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Families covered: Marisco of Cameley, Marisco in Ireland, Marisco of Huntspill, Marris of Kelsey, Mareys of South Elmsall

BLG1952 reports that the following Osbert was "a cadet of the Vicomtes de Marcq".
Osbert de Marcq (a 1087, to Northamptonshire)
m. "a lady of a Breton family"
1. Adeluf or Alulf or Athelwulf or Allan de Marcq (a 1066)
  m. _ de la Launde (dau of William de la Launde de Patry)
  A. Geoffrey de Marck (a 1129)
  m. Emmeline
  i. William de Marisco of Bickerton (a 1166)
  a. William de Marisco
  (1) William de Marisco (a 1230)
  b. Robert de Marisco
  ii.+ other issue - Simon, Hugh, Stephen, Paganus
  B. Jordan de Marck or de Insula (d before 1155)
m. Hedwisa de Redvers (dau of Baldwin de Redvers)
  i. Geoffrey de Marisco (d c1188)
  a. Robert de Marisco (a 1166, 1217)
  m. _ Comyn (d c1220, sister of John Comyn, Archbishop of Dublin)
  (1) William de Marisco of Huntspill, Cameley & Lundy Island (b before 1162, d after 1230)
  m. Lucy de Alneto (dau of Alexander de Alneto, lord of Cameley)
(A) Jordan de Marisco of Huntspill, Cameley, etc (d 1234)
  (i) William de Marisco of Huntspill, Cameley, etc (b before 1213, d 1284)
  m1. Margery (d after 1268)
  (a) William de Marisco (dvpsp)
  m. Bertha
  (b) John de Marisco of Cameley, etc (b before 1254, d 1285)
  m. Olive FitzDavid (dau of Milo FitzDavid of Iverk)
  ((1)) Herbert de Marisco or de Mareys of Huntspill, Cameley, etc (b 1276, d 1326-7) - continued below
  m1. Sybilla de la Haye (dau of Walter de la Haye, Escheator of Ireland)
  m2. (before 1316) Isabella de Tracey (dau of Sir John de Tracey of Woolcombe)
  ((2)) Sir William de Marisco in Lincolnshire (a 1300)
  m2. Matilda
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard of Ballymasty, Jordan (a 1271)
  (2) Walter de Marisco (d before 1192)
  (3) Jordan de Marisco (a 1192)
  (A) William de Marisco of Avening (a 1234)
m. Matilda
  (4) Geoffrey de Marisco or Marsh, Justiciar of Ireland (b before 1171, d 1245)
  m1. _ Esserley
(A) William de Marisco or Marsh (b before 1203, d 1242)
  m. Matilda (niece of Henry of London, Archbishop of Dublin)
  (i)+ issue (dsp) - William, Hugh
  (B) John de Marisco or Marsh (d before 1285)
  m1. Mabel de Valoignes (dau of Hamo de Valoignes by a dau of Richard de Burgh)
  (i) Robert de Marisco or Marsh of Esserby and Kirton in Lindsey
  (ii) John de Marisco or Marsh
  m2. Alice
(iii) Joan de Marisco or Marsh (d 1225)
  m. Theobald Walter, 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland (d 1230)
  (iv)+ other issue - Walter, Henry, Thomas
  m2. (by 1217) Eva de Birmingham (d c1226, dau of Robert de Birmingham)
  (C) Robert de Marisco or Marsh (d before 1240)
  m1. Matilda Twigsworth
  (i) Walter de Marisco (dsp)
  m2. Margaret de Riddlesworth (dau of Walter de Riddlesworth, Lord of Bray)
  (ii) Christiana de Marisco (b c1235, dsp 1312)
  m. Ebulo de Geneva (d c1259)
  m3. (before 1232) Alice Lacy (dau of Hugh de Lacy, Lord, widow of Roger Pipard)
  (5) ? Richard de Marisco, Sheriff of Dorset & Somerset, Chancellor, Bishop of Durham (d 1226)
  (6) daughter
  m. _ Travers
  ii. Elinor de Marisco possibly fits here
  m. Thomas FitzMaurice (d 1213)



