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Families covered: Masterson of Nantwich, Masterson of Winnington

Ormerod spells the family name as "Maisterson" whilst Visitation uses "Masterson".
Swayne 'filius magistri'
1. Siwardus 'Magisterson'
  A. Robert Maisterson of Wich Malbank, Cheshire
  m. Cecilia (d 1312)
i. Robert Maisterson
  m. Agnes Wilberham (dau of William Wilberham)
  a. Richard Maisterson (a 1396, 1446)
  m. Johanna Egerton (dau of Ralph Egerton of Wrynehill)
  (1) Thomas Maisterson (a 1435, 1467)
m. Cicely Leycester (dau of William Leycester of Tabley)
  (A) Richard Maisterson (a 1467)
  m. Ellena Bostock (dau of Matthew Bostock of Elton)
  Visitation starts with the parents of Thomas of Nantwich (m. _ Joddrell) & Richard of Winington (m. Cicely Brett) but identifies them as Nicholas of Nantwich and Margaret, dau of _ Lecester of Tabley. We follow Ormerod.
  (i) Thomas Masterson of Nantwich, Cheshire (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Agnes Jodrell of Derbyshire
  (a) Thomas Masterson of Nantwich (b c1495, d 20.10.1550) - continued below
  m. Margery Mainwaring (d 10.09.1561, dau/coheir of Roger Mainwaring)
  (b) Ellena Masterson
  m. Roger Chetwood of Oakley
  (ii) John Masterson
  (iii) Richard Masterson of Wynington or Winington
m. Cecilia Brett of Davenham
  Ormerod does not follow this line other than to mention their children Thomas & Ann. The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Masterson of Winnington).
  (a) Thomas Masterson of Winington, Cheshire
  m. Margaret Smith (dau of Robert Smith of Cuerdley)
  ((1)) Richard Masterson
  Possibly the Richard of Winnington who was father of ...
  ((A)) Mary Masterson (bur 17.05.1609)
  m. Richard Turner of Sutton Coldfield (d 15.08.1578)
  ((2)) Anthony Masterson of Winnington (youngest son?)
  m. Emme Holford (dau of George Holford of Northwich)
  ((3))+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Mary
  (b) John Masterson of Northwich
  m. Margery Holford (dau of Humfrey Holford of Northwiche)
  ((1)) Richard Masterson of Northwich
  m. Jane Massey (dau of John Massey of Pidington)
  ((A)) Mary Masterson
  m. John Wrenche
  ((B)) Margery Masterson
  m. _ Downham of London
  ((C))+ other issue - John, Richard, Jane
  ((2)) Humfrey Masterson
m. Elizabeth Flowerden (dau of John Flowerden, "sister to baron fflowerden (sic)")
  ((3)) George Masterson
  m. Anne Bromfeild
  ((4)) Ciceley Masterson
  m. John Kilbeck of London
  ((5)) Elizabeth Masterson
  m. Robert Walton of Northwich
  (c) Ann Masterson
  m. Thomas Warburton of Northwich
  b. Nicholas Maisterson (a 1331)
  m. Margery Dawkinson (dau/heir of Thomas Dawkinson)
  (1) John Maisterson
  (A) John Maisterson (dspl)
  m. Margaret
  (B) Nicholas Maisterson
  (2)+ other issue - Nicholas (d by 1449), Alice
  c. Ralph Maisterson (a 1349)
  d. William Maisterson (a 1351)
  (1) Thomas Maisterson (a 1424)



