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Families covered: Waterhouse of Halifax, Waterhouse of Harthill, Waterhouse of Shibden, Waterhouse of The Hollins, Waterhouse of The Wythers, Waterhouse of Warley

(Sir) Gilbert Waterhouse of Low Lindsey, Lincolnshire
m. Isabel Longvaile (dau of Sir Richard Longvaile (de Longueville), sister/coheir of Sir John)
1. Roger Waterhouse
  m. Joane Castle (dau/heir of Sir John Castle (Castel))
2. Gilbert Waterhouse
  m. Mary Baildon (dau of_ Baildon of Baildon)
  A. Richard Waterhouse
  m. _ Hollins (dau/heir of _ Hollins of Hollins)
  i. John Waterhouse
  m. Alice Rookes (dau of _ Rookes of Rookes)
  a. Richard Waterhouse (d 1448)
  m1. _ Maude (or de Montealto) of Morton Banks
  (1) John Waterhouse had issue in Halifax & Holme Chapel
  (2) Richard Waterhouse of Warley (d 02.1484)
  m. Isabel Shaw
Hunter (in FMG) reports that "there is, I fear, a total absence of proof for anything above John & Agnes, except that names similar to these are to be found in the Court rolls of the Manor of Wakefield." It is not known whether or not evidence to support the above had been obtained by the time that BLG1886 was produced.
  (A) John Waterhouse (d 02.01.1539)
  m. Agnes Rishworth (bur 30.10.1542?, dau of John Rishworth of Coley)
  (i) Richard Waterhouse of The Hollins in Warley
  BLG1886 does not follow Richard's line but does note that "from an illegitimate branch sprang Richard Waterhouse, of Inchowleran Castle, co. Kilkenny, in 1608".
  m. Isabel Savile (bur 21.11.1549, dau of Nicholas Savile of New Hall by Margery, dau of William Wilkinson)
  (a) John Waterhouse of The Hollins (d before 23.11.1556)
  m. Isabel Otes (dau of Gilbert Otes, m2. George Wheatley)
  ((1)) Anthony Waterhouse of The Hollins (bpt 18.12.1547, d before 30.09.1579)
  m. (19.11.1565) Ann Wilkinson (a 1579)
  ((A)) Jonas Waterhouse (bpt 23.05.1568)
m. _ Widcupp of Tooting (d 1652)
  ((i)) Henry Waterhouse of Tooting (Surrey), also of Eton
  ((a)) Jonas Waterhouse (vicar of Bradford)
  ((B))+ other issue - Ann, Susan
  partner unknown
  ((2)) John Waterhouse of The Hollins 'of Sowerby Bridge' (a 03.1601)
  m. Dorothy Lacy (dau of John Lacy of Cromwellbotham)
  ((A)) Richard Waterhouse possibly married to ...
  m1. Sarah Lacy (dau of John Lacy by Alice, dau of Martin Burkhead)
  m2. _ Gravenor
((B)) John Waterhouse possibly son by a 2nd wife
  ((C))+ other issue (including) Fortuna, Martha
  (ii) Robert Waterhouse of Moote Hall in Halifax & Shibden Hall (d before 15.03.1581)
  m. (c1522) Sibil Savile (bur 28.02.1559, dau/coheir of Robert Savile of Shibden Hall by Janet, dau/heir of William Otes of Shipden)
  (a) John Waterhouse of Halifax & Shibden (d 23.01.1584)
  m. Jane Bosvile (d 01.05.1592, dau/heir of Thomas Bosvile of Coningsborough)
  ((1)) Robert Waterhouse of York (b c1546, d 03.03.1598)
  m. Jane Waterton (dau of Thomas Waterton of Waterton)
  ((A)) Sir Edward Waterhouse, last of Shibden, of Milton in Surrey then Leith in Yorkshire (b 19.06.1581, a 1619)
  m. Abigail Barker (dau of John Barker of Ipswich)
  ((B)) Jane Waterhouse (b 06.12.1583)
  m. (12.10.1603) Metham Jackson of Cadeby
  ((C))+ other issue - John (b 14.07.1582, d 07.1584), John (b 07.05.1585), Robert (b 23.09.1586), Richard (b 03.03.1588, a 1614), William (b 04.07.1590, d 22.11.1590), Abigail (b 05.09.1595, d 14.01.1596)
  ((2)) Philip Waterhouse of Overthorpe (bpt 02.01.1555-6, d 16.1.1614, 3rd son)
  m. Helen Lacy (a 1614, dau of Richard Lacy of Cromwellbotham)
  ((3)) David Waterhouse of Oquel Hall in Birstal (bpt 03.03.1564, MP, 5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Craine (dau/coheir of Thomas Craine)
  ((A))+ issue - John, Theodore (b 1606-7, a 05.1624), Robert (d young), David, Joseph, Philip of London (d 01.1631), Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary
  ((4)) Grace Waterhouse
  m. _ Lowther
  ((5)) Susan Waterhouse
  m. _ Gunston
  ((A)) Jane Gunston
  ((6)) Mary Waterhouse
  m. (1598) Henry Everingham (natural son of Sir Henry)
  ((7))+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 01.01.1553), Stephen (bpt 19.03.1558-9), Sarah (bpt 30.11.1563)
  (b) George Waterhouse of Harthill, Yorkshire (d before 28.02.1585)
  m. Effame Wilkinson (dau of Richard Wilkinson of Bradford)
  ((1)) Robert Waterhouse of Harthill (a 06.1617)
m1. Grace Milner (dau of John Milner of Pudsey)
  ((A)) Maximilian Waterhouse of Wallingwells (bur 04.1633)
  m. Ann Savile (bur 01.10.1632, dau/heir of Sheffield Savile of Leeds)
  ((i)) Margaret Waterhouse
  m. (02.06.1631) William Stokeman of Wallingwells & EastRetford
  ((a)) son ("Dr.")