Herbert de Marisco or de Mareys of Huntspill, Cameley, etc (b 1276, d 1326-7) - continued above
m1. Sybilla de la Haye (dau of Walter de la Haye, Escheator of Ireland)
1. Stephen de Mareys of Cameley, Huntspill, etc (b c1304)
  m. Alice de Montacute (dau of William de Montacute)
  A. Stephen de Mareys (dvpsp c1349)
2. William de Mareys in Lincolnshire (d before 16.11.1364)
  m. Mary de Cantwell (dau of Raymond de Cantwell)
  A. Thomas Mareys of Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire (b before 1343, d 1393/4)
  m. Agnes Sybsey (dau of William Sybsey of Ingoldmells)
i. Robert Mareys of Ingoldmells (d before 05.07.1419)
  m. _ Stott
  a. Thomas Mareys of Ingoldmells and North Kelsey (b before 1398, d before 05.02.1462/3)
  m. Katherine Hansart (dau of John Hansart)
  (1) Robert Marris (b before 1441, d before 22.07.1487)
  m. Alice Carlton (d 18.03.1477)
  (A) Simon Marris (b 1458, d before 23.07.1509)
  (i) John Marris of Kelsey and Rothwell (b before 1488, d 1552)
  m. Agnes Bell (d before 10.07.1602)
  (ii)+ other issue - Lawrence of Owersby (d before 07.05.1547), Nicholas of Wainfleet (d 1553)
(2) Simon Mareys (a 1485)
3. Walter de Mareys of Dodyndale. Kent
  m. ?? (dau of Raymond, Archdeacon of ???)
  A. Richard de Mareys of Canterbury (a 1425)
  i. John Mareys (d before 28.07.1547)
  a. Thomas Mareys in Kent (a 1460, chaplain)
  b. William Mareys (dsp 31.08.1459, squire to King Henry V)
  m1. Joan Langley (d 31.10.1431, dau of William de Langley of Knolton, Sheriff of Kent)
  m2. Joan Bourne (dau of Bartholomew Bourne of Sharsted, widow of Thomas Brumston)
m2. (before 1316) Isabella de Tracey (dau of Sir John de Tracey of Woolcombe, widow of Sir Simon Roges of Porlock, m3. Sir Edmund Butler)
4. Nicholas de Mareys of Trisscoyt or Trescoll
  A. Henry de Mareys in Yorkshire
  m. Margaret Wisshele
  i. John Mareys of Rawcliffe, Yorkshire (a 1392)
  m. _ St. Andrew (dau of _ St. Andrew of South Elmsall)
  a. Edward Mareys of South Elmsall
  (1) Robert Mareys of South Elmsall
  (A) Thomas Mareys (d before 26.06.1505)
  (i) Richard Mareys of London (d 1506)
  m. Agnes Thomlynson
  (a) William Mareys
  (ii) Robert Mareys
  (a) Richard Mareys
  ((1)) Nicholas Mareys
  m. Lucy Lathom (dau of John Lathom of Carleton Hall)
  ((A)) Thomas Mareys of South Elmsall (b 1560)
  m. Barbara Wentworth (dau of John Wentworth of Elmsall)
  ((i)) Mathias Mareys of South Elmsall
  m1. Alice Brighouse (d 1613, dau of John Brighouse of Newark-on-Trent)
  ((a)) John Mareys (d 23.08.1649, Colonel)
  m. Marjorie Dawson (d 28.10.1665, dau of Robert Dawson, Bishop of Clonfert & Kilmacduagh)
  (((1))) issue - Robert (b c1645, dsp bur 03.11.1675), Castillion of Leeds, Mary
  m2. Jane Holgate (dau of George Holgate of Grimthorpe)
  ((b))+ other issue - Mathias, Wentworth, Richard, Sarah
  ((ii))+ other issue - Barbara, Elizabeth
  ((B))+ other issue - Edward, Richard, John

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Winston-Davis-De Marris of Pattyndenne Manor)
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