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Families covered: Thwenge of Cornburgh (Corneburgh), Thweng or Thwenge of Kilton, Thwenge of Southburn
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TCP reports the suggestion that "the family originated in co. Durham, being related to the FitzMarmadukes, lords of Horden" and that there was a connection with the village of Thwing in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Robert de Thweng of Legsby, Lincolnshire (a 1130)
1. Robert FitzRobert de Thweng (a 1164, d c1190)
  m. Emma (sister/coheir of Duncan Darel of Lund)
  A. Sir Marmaduke de Thweng or Thwenge (b 1164, d 1235)
Walker (which also named his mother as an Emma), BE1883 & Commoners all identify Marmaduke's wife as Emma, sister of Duncan Darell, but we follow TCP in showing that Emma as Marmaduke's mother. TCP does not identify Marmaduke's wife.
  i. Sir Robert de Thweng (b 1202, d 1247)
  BE1883 & Commoners identifiy Robert's wife as the widow of Sir John de Oketon. TCP & Walker identify her as ...
  m. Maud/Matilda de Kilton (d 06.1279, dau of Roger de Kilton, brother of William, widow of Sir Richard de Autrey)
  a. Sir Marmaduke de Thweng of Kilton (b 1225, d c1283)
  Walker identifies Marmaduke's wife as dau of Peter de Brus of Skelton by Helewise, dau of Peter de Merley, and sister/coheir of her brother Peter. Commoners identifies her as Lucia, sister/coheir of Peter de Brus of Skelton. As shown on Bruce01, we follow BE1883 (Lancaster) (and other sources which show the Peter who married Hilary (not Helewise) de Merley as having dsp) and TCP which shows this Lucy as ...
  m. (c1242) Lucy Brus (b 1216, d after 1282, dau of Peter de Brus of Skelton by Hawise de Lancaster)
(1) Robert de Thweng of Kilton & Kirkleatham (dvp 05.1279)
  m1. (before 12.1265) Alice de Merlay (b c1257, d before 07.02.1267/8, dau of Roger de Merlay of Morpeth)
  p/m2. (1271) Matilda Hansard (dau of Sir Robert Hansard)
  (A) Lucy de Thweng (b 24.03.1278/9, d 08.01.1346/7)
  m1. (before 20.04.1295, div before 22.07.1312) William de Latimer, 2nd Lord (d 27.02.1326/7)
  m2. (before 29.01.1312/3) Sir Robert de Everingham of Everingham (dsp before 04.04.1316)
  m3. (1320) Sir Bartholomew de Fancourt or Fanacourt (dsp 1352)
  p. Nicholas de Meinill, 2nd Lord (b 06.12.1274, d unm 26.04.1332)
(B)+ ?? other issue - Marmaduke, Robert (priest)
  (2) Marmaduke de Thweng, 1st Lord (b 09.1256, d 04.1322)
  m. (1273) Isabel de Ros (d 1309, dau of Sir William de Ros of Ingmanthorpe)
  (A) Marmaduke de Thweng (b 1274, dvp Stirling Bridge 11.09.1297)
(B) William de Thweng, 2nd Lord (b 1276, dsp 25.02.1340)
  m. Catherine de Furnivalle (d 1349, dau of Thomas de Furnivalle, 1st Lord), possibly by Joan Despenser
  (C) Robert de Thweng, 3rd Lord (b 1277, dsp unm 22/5.04.1344, parson)
  (D) Thomas de Thweng, 4th Lord (b 1283, dsp unm 28.05.1374, rector of Kirkleatham)
  (E) Lucy de Thweng
  m. Robert de Lumley (d before 20.07.1325)
  (F) Margaret de Thweng
  m. Robert de Hylton of Swyne, 'Lord Hilton'
  (G) Katherine de Thweng (b 1285)
  m. (1303) Sir Ralph Daubeney, 2nd Lord (a 1343)
  (H) Maud de Thweng
  Walker shows a daughter Maud as married to Sir John Hotham and mother of another John (b 1344, a 1401). This appears to be wrong. TCP identifies the Maud who married that Sir John as a daughter of the above Margaret de Thweng and Robert de Hylton.
