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Families covered: Barnewall of Beggstown, Barnewall (Berndeval) of Crickstown, Berneval of Drumenagh, Barnewall of Fieldston, Barnewall of Kingsland, Barnewall of Turvey, Barnewall of Wimbledon, Barnewall of Woodpark

Sir Michael de Berneval or Barneval (a 1172)
1. Alanus de Berneval
  A. Hugo de Berneval (dsp before 24.01.1220-1)
  B. Reginald de Berneval (a 1233)
  i. Ulphram or Wolfram de Berneval of Drumenagh, Sheriff of Dublin (a 1289)
  m. Mary Molyneux (dau of Sir William Molyneux of Moylagh)
  a. Reginald de Berneval of Drumenagh (a 1299)
  m. _ Clifford (dau of Sir Conway Clifford)
  (1) Reginald de Berneval of Drumenagh (d 1331)
  (A) Ulphram de Berneval of Drumenagh
  m. Sarah Berford (dau of Berford of Moymet)
  (i) Reginald de Berneval of Drumenagh (a 1374)
  m. Jannetta Cusac (dau of Cusac of Killeen)
  (a) Ulphram de Berneval of Drumenagh (a 1400) had issue
(b) Nicholas de Berneval of Crickstown (d before 1386)
  m. _ Clifford
  ((1)) Sir Christopher de Berneval of Crickstown (a 1386)
  m. Eleanor Rochford (dau of Sir Nicholas Rochford of Rathcoffie)
  ((A)) Sir Christopher Barnewall of Crickstown (d before 12.10.1446, Treasurer of Ireland, chief justice)
  m. Matilda Drake (dau of last lord of Drakestown and Drakerath)
((i)) Sir Nicholas Barnewall of Crickstown (a 1461, chief justice in Ireland)
  m. Ismay Serjeant (dau of Sir Robert Serjeant of Castleknock)
  ((ii)) Robert Barnewall, 1st Lord Trimlestown (d before 1472, Chancellor of Ireland)
  m. Elizabeth le Brune (dau of Christopher le Brune of Roebuck)
  ((B)) John Barnewall of Frankstown, Sheriff of Meath - contined below
  m. Genet Netterville (dau of _ Netterville of Staffordston)
  ((C)) Barnaby Barnewall
  ((D)) Anne Barnewall possibly of this generation
  m. William D'Arcy of Plattyn



