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Families covered: Lathom of Lathom

Many thanks to a contributor (OWC, 13.08.09) whose schedule on this family, supported by sources, enabled us to provide a more comprehensive work on this family than we would otherwise have been likely to produce (in our first attempt, at least).
1. Siward of Lathom, Lancashire (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  A. Henry 'of Lathom' the first mentioned by CTG's pedigree although CTG does contain a note that he may have been Henry FitzSiward
  i. Robert FitzHenry of Lathom (d by 1199)
  m1. ?? (dau of Orme FitzAilward by Emma, dau of Albert Greslie)
  a. Richard de Lathom of Lathom (d c1220)
  m. Alice (m2. Simon de Grubehead) see below
  (1) Richard de Lathom of Lathom (dsp 1232)
  m. Roesia
(2) Sir Robert de Lathom of Lathom, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1290)
  m1. Amicia (or Joan) de Alfreton (sister/coheir of Thomas son of Robert de Alfreton of Alfreton)
  CTG shows Amicia as Robert's only wife and mother of his children. VCH reports that Joan/Amicia probably dsp as the manors she had inherited did not pass into the Lathom family and suggests that Joan de Milliom was mother of his children. However, BHO (Magna Brittania, vol 5, Derbyshire, Parishes: Alfreton) suggests that a moiety (interest) in Alfreton did pass into this family but was purchased by Amicia's nephew, Thomas de Chaworth. Accordingly, we show Amicia as mother of ...
  (A) Nicholas de Lathom of Lathom (d by 1298)
  (B) Sir Robert de Lathom of Lathom, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1325)
  m. Katherine de Knouselegh (dau/heir of Thomas de Knouselegh, m2. Sir John de Denum)
(i) Sir Thomas de Lathom of Lathom (b c1301, d 09.1370)
  m1/2. ?? de Massey (dau/coheir of Hamon de Massey of Dunham Massey)
  (a)+ 4 daughters
  m2/1. Eleanor de Ferrers (dau of Sir John de Ferrers)
  (e) Sir Thomas Lathom of Lathom & Knowsley (d 1382)
It appears that there were various stories about the descent of Lathom into the Stanley family involving a legendary 'Sir Oskell de Lathom'. VCH identifies this Sir Thomas as that Sir Oskell.
  m. Johanna Venables (dau of Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton, sister of Hugh)
  ((1)) Thomas Lathom of Lathom (d 1383)
  CTG, which shows Thomas as his father's son but not by Johanna Venables, identifies this Thomas as the Sir Oskell of legend who had a (younger) son who was ancestor of the Lathoms of Irlam but lost out from inheriting Lathom when it was claimed by Sir John Stanley.
  m. Isabella
  ((A)) Elena Lathom (b c1382, d by 1390)
  ((2)) Isabel Lathom
  m1. (declared unlawful) Sir Geoffrey de Worsley
  m(2). (1385) Sir John de Stanley (b 1340, d 1414)
  ((3))+ other issue - Edward (d young), Margaret
  (f) Edward Lathom of Parbold & Wrightlington
(ii) Philip Lathom
  (a) Hugh Lathom
  ((1)) Thomas Lathom of Astbury
  ((A)) Hugh Lathom of Astbury had issue
  ((B)) Thomas Lathom of Congleton in Astbury (a 1490)
  m. Parnell Daniel (widow of his brother Robert)
((C)) Robert Lathom of Congleton 'of Statham'
  m. Parnel Daniel (dau of Thomas Daniel of Over Tabley by Maud, dau of John Leycester of Nether Tabley)
  ((i)) Blanche Lathom
  m1. Richard Massey (brother of Sir Geoffrey of Tatton)
  m2. John Davenport of Davenport (m1. Matilda Brereton)
  ((D)) Nicholas Lathom or Latham (d 1461) possibly of this generation
  ((E)) Janet Lathom
  m. John Burges of Knotsford
  ((2)) Robert Lathom ancestor of Lathoms of Denbigh
  ((3))+ other issue - John, William
  (iii)+ other issue - Hugh, Joan
  (C) Thomas Lathom or Latham of Mosborough, Lancashire (a 1291)
  (D) Henry de Lathom of Tarbock (d before 1304) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. before 1283) Ellen de Tarbock (d c1332, dau/heir of Robert de Tarbock of Tarbock)
  Mentioned in VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, Townships: Parbold) was the following Richard, apparently of this generation.
  (E) Richard Lathom of Parbold presumed of this marriage
(i) Alice Lathom
  m. ??
  (a) Lucy
  m. Henry de Trafford (a 1351)
  (ii) Cecily Lathom
  m. Richard de Bradshagh of Pennington
  (a) Thomas de Bradshagh (a 1351)
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Lucy, Katherine
  m2. Joan de Millom (dau of Adam de Millom)
  m2. Amabel (a 1199, dau of Simon)
  Thanks to a contributor (JR, 16.01.17) for drawing our attention to the following suggested connection. Simon & Gilbert may have been older than the above Richard. We hope to research this further in due course.
  b. Simon de Grubhead
  m. Alice (m1. Richard de Lathom of Lathom (Simon's brother)) see above
  c. Gilbert de Scarisbrick (d c1238)
  ii. Richard FitzHenry of Tarbock

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Townships: Lathom), CTG (vol 7, article I)
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