  (I)+ other issue - John (b 1284, d 03.01.1361, prior of Bridlington), Nicholas (b 1286)
  (3) Sir John de Thwenge (b 1261, d 02.12.1330, 4th son) mentioned by Walker
  m. Joan de Mauley (d 13.07.1347, dau of Sir Robert de Mauley)
  (A) Sir Edmund (or Edward) de Thwenge of Cornburgh (Corneburgh) & Southburn (d 15.10.1344)
(1) This man is named Edward by Commoners & BE1883, showing him as a generation earlier (SIr John not being mentioned). We are following Walker who names him Sir Edmund and shows him as son of Sir John but note an element of caution as Walker shows Margery, who married Ralph, Lord Neville, twice, both as sister and as daughter of Sir John.
(2) Commoners & BE1883 mention only his marriage to Alice Helmesley and Commoners confirms that she was mother of Marmaduke, William & Walter. Walker shows that he also married Isabel Constable and, in his article on 'Thwenge of Over Hemsley', shows that it was Isabel who was mother of Marmaduke, Walter, William & John. Provisionally we follow Walker rather than Commoners in showing Isabel as mother of all of the sons.
  m1. (by 1320) Alice de Helmesley (dau/heir of Walter de Helmesley of Over Helmesey)
  m2. Isabel Constable (d 1346, dau of Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough by Katherine Mauley)
  (i) Sir Marmaduke Thwenge of Over Helmsley
  m. (1344) Agnes Horton (dau of Sir John Horton)
  (ii) John Thwenge of Cornburgh & Southburn (d before 16.10.1369)
  This line followed by Walker (Thwenge of Kilton). Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Witham of Cliffe), which confirms that John had an elder brother Marmaduke, supports some of the following.
  m1. Joan (d 1346)
(a)+ issue
  m2. Margaret (a 05.1370)
  (b) Marmaduke Thwenge of Cornburgh & Southburn (d 01.01.1426)
  m. Elena (dau before 20.01.1391)
((1)) William Thwenge of Cornburgh & Southburn (d 1436)
  m. Joan
  ((A)) Agnes Thwenge (d 24.10.1495)
  m. (1432) Thomas Witham, Chancellor of the Exchequer (dsp 1481
  ((B)) Alice Thwenge
  m. Sir Henry Witham (dsp, brother of Thomas)
  (c) Alice Thwenge
  m. John Wawton of Cliff
  (d) Joan Thwenge
  m. John Westropp of Brompton (d 1430)
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - William, Walter
(4) Margaret or Margery de Thweng (b 1276)
  m. (sp) Ralph de Nevill, 1st Lord of Raby (d 1331)
  (5)+ other issue - Gawain (b 1259, a 1294), Edmund (b 1263, parson of Kirk Deighton), Richard (b 1267), Peter (b 1270), William (b 1273), Roger (b 1274), Hillaric (b 1258), Matilda (b 1265), Johanna (b 1271)
  b. Sir Richard de Thwenge of Mickelby (b 1240, d 1304)
  m. Margaret (d before 1315)
  (1) Robert de Thwenge
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, Gawen (parson in Kendal), Robert
  ii. Richard de Thwenge (rector of Ripley)
  iii. Cecilia de Thwenge
  m. (1227) William Constable (son of Robert of Holderness by Agnes d'Oyri)
  iv. Alice de Thwenge
  m. John Oketon (son of John)
  B. William de Thwenge

Main source(s): TCP (Thweng), BE1883 (Thweng), Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwenge of Kilton) with some support from the section on 'Families of Thwenge and Wilmer' within Commoners (vol 2, Field of Heaton)
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