John Barnewall of Frankstown, Sheriff of Meath - contined below
m. Genet Netterville (dau of _ Netterville of Staffordston)
1. Sir RIchard Barnewall of Fieldston
  m. Catherine de la Feld (dau of John de la Feld of Fieldston)
  A. Sir Roger Barnewall of Fieldston
  m. Alison Barnewall (dau of Christopher Barnewall, 2nd Lord Trimleston)
  i. Sir Patrick Barnewall of Fieldston and Turvey (Master of the Rolls)
  m. Anne Luttrell (dau of Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown)
a. Sir Christopher Barnewall of Turvey, Sheriff of Dublin (a 1560, d 1607)
  m. Marian Sherie (dau of Patrick Sherie or Sherle of Shallon)
  (1) Sir Patrick Barnewall of Turvey
  m. Mary Bagenal (dau of Sir Nicholas Bagenal, Marshall of Ireland)
(A) Sir Nicholas Barnewall of Turvey, 1st Viscount of Kingsland (b 1592, d 20.08.1663)
  m. (1617) Bridget Fitzgerald (dau of Henry Fitzgerald, 12th Earl of Kildare)
  (i) Henry Barnewall, 2nd Viscount of Kingsland (d 01.06.1688, 3rd son)
  m1. (1661) Mary Netterville (d 28.11.1663, dau of John Netterville, 2nd Viscount)
  (a) Marian Barnewall (d 16.09.1735)
  m. (1680) Thomas Nugent of Pallas, '1st Lord Riverston' (d 05.1715, Chief Justice of Ireland)
  m2. (11.12.1664) Mary Nugent (b 21.02.1648, d 25.06.1680, dau of Richard Nugent, 1st Earl of Westmeath)
  (b) Nicholas Barnewall, 3rd Viscount of Kingsland (b 15.04.1668, d 14.06.1725)
  m. (15.05.1688) Mary Hamilton (d 15.02.1735, dau of Count George Hamilton)
((1)) Henry Benedict Barnewall, 4th Viscount of Kingsland (b 01.02.1708, dsp 11.03.1744)
  m. (22.05.1735) Honora Daly (d 1784, dau of Peter Daly of Quansbury)
  ((2)) George Barnewall (b c1711, d 06.1771)
  m. (04.1752) Barbara Belasyse (dau of Thomas Belasyse, 1st Earl of Fauconberg)
  ((A)) George Barnewall, 5th Viscount of Kingsland (b 12.07.1758, d unm 05.04.1800)
  ((3)) Frances Barnewall
  m. Richard Barnewall (son of 11th Lord Trimleston)
((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Harriot, Elizabeth
  (c) Mary Barnewall (b 20.07.1670, d 16.10.1715)
  m. (23.09.1687) Thomas St. Lawrence, 13th Lord Howth (b 1659, d 30.05.1727)
  (d) Mabella Barnewall (b c1673, d 10.1710/1)
  m. Oliver Plunkett, 8th Lord Louth (b 1668, d 1707)
  (e)+ other issue (d unm) - Richard, Joseph, Christopher
  (ii) Francis Barnewall of Beggstown and Woodpark (d 1697)
  m. Jane Fitzgerald (dau of Philip Fitzgerald of Alloone)
  (a) Nicholas Barnewall of Beggstown and Woodpark (d 1735)
  m. Catherine Barnewall (dau of Robert Barnewall, Lord Trimleston)
  ((1)) Mathew Barnewall of Beggstown or Stoney Batter (d 1773)
  m(2). Ann McCann (dau of Thomas McCann)
  ((A)) Mathew Barnewall, 7th Viscount of Kingsland (dsp 1833)
  m1. ??
((i)) John Barnewall (a 1815, dvp unm)
  m2. (1819) Mary Anne Bradshaw (b c1782, dsp bur 16.10.1819, dau of John Bradshaw of Cork)
  m3. (02.01.1820) Julia Willis (b 28.02.1804, d 10.01.1890, dau of John Willis of Walcot Place)
  (b) Patrick Barnewall reputedly of this generation (but dates make this suspect)
  ((1)) Bridget Barnewell (a 1679, heir)
m. (by 1656?) Athanasius Cusack of Clonard (a 1679)
  (c) Mary Barnewall (d 12.1725) apparently of this generation
  m1. Benjamin Flaherty of Dublin
  m2. (11.1691) Dudley Colclough of Duffrey Hall (d 12.07.1712)
  (iii) Mary Barnewall (d 05.1642)
  m. Nicholas Preston, 6th Viscount Gormanston (b c1608, d 28.07.1643)
  (iv) Mabel Barnewall (d 01.02.1699)
  m1. (01.1636) Christopher Plunkett, 2nd Earl of Fingall (bur 18.08.1649)
  m2. (before 15.02.1655/6) James Barnewall (d 1707, Colonel)
  This James is shown by BE1883 to have been a son rather than son-in-law of the 1st Viscount Kingsland, as is reported by TCP. His great-grandson, Captain Thomas, claimed the Viscountcy but his petition did not succeed. BP1934 (Barnewall) suggests that this was James Barnewall, a son of the 1st Bart of Crickstown, but provides some details that are not consistent with details given in TCP (Barnewall of Kingsland) and shown here.
  (a) George Barnewall of Wimbledon
  m. _ O'Farrell (dau of _ O'Farrell of Coyne Castle)
((1)) Chrishopher Barnewall of Wimbledon
  m. _ Norman (dau of Thomas Norman of Lanesborough)
  ((A)) George Barnewall (d unm)
  ((B)) Thomas Barnewall (Captain) had issue
  (v) Eleanor Barnewall
  m. Charles Whyte of Leixlip
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - Christhopher (dvp), Patrick (dvp, Colonel), Mathew, Frances
  (B) Ellinor Barnewall
  m. (by 1603) Christopher Fleming, Lord Slane (d 09.07.1625)
  (C) Margaret or Mabel Barnewall probably of this generation
  m1. Luke Netterville (son of Nicholas, Viscount Netterville)
  m2. (1646?) Sir Richard Bolton of Brazeel, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b c1570, d 1648)
(2) Catherine Barnewall
  m. Thomas Finglas of Westpalston
  (3) Margaret Barnewall
  m. Nicholas St. Lawrence, Lord Howth (b c1555, d 05.1607)
  (4) Genet Barnewall
  m. Richard Stanihurst of Court Duff
  (5) Alison Barnewall
m. Sir Edward Fitzgerald of Tecroghan
  (A) Frances Fitzgerald probably of this generation
  m. (by 1620) Sir George Herbert of Durrow, 1st Bart
  (6) Elizabeth Barnewall
  m. John Finglas
  (7) Anne Barnewall
  m. Sir John Draicot of Mornington
(8) Mable Barnewall
  m. Sir Richard Masterton of Fernes
  (9) Ismay Barnewall
  m. Richard Delahyde of Moyclare
  (10) Eleanor Barnewall (d 11/2.10.1628)
  m. James Dillon, 1st Earl of Roscommon (d 03.1641/2)
  (11) Maud Barnewall
  m. Richard Belinge
  (12) Mary Barnewall
  m. Patrick Plunkett, 7th Lord Dunsany (d 17.03.1601)
  (13)+ other issue - Lawrence (d unm), James (d young), John of Flemington (had issue)
  b. Margaret Barnewall (eldest)
  m. Sir Patrick Barnewall of Crickstown (d before 1603)
  c.+ 2 daughters

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Barnewall)
(2) For lower section : BE1883 (Barnewall of Kingsland) with support from TCP (Barnewall of Kingsland)
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