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Families covered: Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown, Edgeworth of Kilshrewly

BLG1886 reports that "The Edgeworths, originally, it is said, established at Edgeworth, now called Edgeware, Middlesex, settled in Ireland in the reign of Elizabeth, about the year 1583." Younger brother of Edward, who became Bishop of Down & Connor, was ...
Francis Edgeworth (a 1619, to Ireland, "clerk of the hanaper")
m. Jane Tuite (dau of Sir Edmond Tuite of Sonna)
1. John Edgeworth of Cranallagh Castle, co. Longford (Captain)
  m1. _ Cullum (dau of Sir Hugh Cullum of Derbyshire)
  A. Sir John Edgeworth
  m. _ Bridgman (dau/heir of Edward Bridgman)
  i. Francis Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown (Colonel)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Bradstone) ## see here ##
a. Richard Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown
  m. (1732) Rachel Jane Lovell (dau of Samuel Lovell, son of Sir Salathiel of Harleston)
  (1) Thomas Edgeworth (dvp)
  (2) Richard Lovell Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown (b 1744, d 13.06.1817)
  m1. Anna Maria Elers (dau of Paul Elers of Black Bourton)
  (A) Emmeline Edgeworth
  m. (1802) John King of Clifton
  (B) Anna Maria Edgeworth (d 1824)
  m. (1794) _ Bedoes
  (C)+ other issue - Richard (b 05.1765, d 1796), Maria (b 01.01.1767, d unm 21.05.1849, authoress)
  m2. (1773) Honora Sneyd (dau of Edward Sneyd of Lichfield, son of Ralph of Bishton)
  (E) Lovell Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown, Sheriff of co. Longford (b 30.06.1776, d unm 12.1841)
  (F) Honora Edgeworth (d 1790)
  m3. (25.12.1780) Elizabeth Sneyd (d 11.1797, dau of Edward Sneyd of Lichfield
  (G) Charles Sneyd Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown (b 30.10.1786, dsp 31.03.1864)
  m. (02.09.1813) Henrica Broadhurst (d 30.09.1846, dau of John Broadhurst of Foston Hall)
  (H) Honora Edgeworth (d 13.02.1858)
  m. (08.11.1831) Sir Francis Beaufort (Admiral)
  (I)+ other issue - Henry (b 15.09.1782, d 1813), William (b 28.04.1788, d 1790), Thomas Day (b 25.10.1789, d 1792), William (b 27.01.1794, dsp 1829), Elizabeth (d 1800), Caroline (d 1807), Sophia (d 1785)
  m4. (31.05.1798) Frances Anne Beaufort (d 10.02.1865, dau of Rev. Daniel Augustus Beaufort)
  (P) Francis Beaufort Edgeworth (b 05.10.1809, d 12.10.1846) had issue
  m. (1831) Rosa Florentina Eroles (d 18.06.1864, dau of Don Antonio Eroles of Catalonia)
  (Q) Michael Pakenham Edgeworth (b 24.05.1812) had issue
  m. (02.1846) Christina Macpherson (dau of Hugh Macpherson of Aberdeen)
(R) Frances Maria Edgeworth (d 05.02.1848)
  m. (1829) Lestock O. Wilson of London (d 17.07.1869)
  (S) Harriet Edgeworth
  m. (1826) Richard Butler (d 17.07.1862, Dean of Clonmacnoise)
  (T) Sophia Edgeworth (d 01.03.1837)
  m. (1824) Barry Fox of Annaghmore (d 1863)
  (U) Lucy Jane Edgeworth
  m. (06.1843) Rev. Thomas Romney Robinson (d 28.02.1882)
(3) Mary Edgeworth
  m. (30.03.1759) Francis Fox of Fox Hall
  (4) Margaret Edgeworth
  m. (1770) John Ruxton of Black Castle
  ii. Robert Edgeworth 'of Longwood'
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Edgeworth of Kilshrewly) & Commoners (vol IV, Edgeworth of Kilshrewly).
  m. Catherine Tyrrell (dau/heir of Sir Edward Tyrell, Bart of Lynn)
  a. Edward Edgeworth of Kilshrewly, co. Longford
  m. (1717) Mary Hussey (dau of John Hussey of Courtown)
  (1) Robert Edgeworth (d unm)
  (2) Newcomen Edgeworth of Kilshrewly
  m1. Elizabeth Edgeworth (dsp, dau of Col. Henry Edgeworth of Lissard)
  m2. Mary Connell (dau of Laurence Connell of St. Johnstown (by Mary, dau of Capt. John Agnew, son of Sir Stair, Bart ??), m2. Capt. Francis Douglas)
  (A) Essex Agnes Edgeworth of Kilshrewly (d unm 1795)
  (B) Thomas Newcomen Edgeworth of Kilshrewly, Sheriff (b 29.04.1778, d 03.1857) had issue
  m1. (01.01.1806) Marian Steele (d 1832, dau of John Steele of Carricklane by Catherine, dau of Robert Stuart of Hanslong)
m2. (sp?) (14.04.1834) Mary Montgomery (dau of Thomas Montgomery of Dublin)
  (C) James Bridgman Edgeworth had issue in India (3 daughters)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward King (d young), Agnes (d young), Eliza
  b. Mary Edgeworth probably of this generation
  m. James Wall of Dublin
  (1) Elizabeth Wall (d 04.10.1766)
  m. (24.03.1741-2) Ford Lambart, 5th Earl of Cavan (b 1718, d 29.09.1772)
  c.+ other issue including Packington (2nd son)
  iii. Essex Edgeworth (5th son)
  a. ?? Edgeworth
  (1) Abbe Edgeworth, "M. de Firmont"
  iv.+ 5 sons
  m2. ?? (widow of Edward Bridgman, brother of Lord Keeper Sir Orlando)
2. Mary Edgeworth probably of this generation
  m1. Pierce Moore of Raheenduff
  m2. John Pigott

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown), Commoners (vol IV, Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown)
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