  ((b)) daughter
  m. _ Mould
  ((c)) daughter
  m. _ Halflud
  ((ii)) Martha Waterhouse
  m. (17.04.1631) Sir William Belt (recorder of York)
  m2. Mary (widow of Francis Milner of Whitewell)
((B)) Mary Waterhouse
  ((2)) John Waterhouse
  m. Catherine Thwaite of Kent
  ((A)) Ursula Waterhouse probably the Ursula who married ...
  m. Christopher Swale (rector of Hurst Pierrepoint)
  ((3)) Francis Waterhouse
  ((4)) Ann Waterhouse
  m. Arthur Johnson (son of Sir Thomas)
((5)) Prudence Waterhouse
  m. Francis Nevil (son of Henry of Chevet)
  ((6)) Isabel Waterhouse
  m. John Mallam
  ((7)) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. Nicholas Waterhouse @@ just below
  (c) Gregory Waterhouse of Syddal & Halifax (bur 19.10.1589)
  m. Margaret Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell)
  ((1)) Nicholas Waterhouse (bpt 10.11.1656)
  m. Elizabeth Waterhouse (dau of George Waterhouse of Harthill) @@ just above
  ((A)) Robert Waterhouse (d young)
  ((B)) Richard Waterhouse
  m. Jane Hopton (dau of John Hopton of Armley)
((2)) Robert Waterhouse of The Wythers (bpt 02.07.1561)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Tempest ("uncle of Sir Richd."))
  ((A)) Robert Waterhouse of London (2nd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Andrews (dau of W. Andrews)
  ((B)) Ann Waterhouse
  m. _ Dawson
  ((C))+ other issue - ?? of Carlton, Margaret (d young), Isabel
  ((3)) Jonas Waterhouse of The Wyther & Carlton (bpt 15.02.1562)
  m. Judith Rodes (dau of Judge Francis Rodes)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. _ Bellingham
  ((B))+ other issue - Gregory (bpt 30.11.1606), Judith (bpt 06.01.1607), Bridget
  ((4)) Lewis Waterhouse of New Hall Grange in Maltby (bpt 12.02.1564)
  m. Ann Cosyn (dau/heir of Richard Cosyn of New Hall Grange)
  ((A)) Jasper Waterhouse (bpt 30.12.1601)
  m. _ Keeling (dau of Captain Keeling ("uncle to the Judge"))
  ((B))+ other issue - Robert, John
  ((5)) Jeremy Waterhouse (bpt 20.12.1573, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Walcock
  ((A)) Mary Waterhouse
  m. Lancelot Fletcher of Talantire
  ((B)) Margaret Waterhouse
  m. Tempest Pollard
  ((C)) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. Roger Sawrey (Colonel)
((D))+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Thomas, Gregory
  ((6)) Sibil Waterhouse (bpt 12.01.1566)
  m. Henry Rayner of Adwalton
  ((7)) Alice Waterhouse
  m. _ Keeling
  ((8))+ other issue - Richard (bpt 30.01.1568, a 1578), Toby (rector of Whitwell), Susan (a 1578), Ann
  (d) Ann Waterhouse
  m. John Milner of Pudsey
  (iii) Christopher Waterhouse (dsp)
  (iv) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. Christopher Both of Both
(v) Margaret Waterhouse
  m. Gilbert Otes of Halifax
  (vi) Agnes Waterhouse
  m. John Bentley of High Bentley
  (B) Laurence Waterhouse of Warley (a 03.1537)
  m. Margaret (bur 29.04.1545?)
  (i)+ issue - Roger, Gilbert, Christopher (a 1535), George (a 1535), Brian (d 04.10.1589)
  (C)+ other issue - John (2nd), George, Joan, Emma, Isabel
  (3) Robert Waterhouse, Constable of Skircot (d c08.1481)
  m. Joan
  (4) Margaret Waterhouse
  m. William Oates of Shibden Hall
  m2. Elizabeth Claye

Main source(s): FMG (vol 3, MS350-1, 'Waterhouse', p844+) with some support & input from BLG1886 (Waterhouse of Well Head)
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