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Families covered: Langley of Knolton (Knowlton), Langley of Siddington

Benedict de Langley
1. Richard de Langley
  A. William de Langley (d 1332-3)
  m. Christian de Sandhurst (dau/heir of John de Sandhurst of Knolton)
  i. William de Langley of Knolton, Sheriff of Kent (a 1351)
  a. William de Langley of Knolton, Sheriff of Kent (a 1416)
  (1) Walter de Langley of Knolton (d 04.03.1470)
m. Isabella de la Pole (d 1474, dau/heir of William de la Pole) @@ below
  (A) William de Langley of Knolton (d 1482)
  m1. Elizabeth Isaacs (dau of John Isaacs of Patricksbourne) not mentioned by Visitation
  (i) Elizabeth Langley (dsp)
  m2. Joan Lisley (dau of Sir John Lisley of Hampole)
  (ii) John Langley of Knolton (dsp 03.11.1518) not mentioned by Visitation
  m. Jane Peyton (bur 12.1551, dau of Sir Thomas Peyton of Iselham (by Joan), m2. Sir Edward Ryngeley)
  (B) John Langley of Grimscote, Northamptonshire shown by Visitation as dsp
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) John Langley (dsp)
  (ii) Ellenor Langley
m. John Clarell
  (C) Edmond (de) Langley of Siddington-Langley, Gloucestershire (d before 24.05.1489)
  m1. Joan Tame (dau of John Tame of Fairford)
  (i) Walter Langley (b c1484, dsp 1503)
  m. Anne Hungerford (dau of Sir Thomas Hungerford by Elizabeth (sb Christian?), dau of John Hall of Salisbury)
  (ii) Isabel Langley (b c1479, a 1519)
  m1. Henry Kettleby (son of John of Kettleby)
  m2. Edward Scudamore
  m3. _ Lymerk (Limerich)
  (iii) Christian Langley
  Christian's children are shown by Visitation which suggests that she m1. Roger Wigston m2. William Pye whereas MGH suggests that the marriages were the other way round.
  m1/2. William Pye
  (a) Edward Pye
  m. Margery Oldam
  m2/1. Roger Wigston
  (b) Alice Wigston
  m. John Cokesay
(c) Elizabeth Wigston
  m. John Daredgcourt
  (d)+ other issue - William, John, Anne, Katherine
  (iv) Alice Langley
  m1. Thomas Everdon
  (a) Anthony Everdon mentioned by Visitation
m2. John Huntley of Standish (a 1542)
  m2. Elizabeth Tracey not mentioned by Visitation
  (i) Roger Langley
  (D) MatildaLangley
  m. John Weeks of Dursley
  (2) Richard de Langley
  m. Ann (m1/2. William Darell)
  (3) William de Langley
  m. Lucia (dau of Sir Richard ap Lese, m1. John Norton)
  (4) Joan de Langley (d 31.10.1431)
  m. William Marys, Sheriff of Kent (d 31.08.1459, m2. Joan, dau of Bartholomew Bourne of Sharsted)
  (5) Mabel de Langley
  m. John Alden of Alden
2.+ other issue - John, Margaret, Agnes



John de Langley of Siddington Langley, Gloucestershire
m. _ Ford of Warwickshire
1. John de Langley of Siddington (a 06.1409)
  m. Joan (a 06.1409)
  A. John de Langley of Siddington (dsp 1460)
  B. Margery de Langley (a 1409)
  m. William de la Pole (a 1409, serjeant-at-law)
  i. Isabell de la Pole
  m. Walter de Langley of Knolton @@ above
  Visitation, used for the above section, shows Isabel as dau of Mary Langley (sister/heir of John) dau of John Langley of Sodington & Aulston/Atherston son of John of Mylcock son of Gyfferey. We follow MGH.
2. Geoffrey de Langley (a 1424)
  A. John de Langley
  i. William de Langley of Oldbury, Salop (d by 1489)
  a. John Langley
  (1) William Langley (bur 07.10.1547)
  m. Elizabeth Calwarde (m2. Richard Welch)
  (A) Thomas Langley
m. (29.03.1570) Joan Bowsare
  (i) William Langley
  m. Margaret Best (dau of Sir John Best, m2. _ Dowgall)
  (a) John Langley 'of London' (bur 11.07.1639, Alderman)
  m. Martha Jenour (bur 01.07.1641, sister of Sir Kenelm Jenour, Bart, m1/2. John Hethersoll of Gay's Inn)
((1)) John Langley (b 17.03.1612, a 1678, 2nd son)
  m. (14.09.1640) Elizabeth Middleton
  ((A)) Sir Richard Langley (b 1644, dsp 08.02.1677-8, 4th son)
  m. (13/15.03.1672-3) Cecill Ellis (b 1657-8, d 22.07.1715, dau of Andrew Ellis of Abrey by Frances, dau of James Fiennes, 2nd Viscount Say & Sele)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Langley (d 27.09.1724)
  m1. Fulk Rose of Jamaica
  ((i)) Anne Rose (d 26.12.1722, coheir) apparently of this generation
  m. Thomas Isted of Ecton
  m2. (c05.1695) Sir Hans Sloane, Bart (d 11.01.1753)
  ((C)) Martha Langley
  m. Matthew Skevington of Newton Blossonby
  ((D)) Jane Langley
  m. _ Swymmer of Jamaica
  ((E))+ other issue - John (bpt 09.05.1642, dsp bur 24.12.1655), Andrew (dsp), Phillip (dsp), James (bpt 11.05.1645, dsp), William (dsp), Samuel \9dsp before 15.10.1697), Nathaniel (dsp bur 21.11.1672), Martha (bpt 03.03.1644, bur 07.03.1644), Jane (bur 05.02.1650)
  ((2)) Richard Langley (b 1619, d 09/10.1659)
  m. Amy Mane (dau of Thomas Mane)
  ((A))+ issue - Richard (bpt 07.09.1648, bur 22.04.1650), Thomas (bpt 08.06.1650), John, Anne, Elizabeth
  ((3)) Andrew Langley (bpt 01.08.1624, bur 08.12.1659)
  m1. ?? m2. ??
  ((4)) Grillagon Langley (bpt 24.07.1608)
  m. (04.05.1640) Jeffrey Howland (bur 24.09.1679)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Langley (bpt 19.05.1615)
  m. William Limbery of London
  ((6)) Judith Langley
  m. Obediah Sedgwick
  ((7))+ other issue - Andrew (b 1606, bur 1608), Philip (bpt 22.11.1627, bur 28.10.1670_, Anne (bpt 25.11.1610, d 25.02.1630), Martha (bpt 24.02.1621, d 19.08.1630)
  (b) William Langley
  (c) Anne Langley
  m. Rowland Leake of Windsor
  (2) John Langley

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : MGH (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'Langley Pedigree - Langleys of Knolton, Kent', p171+) with some support (which was first shown in a temporary page on 27.01.09) from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Huntley')
(2) For lower section : MGH (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'Langley Pedigree - Langleys of Siddington-Langley and London', p169+)
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