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Families covered: Hussey of Culmullen, Hussey of Donore, Hussey-Burgh of Dromkeen (Drumkeen), Hussey of Moyle Hussey (Mulhussey & Mul Hussey)

Nicholas Hussey of Mulhussey, Athlone, co. Roscommon (a 1406, 1422)
m. Susanna Plunket (dau of Lord of Dunsany)
1. Gerald Hussey of Mulhussey
  A. Christopher Hussey of Mulhussey
i. Gerald Hussey of Mulhussey or Moyle Hussey
a. Walter Hussey of Moyle Hussey
  (1) Meyler Hussey of Moyle Hussey (a 1559)
  m1. (20.05.1544) Alienore Barnewall (dau of Robert Barnewall of Rowston, widow of Patrick Kynton of Lispopell)
  m2. Mary
  Not certain which wife was mother of ...
(A) Walter Hussey of Moyle Hussey (b 1547, d 1614)
  m. Ellis Plunket (d 11.04.1610, dau of 2nd Lord Louth)
  (i) Thomas Hussey of Moyle Hussey (d 15.09.1629)
  m. Anne Plunket (d 31.12.1616, dau of 9th Lord Killeen, sister of 1st Earl of Fingall, widow of William Wogan of Rathcoffey)
  (a) Edward Hussey of Mulhussey co. Meath (b 1607) - continued below
  m1. Ismay Draycott (dau of Sir John Draycott of Mornington)
  m2. Anne Barnewall (dau of Christopher Barnewall of Turvey)
  (b) Walter Hussey
  (c) Eleanor Hussey
  m. John Aylmer of Ballykenan (d 27.06.1620??)
  (d) Mary Hussey
  m. Robert Caddell
  (e) Anne Hussey
  m. Francis Makewy of Ballyuestreagh
(f) Margaret Hussey
  m. _ Barnewall
  (ii) John Hussey of Mullaghoughterillah (d 18.11.1574)
  m. Giles Birmingham (dau of William Birmingham of Ardkill)
  (iii) Katherine Hussey
  m. Thomas Lynam of Adamstown
  (iv) Elizabeth Hussey
  m. (1609) Nathaniel Fox of Rathreogh (d 02.02.1644 (sb 1634?))
(v)+ other issue - Matthew, Meiler, Nicholas, Rose, Elinor, Margaret
  (B) Martyn Hussey of Culmullen (d 10.05.1626, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Sergison (dau of _ Sergison of Ballyhoslicks)
  (i) Peter Hussey of Culmullen (b 1596, d 28.08.1656)
  m. Margaret Nelson (dau of _ Nelson of Grimston)
  (a) Edward Hussey (dvp 09.04.1640)
(b) Thomas Hussey of Culmullen (d 24.02.1689)
  (c) Meyler Hussey of Culmullen
  m. Marie Coghlan (dau of Francis Coghlan)
  ((1)) John Hussey of Courtstown (d 10.04.1734)
  m. (1696) Mary Newcomen (dau of Sir Thomas Newcomen, Bart, widow of Charles Whyte of Leixlip)
  ((A)) Mary Hussey
  m. (1717) Edward Edgworth of Kilshrewly
  ((B))+ other issue - Meyler of Derelea (d 11.1754), Thomas
  (ii) John Hussey of Glenbegh, co. Kerry
  (iii) Christopher Hussey (d before 1626)
  m. Elizabeth (m2. Thomas Birmingham)
  (a) Christopher Hussey (b 1623)
  (iv) Margaret Hussey
  m. John Dromgoole of Walshestown
  (v) Elinor Hussey
  m. Valentine Bertford of Wrightson
  (C) Katherine Hussey
  m. Robert Dillon of Clonbrook (d 1628)
  (D) Joan Hussey (d 20.11.1610)
  m. Lawrence Delahyde of Moyglare
  (E)+ other issue - Patrick, Edward
  (2) Hubert Hussey of Castle Gregory, co. Kerry (d 03.02.1610) ancestor of Husseys of Castle Gregory, Dingle, Edenburn, etc.
  (3) Gerald Hussey (a 1578)



