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Families covered: Morrison of Cashiebury (or Cassiobury), Morison of Chardwell, Morison of Dairsie, Morison of Edinburgh, Morison of Prestongrange

We doubt that there was any connection between the families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
William Morysine or Morison of Chardwell, Yorkshire (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
1. William Morysine or Morison of Chardwell
  m. Elizabeth Lee (dau of Roger Lee or Leigh of Preston)
  A. Thomas Morysine or Morison of Chardwell
  m. _ Merry (dau of Thomas Merry of Hatfield)
i. Sir Richard Morrison of Cashiebury or Cashiobury, Hertfordshire (d 17.03.1556, ambassador)
  BLG1952 suggests that Sir Richard was born in 1560 and that his son Charles was born in March 1573. We follow BEB1844.
  m. Bridget Hussey (dau of John Hussey of Sleford, 1st Lord)
  a. Sir Charles Morrison of Cashiebury (d 1599)
BLG1952 omits this Charles but his identification by BEB1844 is supported by TCP (Sussex).
  m. Dorothea Clark (dau of Nicholas Clark)
  (1) Sir Charles Morrison, 1st Bart of Cashiebury or Cashiobury or Cassiebury or Cassiobury (d 1628)
  BLG1952 identifies Sir Charles's wife as Helen, daughter of Sir Dominic Browne of Galway. We follow BEB1844 which, supported by TCP (Campden), identifies his wife and Elizabeth's mother as ...
  m. Mary Hicks (dau of Baptist Hicks, 1st Viscount Campden)
  (A) Elizabeth Morrison
  m. (28.11.1627) Arthur Capell, 1st Lord of Hadham (b 20.02.1603/4, d 09.03.1648/9)
  The following, not mentioned by BEB1844, is reported by BLG1952.
  partner unknown
  (B) Marcellus Morrison
  m. Julia Ryan (dau of MountstuartRyan)
  (i) Charles John Joseph Morrison had issue
  m. Sarah Grimston (dau of Marmaduke Grimston of Hertford)
  The dates given by BLG1952 appear inconsistent and/or contradictory so there may be a generation or two missing or being confused.
(ii) Edward Morrison (b 1693)
  (iii) Rose Elizabeth Morrison (b 1697)
  m. Edward Cholmondeley of Chester
  (iv) Bridget Mary Morrison (b 1700)
  m. Charles Pelham
  (2) Bridget Morrison (bpt 11.03.1575, bur 11.12.1623)
  m. (by 1592) Robert Ratcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex (b 12.06.1573, d 22.09.1629)
  c. Elizabeth Morrison (d c04.07.1611)
  m1. (1576-7) William Norris, younger of Rycote (b c1547, dvp 25.12.1579)
  m2. Henry Clinton, 2nd Earl of Lincoln (b c1540, d 29.09.1616)
  d. Mary Morrison
  m. Bartholomew Hales of Chesterfield
  e. Jane Sibilla Morrison (bur 26.06.1580)
  m1. (c1571) Edward, Lord Russell (dvpsp c1572, heir of Bedford)
  m2. Sir Arthur Grey, 14th Lord of Wilton (b 1536, d 1593)
  ii. Fienes Morison (b 1566, d 1614)
  iii. Elizabeth Morison
  m. Stephen Hales of Coventry



John Morison, 1st of Prestongrange (d 1615, Treasurer of Edinburgh)
m. Katherine Margaret Preston (dau of John Preston, Lord President of the Court of Session)
1. Sir Alexander Morison of Prestongrange (d 20.09.1631, Lord of Session as Lord Prestongrange)
m. (09.09.1610) Helenora (Eleanor) Maule (d 11.1664, dau of William Maule of Glaster)
  A. Sir Alexander Morison of Prestongrange (d 07.1683, 2nd son)
  m. (after 11.07.1637) Jean Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd, Lord)
  i. Thomas Morison (bpt 23.10.1659, d young)
  ii. William Morison of Prestongrange (bpt 19.04.1663, d 1739, MP)
  m. Janet Rochleid (d 09.1713, dau of John Rochleid of Craigleith)
  William was probably the last or last-but-one Morison of Prestongrange as the property was sold in 1746 to William Grant who became a Lord of Session as Lord Prestongrange.
  a. Catherine Morison (d 21/23.03.1765)
m. (mcrt 04.10.1705) William Gordon, Lord Stathnaver (b 12.1683, dvp 13.07.1720)
  b. Jean Morrison (bpt 07.01.1687)
  m. (mcrt 22.08.1711) John Arbuthnot, 5th Viscount (dsp 08.05.1756)
  c. Helen Morison (bpt 13.05.1688, d 07.07.1767/70)
  m. (mcrt 11.02.1707) John Boyle, 2nd Earl of Glasgow (b 04.1688, d 22.05.1740)
  d.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 28.01.1683), William (bpt 15.03.1690), John (bpt 19.06.1691), Henry (bpt 23.09.1692), James (bpt 11.08.1693)
  B. Bethia Morison
  m. Sir Robert Spottiswoode (d 16.01.1646, Lord President of the Court of Session)
C. Katherine Morrison (bpt 16.02.1615)
  m. (mcrt 14.08.1635) George Home, younger of Wedderburn (d Dunbar 1650)
  D. Helen Morison (bpt 06.07.1617)
  m. (1661) Sir John Riddell of that ilk, 3rd Bart
  E.+ other issue - John (bpt 25.10.1611, d young), William (bpt 22.01.1621), William (bpt 10.07.1628), James (bpt 29.09.1629), Robert (bpt 26.07.1631), Elizabeth (bpt 09.08.1618), Helenore (bopt 05.02.1622), Nicola (bpt 24.10.1624), Helenor (bpt 17.02.1626)
2. Isaac Morison (d before 19.05.1610, Bailie of Edinburgh)
  A. Sir John Morison of Dairsie (b 1595-6, d 06.07.1625)
  m. Nicolas Bruce (dau of Sir George Bruce of Carnock, m2. John Dick of Braid)
  i. Sir George Morison of Dairsie who married ...
m. (before 17.04.1647) Agnes Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd, 7th Lord)
  ii. Katherine Morison probably of this generation --
  m. Sir James Stewart of Kirkhill & Strabrock (d before 22.02.1666) --
  B.+ other issue - James (d 1626), Isaac, Henry, Margaret, Joan, Agnes, Catherine
3. Henry Morison (d 01.08.1623, Bailie of Edinburgh)
  m1. Christian or Katherine Dick
  A.+ issue - John (bpt 27.05.1607), Isaac (bpt 28.11.1609), Henry, Catherine (bpt 29.09.1611), Catherine (bpt 23.10.1614)
m2. Janet Spottiswoode
  F. Janet Morison
  m. John Trotter of Mortonhall
  G. Christian Morison (bpt 02.04.1620)
  m. Sir Andrew Dick of Craighouse
  H.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 20.01.1622, d 1627), Margaret (d 09.06.1627), Elizabeth (bpt 11.04.1624)
4. Sarah Morison
  m. (12.10.1609) John Inglis of Cramond (d 1637)
5. Elizabeth Morison
  m. Sir William Dick of Braid (d 19.12.1655)
6. Catherine Morison
  m. Sir William Scott of Clerkington (Senator of College of Justice)
7. Helen Morison (bpt 21.05.1595) who married ...
  m. Samuel Johnston of Sheens or Scheines (d 1659)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 13.01.04) : BEB1844 ('Morrison of Cashiebury'), BLG1952 ('Morrison of The Hemploe')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 11.01.15) : 'NisbetPlates' ('Morison of Prestongrange')
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