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Families covered: Holdsworth of Astey (Astay or Ashday), Holdsowrth of Halifax, Holdsworth (Haldeworth) of Hipperholme, Holdsworth of Southowram

Walker suggests that the family name came from Halda's Worth i.e. the worth (homestead) of Halda (a Saxon personal name).
John de Haldeworthe of Haldeworth in Hipperholme & Wakefield, Yorkshire (a 1275, 1296)
m. Olive
1. John de Haldeworth of Hipperholm (d c02.01.1351-2, bailiff of Hipperholme)
  m. Alice (a 1362)
  A. Richard de Haldeworth of Northouram in Hipperholm (d by 19.11.1364)
  m. Juliana (a 1364)
  i. John de Haldeworth of Ashday or Astey in Southowram (b after 1343, d by 16.10.1392)
  m. Sibilla (d by 1399)
  a. John de Haldeworth of Astay (d by 29.10.1423)
  (1) Richard Haldeworth of Ashday (d by 19.04.1463)
m. Alice
  (A) John Haldeworth of Halifax, Ashday, Alverthorpe, etc. (d before 13.06.1497)
  m. Cicely
  (i) John Haldesworth or Holdsworth of Ashday or Astey (d before 09.07.1535)
  m. Alice (bur 04.04.1563)
  (a) Richard Holdsworth of Ashday or Astey (bur 01.06.1543)
  m. Margaret Waterhouse (a 1545, dau of John Waterhouse of Skircoat)
  ((1)) John Holdsworth of Ashday or Astey (b 1523, bur 10.04.1570) - continued below
  m. (30.01.1542) Alice Lacy (bur 29.02.1600, dau of Hugh Lacy of Brearley)
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert (d 1599, Constable of Hipperholme), William of Halifax (bur 21.09.1569), Christopher (bur 10.06.1580), Margaret (d unm bur 12.09.1570), Anne (d unm bur 12.08.1571)
  (b) William Holdsworth of Northowram (bur 29.07.1545, 3rd son?)
  m. Margaret
  (c) Gilbert Holdsworth of Bradford (a 10.1560, 5th son?)
  m. Joan (d 13.04.1577)
  (d) Agnes Holdsworth
  m. William Brooke of Dalton Hall (bur 30.06.1540)
  (e) Margaret Holdsworth
  m. (07.09.1539) John Brooke of Huddersfield
  (f)+ other issue - John of Halifax (d before 03.10.1518), Christopher (bur 13.12.1556, priest)
  (ii) Elizabeth Haldesworth or Holdsworth
  m. Robert Hargrave of Warley (bur 26.05.1579)
  (iii)+ other issue - Robert (d 10.05.1550, vicar of Halifax), Isabel
  (B) William Haldeworth of Halifax (d before 28.05.1464)
  m. Johanna Waterhouse (dau of Richard Waterhouse of Halifax)
  (i) Richard Haldeworth (d 16.09.1513)
  m. Elizabeth
  (2) Robert de Haldeworth (a 1426)
  (3) John de Haldeworth in Northowram (d by 06.04.1456)
  (A) Richard Haldeworth (d by 26.04.1479) had issue
  m. Margaret Hoile (sister/heir of John Hoile of Shepperdhouse in Soureby)
  (B)+ other issue - John (a 1425), Robert (a 1473, had issue)
  b. William de Haldeworth (d before 12.09.1399)
  B. John de Haldeworth (d before 19.10.1362)
  m. Alice (a 1362)
  i. Richard de Haldeworth
2.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1361), William (d 1349)



John Holdsworth of Ashday or Astey (b 1523, bur 10.04.1570) - continued above
m. (30.01.1542) Alice Lacy (bur 29.02.1600, dau of Hugh Lacy or Lacey of Brearley)
1. Robert Holdsworth of Hipperholme (bpt 28.10.1544, dsp 16.05.1570)
  m. (29.05.1564) Elizabeth Hopkinson (bpt 15.01.1547, bur 31.08.1580, dau of John Hopkinson of Sowerby)
2. John Holdsworth of Astey or Ashday (bpt 25.03.1547, d before 15.03.1620-1)
  m. (02.02.1572-3) Elizabeth Savile (d before 23.04.1629-30?, dau of Henry Savile of Bradley son of John of Newhall by Margery Gledhill)
  A. Thomas Holdsworth of Astey or Ashday (bpt 13.11.1596, d c11.1651)
  m. (07.11.1636) Mary Northend (b c1620 (!), bur 22.08.1700, dau of Daniel Nothend of Crumbwell Bottome)
  B. Robert Holdsworth (bpt 12.05.1583, bur 08.12.1632, vicar of Modbury, Devon, 4th son)
  m. Mary (bur 25.12.1665)
  C. Henry Holdsworth (bpt 06.04.1581, dsp bur 1620)
  m. Mary
  D. Elizabeth Holdsworth (bpt 19.05.1585)
  m. _ Hodgson
  E. Alice Holdsworth
  m. John Seaton
  F.+ other issue - John (bpt 09.05.1574, dsp before 06.09.1658, constable of Hipperholme), Jane (bpt 06.07.1577, d before 27.09.1615), Dorothy
3. Richard Holdsworth (bpt 21.04.1545, bur 11.07.1590)
  m. (08.05.1576) Margaret Mawde (bpt 03.02.1546, dau of John Mawde of Sowerby)
4. Agnes Holdsworth
  m. (19.05.1561) John Gibson of Brookfoot (bpt 13.06.1544, son of Richard of Southowram)
5.+ other issue - Hugh of Ashday (bpt 09.07.1549, bur 15.12.1572), Jane (d before 02.204.1584), Margaret (bpt 05.02.1544, bur 12.09.1570)

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Holdsworth of Hipperholme, Astay, Ashday, Southowran, and Wakefield) with some support from BLG1952 (Holdsworth formerly of Widdicombe)
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