Thomas Masterson of Nantwich (b c1495, d 20.10.1550) - continued above
m. Margery Mainwaring (d 10.09.1561, dau/coheir of Roger Mainwaring, escheator of Cheshire, by Margaret, dau of Thomas Brooke of Leghton)
1. Roger Masterson of Nantwich (d 05.08.1580)
m. Elizabeth Walthall (dau of Gilbert Walthall of Nantwich)
  A. Richard Masterson of Nantwich (d 21.10.1617)
  m. Elizabeth Grosvenor (bur 01.03.1626-7, dau of Sir Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton)
  i. Thomas Masterson (bpt 14.07.1581, dvp 19.04.1604)
  m. Catherine Dorington (dau/heir of Anthony Dorington of Coton (Dorrington of Cotton))
  a. Thomas Masterson of Nantwich (b 08.12.1604, d 16.02.1651-2)
  m1. (c12.1617) Frances Done (bpt 31.03.1603, bur 23.04.1629, dau/coheir of Sir John Done of Utkinton)
  (1) Thomas Masterson of Nantwich (b c1637, d 07.04.1669)
  m. (23/9.12.1660) Mary Palmer (bur 27.07.1715, dau of Thomas Palmer of Marston)
  (A) Thomas Masterson (bpt 18.09.1652, bur 13.09.1712)
  (i) William Masterson (bpt 03.04.1692, 2nd son)
  (a) Richard Masterson (bpt 30.10.1730)
  Ormerod ends this pedigree noting that either Richard, or possibly a brother, had 2 sons and 3 daughters "supposed to be living in London 1817."
  (b) Hester Masterson (bpt 13.05.1732)
  (ii)+ Thomas (bpt 06.08.1689, bur 24.09.1700), Roger (bpt 12.05.1693), Robert (bpt 2.06.1698), Catherine (bpt 16.03.1690), Mary (bpt 14.12.1694), Ursula (bpt 21.12.1695), Anne (bpt 18.04.1697, bur 23.10.1698), Elizabeth (bpt 02.12.1699), Frances (bpt 03.01.1702-3, bur 10.02.1799), Anna Dorothea (bpt 10.10.1708), Eleanor (bpt 04.06.1710)
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 13.12.1664), John (d young), Mary (bpt 05.03.1664)
(2)+ other issue (d young) - Richard (b c1627), Thomas, Grace, Elizabeth
  m2. (c06.1631) Mary Mainwaring (bpt 18.05.1606, bur 09.05.1664, dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Marton)
  (6) Elizabeth Masterson (a 1663)
  m. Thomas Wilbraham of Worleston (Worlaston)
  (7) Mary Masterson (dsp 1663)
  m. _ Welch of Nantwich
  (8)+ other issue - Robert (a 1651), John (a 1651), Richard (d young)
  (11)+ other issue (a 1663) - Hellena, Margaret, Bridget, Frances, Catherine
b. Margaret Masterson probably of this generation
  m. Roger Manwaring of Nantwich
  ii. Mary Masterson
  m1. Laurence Rope of Stapeley
  m2. John Smith of Morville
  iii. Margaret Masterson
  m1. Edward (Thomas?) Butler of Bewsey
  m2. Sir John Gibson of Welburn
  iv. Frances Masterson
  m. Robert Cooke of Molesby
  v. Bridget Masterson
m1. John Thrushe
  m2. (08.02.1601-2) John Paget ("preacher at Amsterdam")
  vi.+ other issue - Richard, Elizabeth
  B.+ other issue - Lawrence (dsp), Margaret
2. Sir Thomas Masterson (Seneschall of Wexford, Captain of Wexford Castle)
  m. Cicely Clere of Kilkenny
  Ormerod mentions that Sir Thomas had issue: "sir Richard Maisterson, and other issue, who settled in Ireland." We presume that families such as the Mastersons of Moneyseed descended either from Sir Thomas or from one of his younger brothers and hope in due course to show how they connected.
  A. Sir Richard Masterson possibly the Sir Richard of Fernes who married ...
m. Mable Barnewall (dau of Sir Christopher Barnewall of Turvey) possibly mother of ...
  i. Mary Masterson (coheir)
  m. (1627) Walter Synnott of Ballyfarnock
  B. Mary Masterson possibly fits here
  m. Walter Synnott of Ballybrennan, Sheriff of co.Wexford (dvp 1580)
3. Richard Masterson (Captain, in Ireland)
4. John Masterson
  m. Bridget Bromley (dau of William Bromley of Dorfold)
  A. Anne or Margaret Masterson
  m. Randle Stanley of Alderley
5. Nicholas Masterson
  m. Bridget Clayton (dau of William Clayton)
6. Henry Masterson
  m. Eustace Clere of Kilkenny
7. Margaret Masterson
  m. Roger Walthall of Nantwich
8. Anne Masterson
  m. Richard Hassal of Nantwich
9. Margery Masterson
  m. Thomas Wetenhall of Nantwich (d 1579)
10. Isabell Masterson
  m. Roger Wettenal
11. Elizabeth Masterson
  m. Richard Wilbraham of Nantwich (d 1612)

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Masterson of Nantwich') with support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Masterson of Nantwich and Masterson of Winington), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613 & 1663, Masterson of Nantwich) and as reported above
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