Edward Hussey of Mulhussey co. Meath (b 1607) - continued above
m1. Ismay Draycott (dau of Sir John Draycott of Mornington)
m2. Anne Barnewall (dau of Christopher Barnewall of Turvey) ## see here? ##
Not known which wife was mother of ...
1. Thomas Hussey of Mul Hussey (d 1689)
  m. Ismay Lynch (dau of Gerald Lynch of Knock by Ismay, dau of Christopher Plunket, Lord Killeen)
A. Meyler Hussey of Mulhussey, later of Mayne then Baltrasney (a 1698, Major)
  m. Catherine Dromgoole (dau of Christopher Dromgoole of Walshestown)
  i. Thomas Hussey of Baltrasney, co. Kildare, later of Mul Hussey (co. Roscommon) (d 1761)
  m. (17.01.1723) Jane Moore (dau of John Moore of Cranaghmore, son/heir of Melchior of Croyanstown)
  a. Myles Hussey (dsp)
  b. John Hussey of Mul Hussey (b 1731, d 25.01.1797)
  m. (20.11.1760) Letitia Burke (dau of Richard Burke, grandau of Sir John Burke, 4th Bart of Glinsk)
  (1) Margaret Hussey
  m. (27.09.1787) Patrick Walsh of Cranagh
  c. daughter
  m. James Dillon of Bellard
  ii. Jane Hussey probably of this generation
  m. Peter Hussey of Belgart (d 1748) @@ below
B.+ other issue - Garrett, Clare, Ismay (d before 25.07.1689)
2. Walter Hussey of Donore
  m. Mary Russell (dau of Matthew Russell of Drynam)
  A. Edward Hussey of Donore (d 17.08.1760)
  m. (1704) Frances Arthur (dau of Robert Arthur of Hackettstown)
  i. John Hussey (b 01.07.1705, dsp)
  m. Mary Dunne (dau of Daniel Dunne of Brittas)
ii. Mary Hussey (d 23.07.1762)
  m. (21.05.1737) Thomas Dillon of Chevaux
  B. Thomas Hussey of Walterstown
  m. (06.1716) Anne Gaynor (dau of Nicholas Gaynor of Blackcastle)
  i. John Hussey of Loghboy
  C. Ignatius Hussey of Donore, co. Kildare (b before 1690, d 13.01.1743-4)
  m1. (09.10.1724) _ Bursey (dau of William Bursey of Plummersfarm)
m2. (13.07.1740) Elizabeth de Burgh (b c1705, d 22.10.1757, dau of Thomas de Burgh of Oldtown)
  The following comes from BIFR1976 ('Hussey De Burgh') & BLGI1912 ('De Burgh of Dromkeen and Donore').
  i. Walter Hussey, later Hussey-Burgh of Dromkeen, co. Limerick (b 23.08.1742, d 29.10.1783, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  m. (04.07.1767) Anne Burgh (d 1782, dau of Thomas Burgh of Bert)
  a. John Hussey-Burgh of Dromkeen (b 1768, d 07.05.1830) had issue
  m. (31.07.1800) Mary Burgh (dau of Robert Burgh)
  b. Eliza Hussey
  m. (04.02.1797) _ Hill (Archdeacon)
c. Catherine Hussey (d 10.09.1840)
  m. (04.11.1794) Sir John Macartney, 1st Bart (d 29.05.1812)
  d. Mary Hussey (d 10.09.1820)
  m. (24.02.1793) Richard Griffith of Millicent
  e. Anne Hussey (d 02.06.1814)
  m. (19.05.1798) Bucknell McCarthy
  D. Peter Hussey of Belgart (d 1748)
  m. Jane Hussey (dau of Meyler Hussey of Mulhussey) @@ above
  i. Miles Hussey of Montignac (Perigord, France) (bpt 29.11.1725, d 14.02.1802, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Constance Dempster (dau of Thomas Etienne Dempster of Abbeville)
  a. Walter Hussey (b 06.04.1760, d 04.09.1796, Major, 2nd son)
  m. (31.08.1795) Helene Dalton (dau of Captain William Dalton)
(1) Catharine Helen Hussey (b 07.1796, dsp 30.10.1825)
  m. Desire Lemire
  b. Catherine Hussey (d 28.09.1838)
  m. (26.07.1785) Pierre des Veaux (Captain)
  c.+ other issue - Pierre (b 10.05.1760, d 02.07.1793), William (d 23.08.1796, Captain), Ignatius (b 12.05.1769, d 05.09.1796, Captain)
  ii. Mary Hussey
  m. _ Fitzgerald of Yeomanstown
  iii. Catherine Hussey (d before 22.03.1810)
  m. William Wolfe (RN, son of John of Forenaghts)
  iv.+ other issue - Walter in Montignac (b 24.09.1724, d 04.09.1788, Captain), John (b 24.06.1720, d 16.06.1802)
  E. Clare Hussey
  m. Hugh Geoghegan of Castletown
  F. Elizabeth Hussey
  m. _ Moore of Nans
  G.+ other issue - Michael (a 07.1705), Mary
3. Elinor Hussey
  m. Robert Caddle
4.+ other issue - John, Martin, Mary

Main source(s): BLGI1912 ('Walsh of Mul Hussey')
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