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Families covered: Macartney of Antrim, Macartney of Blacket, Macartney of Lish

For a note on the early generations of this family, see the top of Macartney1.
George Macartney of Blacket
BLG1894 identifies George as "the last of the Macartneys of Blacket, who resided in Scotland".
1. George Macartney (to Belfast in 1630)
  m. Martha Davies ("of the family of Sir John Davies, Knt., Attorney-General for Ireland")
  A. George Macartney (d 1729, Lt. General)
  m. ?? (widow of General Douglass) had issue
  Lodge ('Peerage of Ireland', vol 7, Archdall (1789), 'Macartney, Lord Macartney', p88) reports that George married as shown and left issue.
  i. John McCartney of Blacket (d 1723) possibly fits here? shown here largely just 'in memorandum'
  m. (1706) Margaret Gordon (b 1687, d 1715, dau of Sir Alexander Gordon of Earlston, 2nd Bart)
  B. Isaac Macartney, Sheriff of co. Antrim (b 1671, a 1690)
  m. Anne Haltridge (sister/coheir of John Haltridge of Dromore (MP) & sister-in-law of John Macdowal of Freuga)
  i. George Macartney, Sheriff of co. Antrim (d 1776)
m. _ Reid (dau of Rev. William Reid of Muff)
  a. George Macartney (b 1740, d 1824, vicar of Antrim, 2nd son)
  m. Mildred Brown
  (1) Arthur Chichester Macartney (d 1860, Captain then Vicar of Templepatrick & Belfast) had issue
  m. (1816) Catherine Woollett (d 1854, dau of Merton Woollett)
  (2) William Macartney (dsp)
  (3) Joseph Macartney had issue
  m. Maria Macartney (dau of Sir John Macartney, Bart) @@ below
  (4) Clotworthy Macartney had issue (3 daughters)
  b. Anne Macartney (d 1800)
  m. John Nicholson
  c. Barbara Macartney
m. Thomas Reade
  d.+ other issue - William (d unm), Elizabeth
  ii. William Macartney of Lish, co. Armagh (b 1715, d 1797, MP for Belfast)
  m. (1743) Catherine Bankes (dau of Thomas Bankes (of the family of Corfe Castle) by Elizabeth Montgomery)
  a. Arthur Chichester Macartney of Lish & Murlough (co. Down) (b 1744, d 29.09.1827, Chief Remembrancer)
  m. (1779) Anna Lindsey (d 1841, dau of Rev. Samuel Lindsey of Turin Castle)
  (1) William George Macartney (dsp 12.11.1858, Vicar of Killead)
  (2) Catherine Macartney (d 10.1856)
  m. (1815) Rev. Thomas Ellison
  Their elder son inherited property from his uncle (William George) and assumed the name Ellison-Macartney.
(3)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne (d 1853), Letitia (d 1855), Matilda (d 1857)
  b. Sir John Macartney of Lish, 1st Bart (b 09.04.1747, d 29.05.1812, MP)
  m1. Anne Scriven (dau of Edward Scriven, "descended from the Barclays of Urie")
  (1) Sir William Isaac Macartney, 2nd Bart (b 25.10.1780, rector of Desertgny in Derry) had issue
  m. (28.05.1818) Ellen Barrington (d 07.09.1875, dau of Sir John Barrington, Bart)
  (2) Elizabeth Macartney (dsp 18.12.1862)
  m. Robert Kerruish of the Isle of Man
  (3) Maria Macartney
  m. Joseph Macartney (cousin) @@ above
  (4) Anna Macartney (dsp 1839)
  m. (03.01.1815) Rev. John Browne
  (5)+ other issue - Edward (d 03.12.1805), John (d 02.08.1814), Arthur (d 04.10.1816)
  m2. (04.11.1794) Catherine Hussey (d 10.09.1840, dau of Rt. Hon. Walter Hussey Burgh)
  (8) Hussey Burgh Macartney (b 10.04.1799, d 08.10.1894, Dean of Melbourne) had issue
m. (07.03.1833) Jane Hardman (d 10.01.1855, dau of Edward Hardman by Rebecca, dau of John McClintock (MP))
  (9) Catherine Anne Mona Macartney (d 05.01.1892)
  m. (16.05.1826) Rev. Henry Brougham (d 30.01.1831)
  c. Jane Macartney
  m. Simon Langley
  d. Margaret Macartney
  m. Abel Harris
  e.+ other issue - Anne (d unm), Julia (dsp)
  iii. Anne Macartney (d unm 1742)
  iv. Grace Macartney (d 30.12.1788)
  m. (1729) Sir Robert Blackwood, Bart

Main source(s): BLG1894 ('Ellison-Macartney of Clogher Park'), BLGI1912 ('Ellison-Macartney of Mountjoy Grange), BP1934 ('Macartney')
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