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Families covered: Bermingham (MacPhioris) of Athenry, Bermingham of Thetmoy

We are investigating the possibility of a connection between this family and that shown in BZmisc07.
Piers (or William), lord of Birmingham was possibly father of ...
1. Robert of Bermingham (d before 1218, in Ireland, younger son)
  A. Piers Bermingham (d 1254)
  BE1883 regards this Piers as the 1st Lord Atherny but we follow TCP.
  i. Meiler FitzPiers = MacPhioris = MacFeoris of Athenry (d 1263)
  TCP reports that some regard this Meiler as the 1st Lord Atherny.
  m. Basile of Worcester (a 1275, dau of William of Worcester)
  a. Piers Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 1st Lord of Athenry (d 02.04.1307)
  m1. ??
  m2. Maud (dau of Richard of Rokeby)
  Not certain which wife was the mother of ...
  (1) Meiler Bermingham (or MacPhioris) (dvpspm before 12.1302)
  m. Joan
  (A)+ issue - Philippa, Elizabeth
  (2) Richard Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 2nd Lord of Athenry, Sheriff of Connaught (d 1321)
  m. Finola (Finvola)
  (A) Thomas Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 3rd Lord of Athenry (d 1373)
  m. Edina McEgan (d 1384)
  (i) Walter Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 4th Lord of Athenry, Sheriff of Connaught (d 1428, 4th son)
(a) John Bermingham (d 1426)
  (b) Thomas Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 5th Lord of Athenry (d 1473)
  ((1)) Thomas Bermingham (or MacPhioris), 6th Lord of Athenry (d c1489)
  m. Annabel de Burgh or Bourke
  ((A)) John Bermingham (or MacPhioris) (dvpspm)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Bermingham
  m. Piers Butler
  ((B)) Meiler Bermingham, 7th Lord of Athenry (d 1529)
  m. Honor (dau of Richard Bourke, younger of Clanricarde)
  ((i)) John Bermingham, 8th Lord of Athenry (dvpspm)
  ((a)) Anne Bermingham
  m. William Legge
(c) Richard Bermingham
  ((1)) Edmund Bermingham
  ((A)) Richard Bermingham
  ((i)) Edmund Bermingham
  BE1883 shows only 2 generations (Richard and Edmund) before Richard, 9th Lord, rather than the 4 shown here, given by TCP.
  ((a)) Richard Bermingham, 9th Lord of Athenry (d 1580)
m. (before 1540) Catharine O'Kelly (d 1593, dau of Teige O'Kelly of Gallagh)
  (ii)+ other issue (dvpsp) - Richard (d 1371), John, William
  (3) Peter Bermingham (or MacPhioris)
  (4) Katherine Bermingham possibly of this generation
  m. Stephen Browne (a 1318)
  ii. Sir James FitzPiers = MacPhioris = MacFeoris de Bermingham of Thetmoy
  a. Piers de Bermingham of Thetmoy (d before 1303)
  m. Ela (dau of William of Odingsells)
  (1) Sir John de Bermingham, Lord of Thetmoy, Earl of Louth (d Ballybraggan 10.06.1329)
  m. Aveline (or Catherine) de Burgh (dau of Richard de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster)
(A) Richard de Bermingham (dvp unm 1322)
  (B) Maud Bermingham
  m. Sir William Teeling of Syddan
  (C) Catherine Bermingham
  m. Edmund Lacy
  (2) Robert de Bermingham (d Ballybraggan 10.06.1329)
  (3) Piers de Bermingham (d Ballybraggan 10.06.1329)
  (A) John de Bermingham (dspm)
  The following Bridget is described in BP1934 (Dillon) as "dau. of Peter de Bermingham, Lord of Athenry, and sister of John Bermingham, 1st Earl of Louth" but those descriptions are not compatible with each other. We provisionally show her as the second of these because this way she has a father Peter (Piers) and brother John.
  (4) Bridget Bermingham
  m. Sir Henry Dylon of Drumrany (a 1343)
  B. Eva de Bermingham (d c1226) apparently of this family, of this generation Y
  m1. (c1193) Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Lord of Offaly (b 1150, d 1203) Y
  m2. Geoffrey FitzRobert (d 1211)
  m3. (by 02.1217/8) Geoffrey de Marsh or Marisco (b before 1171, d 1245)

Main source(s): TCP (Athenry), BE1883 (Bermingham of Athenry and Louth), TCP (Louth)
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