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Families covered: FitzGerald of Kildare, FitzGerald of Offaly

Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Lord of Offaly (b 1150, d 1203)
Various sources identify Gerald's wife as Katherine, dau of Hamo de Valois (Lord Chief Justice of Ireland in 1197) but we follow BP1934, which is supported by TCP (vol VII, 'Kerry', p200,) in identifying her as ...
m. (c1193) Eva de Birmingham (d c1226, dau of Robert de Birmingham)
1. Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Lord of Offaly (b c1194, d 20.05.1257)
  m. Juliana (possibly dau of John de Cogan, Lord Justice of Ireland)
  A. Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald (dvp c1243)
i. Maurice FitzGerald, 3rd Lord of Offaly
  m1. ??
  a. Gerald FitzMaurice, 4th Lord of Offaly (dsp 29.08.1287)
  m. Joan de Geneville (dau of Sir Geoffrey de Geneville, lord of Trim)
  m2. Agnes de Valance (dsp 02.01.1310, dau of Sir William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke)
  ii. Juliana FitzGerald
  m. John de Cogan (d before 1276)
  B. Maurice 'Mael' FitzMaurice FitzGerald, Justiciar (d before 10.11.1286)
  m. (1276) Emeline de Longespee Plantagenet (b 1252, d 1291, dau of Stephen de Longespee Plantagenet)
  i. Juliana FitzMaurice (a 1309) Y
  m1. Sir Thomas de Clare (b c1245, d 29.08.1287, Governor of London) Y
  m2. Sir Adam de Cretygne, lord of Stockton
  m3. (1296) Sir Nicholas Avenal (b 1260, a 1302) mentioned by various web sites
  ii. Amabilia (dsp)
C. Thomas FitzMaurice FitzGerald of Banada (d 1271)
  m. Rohesia de St. Michael (dau of Richard de St. Michael)
  i. John FitzThomas FitzGerald, 5th Lord of Offaly, 1st Earl of Kildare (d 10.11.1316)
  m. Blanche Roche (dau of John Roche, Lord of Fermoy)
  a.+ 2 sons - Gerald (d 1303), John (a 1306)
  c. Thomas FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Kildare (d 09.04.1328)
  m. (16.08.1312) Joan de Burgh (d 12.03.1359, dau of Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster)
  (1) John FitzGerald (b 1314, dvp 1323)
  (2) Richard FitzGerald, 3rd Earl of Kildare (b 1317, dsp 07.07.1331)
  (3) Maurice FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Kildare (b 1318, d 25.08.1390)
  m. Elizabeth Burghersh (dau of Bartholomew de Burghersh, 3rd Lord)
  (A) Gerald FitzGerald, 5th Earl of Kildare (d 1410)
  m. Margaret Rochford (dau of Sir John Rochford or Rochfort)
  (i) Thomas FitzGerald (dvpsp)
(ii) Joan FitzGerald (d 07.1457)
  m. (sp) James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d 22.08.1452)
  (B) John FitzGerald, 6th Earl of Kildare (d 17.10.1427)
  m. Margaret de la Herne
  (i) Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare, Chancellor of Ireland (d 25.03.1477)
  m. Joan FitzGerald (d 1486, dau of James FitzGerald FitzThomas, 6th Earl of Desmond)
  (a) Gerald 'More' FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare, Lord Deputy of Ireland (d 03.09.1513)
  m1. Alison Eustace (dau of Rowland Eustace, Lord of Portlester)
  ((1)) Gerald 'Oge' FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, Lord Deputy of Ireland
  m1. (1503) Elizabeth Zouche (d 06.10.1517, dau of Sir John Zouche)
m2. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset)
  ((2)) Eleanor FitzGerald
  m1. Donald McCarthy Reagh, Chief of Carbery
  m2. Calvagh O'Donnell, Lord of Tyreconnell
  ((3)) Margaret FitzGerald
  m. Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde (d 26.08.1539)
  ((4)) Elizabeth FitzGerald
  m. Christopher Slane, 13th Lord (d 08.1517/8)
  ((5)) Eustacia FitzGerald
m. Ulick McWilliam Burke, Lord of Clanricarde
  ((6)) Alice FitzGerald
  m. Con O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone (d 1559)
  ((7)) Joan FitzGerald
  m2. Elizabeth St. John (d 28.06.1516, dau of Oliver St. John of Lydiard Tregoze)
  ((8)) Henry FitzGerald (d 02.07.1516)
((9)) Thomas FitzGerald (d 1530)
  ((A)) Isabel Fitzgerald
  m. Richard Nugent, 12th Lord Delvin (d 28.02.1537/8)
  ((10)) Sir James FitzGerald of Leixlip
  m1. Margaret Darcy (dau of Sir William Darcy of Platten)
  m2. ?? FitzGibbon (dau of Sir John FitzGibbon, 'the White Knight')
  ((A)) daughter
  m. O'Toole of Imail
  ((B)) Isabel Fitzgerald probably of this generation
m. Richard Barry of Rathbarry
  ((C))+ other issue - William (d 1547), Maurice (d 1547), Henry (d 1547)
  ((11)) Oliver FitzGerald of Killeigh ancestor of FitzGeralds of Balloagh and Fortinure
  m. Maeve O'Conor (dau of Cahir O'Conor Failghe)
  ((12)) Richard FitzGerald (dsp)
  m. Maud D'Arcy (dau of George D'Arcy of Platten)
  ((13)) Sir John FitzGerald
  ((14)) Walter FitzGerald ancestor of FitzGeralds of Glassealy in Limerick
  m. Elizabeth Plunkett (dau of Robert Plunkett, Lord Dunsany)
  An illegitimate daughter of Gerald FitzGerald, Earl of Kildare, presumed to be of this generation, was ...
((15)) Catherine FitzGerald
  m. Peter Talbot of Malahide (d 10.07.1529)
  (b) Sir Thomas FitzGerald of Lackagh, Chancellor of Ireland (d Stoke) ancestor of FitzGeralds of Lackagh, Kilrush and Narraghbeg in Kildare
  (c) James FitzGerald ancestor of FitzGeralds of Mullaghmast, Kilmeed and Birtown in Kildare
  m. Elanor FitzGibbon (dau of 'the White Kinght')
  ((1)) Alice Fitzgerald
  m. Thomas Plunkett of Kilsaran
  ((2)) Catherine Fitzgerald probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Fagan of Derry Fagan, etc. (d Carlow 1494)
  ((3))+ other issue
(d) Maurice FitzGerald ancestor of FitzGeralds of Thomastown and Cahirass in Limerick
  (e) Eleanor FitzGerald
  m. Con More O'Neill (d 1493)
  (f) Anne FitzGerald
  (C) Richard FitzGerald of Ballysonan
  m. Julia Castlemartin (dau of Nicholas de Castlemartin)
  (i) Anne Fitzgerald
  m. Christopher Plunkett, 1st Lord of Dunsany (b c1410, d 1462-3)
  (4) Emily Fitzgerald possibly of this generation
  m. Gerald Dillon of Drumrany
  d. Joan FitzGerald
  m. (1302) Sir Edmund de Botiller, Earl of Carrick (d 13.09.1321)
  e. Elizabeth FitzGerald
  m. Sir Thomas Netterville
  D. Olivia FitzGerald probably of this generation
  m. Henry Dylon

Main source(s): BP1934 (Leinster)
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