
m. Robert Hilton of Hilton, Northumberland (sb Westmorland)
  (v) Thomasine Hilton
  m. George Shardford of Eppleton
  (vi) Barbara Hilton
  m. William Smith of West Herrington
  m2. Alice Binion (dau of Robert Binion of Barmston)
  (viii) John Hilton (d infant)
  (D) Jane Hilton
  m. Sir Raphe Delaval of Seaton (d 24.11.1628)
  (E) Mary Hilton
  m. Robert Brandling of Felling
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - George, Francis, Matthew
  (2) Henry Hilton of South Shields
  The following comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Hilton of Newbold Verdon', p865).
  m. _ Brandling of Northumberland
  (A) Henry Hilton (d unm)
  (B) Nathaniel Hilton of Billinghurst (d c1656)
  m. Anne Friday (dau/heir of _ Friday of Middlesex)
  (i) Anthony Hilton of Billinghurst (b c1623, a 1683, 2nd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Henshaw (dau of Thomas Henshaw of Billinghurst)
  (a) Elizabeth Hilton
  m. Athur Bettesworth of Chithurst
  (b) Martha Hilton
  m. Robert Crouch of London ("of the Crouches of Hertfordshire")
  (c)+ other issue - Benjamin of Newbold Verdun (b c1648, a 1683), Thomas (d young), Anne (d infant), Anne (d infant)
m2. Alice Napper of Petworth
  (g) Anthony Hilton (d infant)
  (ii)+ other issue - Nathaniel (d unm), Zephany of London (a 1683, had issue)
  (3)+ other issue - Talbott, George, Ralph Bowes
  b. Eleanor Hilton probably of this generation
  m. John Horsely of Horsley (d c1605)
  c. Elizabeth Hilton (a 1582) possibly of this generation
  m. Marmaduke Thirkeld of Estrope & Hazon
  ii. Anne Hilton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Ralph Hedworth of Harraton
2. Eleanor Hilton (a 07.1513)
  m1. (by 26.05.1467) Owen Ogle, 2nd Lord (b c1440, d 01.09.1486)
  m2/3. (by 04.07.1491) Sir George Percy
  m3/2. Henry Raynfforth
3. daughter
  m. John Lawson of Washington
4. Jane Hilton probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Forster of Etherston, Governor of Bamborough Castle

Main source(s): TCP (Hylton or Hilton of Hilton) with some support/input for the lower section from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Hilton)
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