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Families covered: Lacy of Brearley, Lacy of Cromwellbotham

(1) We were close to leaving this page as 'Draft', rather than bringing it into 'the database proper', but accepted that the core of the page comes from a recognised source (Foster's Visitation). However, the first few generations come from various web sites which do not identify their sources. We show them in italics.
(2) Thought to have been an illegitimate son of a member of the de Laci (or Lasci) family shown on Lacy1 was ...
Gilbert de Lacy, 1st of Cromwellbotham (a 1210)
m. Agnes
1. ?? de Lacy presumed intermediary generation
A. John Lacy of Cromwellbotham (a 1292)
  m. Alicia Pennington
  i. John Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  m. Margaret Eland
  Some web sites show the next 2 generations as Thomas then Richard (d c1424). Others show as follows.
  a. Robert Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  m. Eleanor Baskerville (dau of Robert Baskerville son of Walter by Sybill Corbet)
  (1) Brian Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  m. Avicia Archdecken (dau of Robert Archdecken)
  (A) John Lacy of Cromwellbotham - continued below
  m. Ellen (dau/heir of John or Robert de Cromwellbotham by dau of Henry Leyborne)
  b. Henry de Lacy of Cromwellbotham possibly of this generation
  m. Julia Radclyffe (dau of Sir John de Radclyyfe of Ordsall)
  c. Margaret Lacy possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Thornhill (a 1338, 1374)



John Lacy of Cromwellbotham - continued above
m. Ellen (dau/heir of John or Robert de Cromwellbotham by dau of Henry Leyborne)
1. John Lacy 'of Cromwellbotham'
  Foster shows just one marriage for this John, to _ Molineux of Lancashire. Various web sites identify her as ...
m1. Florence Molyneux (dau of Robert Molyneux (of Melling??), son of William of Sefton by Joan Holland)
  A. William Lacy
  m. _ Scargill
  i. John Lacy 'of Cromwellbotham' (d 1532)
  m. Alice Leventhorpe (dau/heir of ?? Leventhorpe of Leventhorpe)
  a. John Lacy 'of Leventhorpe' 'of Cromwellbotham'
  m. Anne Tempest (bur 01.04.1580, dau of Sir Richard Tempest)
  (1) John Lacy
  m1. Alice Birkhead (d 1585, dau of Martin Birkhead)
  (A) Sara Lacy (b 1580)
  m1. (Richard) Waterhouse
  m2. _ Gravener
(B) Elizabeth Lacy
  m. Robert Bladon of Hemsworth
  (C) daughter
  m2. _ Lister
  (D) John Lacy
  Foster ends with this generation. So as to not lose sight of the following Richard, we speculate that he was son of this John.
  (i) Richard Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  m. Alice Townley (dau of Laurence Townley of Barnside)
  (E) Thomas Lacy
  m. _ Winckley (dau of Roger Winckley of Winckley)
  (i) Thomas Lacy
  (2) John Lacy of Scammonden
(A)+ issue - John, Anne
  (3) Nicholas Lacy (4th son)
  m. Alice Hardy (dau of Brian Hardy)
  (A)+ issue - Lucy, Alice, Bridget
  (4) Ellen Lacy
  m1. Walter Paslewe of Riddlesden
m2. Thomas Lee
  (5) Dorothy Lacy
  m. John Waterhouse of Sowerby Bridge
  (6) Rosamund Lacy
  m. Thomas Wood
  (7)+ other issue - William, Peter (dsp)
  b. Leonard Lacy
c. Anne Lacy
  m. Edmond Oldfield of the Place, Halifax
  d. Alice Lacy possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Cranmer of Aslerton (Aslockton) (a 1564)
  B. Isabel Lacy
  m. John Peck of Haseldon Hall (d c1514)
The following Gilbert is shown by Foster as a son of the daughter of Molineux but some web sites show his mother as ...
  m2. Ann or Alice Eland
  C. Gilbert Lacy 'of Brierley'
  m. (Jane) Suthill (dau/heir of Gerard Suthill (Southill) of Redbourne by ?? Fulnetby)
  i. Gerard Lacy
  m. _ Symes (dau/coheir of Richard Symes)
a. Hugh Lacy 'of Burlay'
  m. Agnes Savile (dau of Nicholas Savile of New Hall)
  (1) John Lacy 'of Brearley'
  m. Anne Woodruffe (dau of ?? Woodruffe of Woolley)
  (A) John Lacy of Brearley (a 1585)
  m. Dorothy Bosvile (dau of Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite)
  (i) Elizabeth Lacy probably of this generation
  m. Arthur Dakin of Stubbing Edge (d 10.01.1642)
(ii)+ other issue - John, Dorothy, Jane
  (B) Elizabeth Lacy
  m. Francis Ashbourne
  (C) Ellena Lacy
  m. John Oldfield of Maxon House
  (D) Isabel (probably not Elizabeth) Lacy
  m. William Savile of Copley (a 1585)
(E)+ other issue - Mary, Susan
  (2) Gilbert Lacy (youngest son?)
  m. _ Murgatroyd (dau of John Murgatroyd or Morgatwell)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Hugh, Jasper, John, Frances, Mary, Anne, Dorothy
  (3) Margaret Lacy
  m. William Farrer of Ewood
  (4) Alice Lacy
  m. John Haldworth of Asden
  (5) Agnes Lacy
  m. Christopher Dighton of Winsby
  (6) Isabel Lacy
  m. Jasper Blythman of Burton Abbey
  (7) Ellena Lacy
  m. John Deine of Deyne House
  (8)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Gerard (d young), George (dsp)
  b. William Lacy (4th son?)
  (1) Agnes Lacy
m. Richard Hills of London
  (2) Margaret Lacy
  m. Simon Low of London
  (A)+ issue - Timothy, Thomas (alderman)
  c. Richard Lacy
  m. _ Greene
  d.+ other issue - Dunstan (priest), Edward (priest)
  iii. Christopher Lacy of London probably of this generation
  a. Margaret Lacy
  m. Simon Fifield alias Lowe of London
  b. Anne Lacy
  m. Richard Hills of London
  Possibly of this genaration, but (if so) of what marriage is not known, was ...
  D. Joan Lacy
  m. Nicholas Savile of the Banke (near Halifax)
2. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Kay of Woodsome (a 1460)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Lacy of Cromwellbotham)
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