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Families covered: Radclyffe of Chadderton, Radclyffe of Hartshead, Radclyffe of Ordsal, Radclyffe of Smithells

The name of this family appears in various ways: Radclyff(e), Radcliff(e), Ratclyff(e), Ratcliff(e), etc. We use Radclyffe as we follow the article in BLG1952 which was the main source for most of this information.
Nicholas FitzGilbert de Tailbois of Radcliffe (b by 1100)
m. heiress of The Booths
1. Matthew de Radeclive
  A. Matthew de Radclyffe (a 1124 ?)
  i. William de Radclyffe (dsp)
2. Henry de Radeclive (a 1124)
  A. Richard de Radclyffe (d unm)
  B. William de Radclyffe, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1220)
  m1. Cecilia de Montbegon, 'Lady of Kirkland'
i. Adam de Radclyffe (a 1248)
  m. ?? Curwen (dau of Alan de Curwen or Culwen)
  a. Robert de Radclyffe of Oswaldtwisle, Hartshead and Toltington (d 1290)
  m. Amabil de Trafford (dau of Sir Richard de Trafford)
  (1) Richard de Radclyffe (d 1326)
  m. Joan le Boteler (dau of William le Boteler, baron of Warrington)
  (A) Richard de Radclyffe (d 1324, rector)
  (B) William de Radclyffe of Radclyffe Tower, 'the Great William' (b c1280, d 1333)
  m. (1303) Margaret de Peasfurlong (dau of Adam de Peasfurlong)
  (C) Robert de Radclyffe of Pilsworth
  m1. Mary de Bury (dau of Adam de Bury)
  (i) Ralph de Radclyffe (dsp)
  m2. Margaret (dau of Robert de Shoresworth)
  (ii) William de Radclyffe of Smithills (Smithells), Lancashire
m. Katherine de Norlegh (dau of Thurstan de Norleigh of Pemberton)
  (a) Sir Ralph de Radclyffe (d 12.05.1406)
  m. Margery (d 1417)
  ((1)) Sir Ralph de Radclyffe (d 1432)
  m1. ??
  ((A)) Sir Ralph de Radclyffe 'of Smithells' (b 1403)
  m1. Elene Massey (d before 1436, dau of Sir John Massey of Talton)
  BLG1952 identifies Sir Ralph's 2nd wife (and mother of his children) as Janet. The Barton records (the Lancashire Visitations) identify the mother of Joan as ...
  m2. Katherine Molyneux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneux)
  ((i)) John Radclyffe (d 1455)
  ((ii)) Joan Radclyffe
  m. Ralph Barton of Holme
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Radclyffe
  m3. Katherine
((B)) Katherine Radclyffe
  m2. Cecily
  ((C)) Edmund Radclyffe
  m. Elizabeth
  ((i)) Ralph Radclyffe
  m. Agnes
  ((a)) Cecily Radclyffe
  m. John Barton
((ii))+ other issue - Cecily, Ellen
  ((D))+ other issue - Emma, Douce
  ((2))+ other issue - George (a 1424, rector), Oliver, Nicholas
  (iii) John de Radclyffe (d c1367, rector of Bury)
  The following comes from VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, 'The parish of Prestwich with Oldham: Chadderton') which identifes an illegitimate son of the rector of Bury (presumed to have been this John) as ...
  (a) John de Radclyffe of Chadderton
  m1. (by 1367) Margery de Chadderton (dau/heir of Geoffrey de Chadderton of Chadderton)
  ((1)) John de Radclyffe (dvp)
  ((A)) Sir John Radclyffe of Chadderton (b 26.01.1392-3, a 1431)
VCH identifies Sir John's widow and mother of Margaret as Elizabeth. As Margaret was born c1412, we suspect that Elizabeth was also mother of Richard. We presume that this Elizabeth was ...
  m. Elizabeth Radclyffe (d 15.08.1442, dau of James Radclyffe of The Tower)
  ((i)) Richard Radclyffe of Chadderton (d 1436)
  ((a)) son (b c1435, dsp)
  ((b)) Joan Radclyffe (d 08.1478)
  m. Edmund Ashton of Chadderton (d 03.1489-90)
  ((c)) Margery Radclyffe
  m1. Ralph Standish of Sandish (d 1460)
  Margery appears also to have married ...
  m2. Thomas Radclyffe (dvp 1473)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Radclyffe
  m. Robert Radcliffe (of the Ordsall family)
  ((ii)) Margaret Radclyffe (b c1412)
  m. Sir George (sb Geoffrey?) Radcliffe
  ((B)) Alicia Radclyffe possibly of this generation
m. William de Hulme
  m2. Margery de Barlow
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert, Alice, Jemima, Joan, Ellen, Elizabeth
  (D) Adam de Radclyffe (d 1331, rector of Bury)
  (E) Sir John de Radclyffe of Ordsall (d 1362)
  m. Joan de Holand (dau of Robert de Holand, 1st Lord Holand)
  (i) Richard Radclyffe of Ordsall (d 1380)
  m1. Matilda Legh (dau of Sir John Legh of Booths and Sandbach)
  (a) Sir John Radclyffe of Ordsall (b 1356, d 1421)
  m. (c1375) Margaret de Trafford (dau of Sir Henry de Trafford)
  ((1)) Sir John Radclyffe of Ordsall (b 1377, d 26.07.1442)
  m1. (1396) Clemency Standish (dau of Hugh de Standish of Duxbury)
((A)) Sir Alexander Radclyffe of Ordsall, Flixton and Shoresworth (b c1401, d 20.07.1475)
  m. Agnes Harrington (d 1490, dau of Sir William Harrington of Hornby Castle)
  ((B)) John Radclyffe (d 1444)
  ((i)) Alice Radclyffe
  m. William Ellcott of Handsward
  ((C)) Hugh Radclyffe (d 1444)
((D)) Robert Radclyffe of Mellor
  m. (c1430) Emma de Mellor (dau of Roger de Mellor)
  m2. Joan (dsp)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Radclyffe
  m. Sir Richard Venables of Kinderton
  ((3)) Joan Radclyffe
  m1. Robert Radclyffe of Todmorden
  m2. Robert de Smethwick of Smethwick
  ((4))+ other issue - Edmund (d 1446), Peter (d 1468), Alured (d 1462)
  (b) Joan Radclyffe
m. James or John de Bosville of Chevet
  m2. Sybil de Clitheroe (dau of Sir Robert de Clitheroe of Salesbury)
  (c) Joan Radclyffe
  m. (1401) Sir Henry de Hoghton
  (ii) Sir John de Radclyffe
  m1. Ellen del Bothe (dau of Thomas del Bothe of Salford and Barton)
  m2. Margaret D'Anyers (dau of Thomas D'Anyers of Bradley-in-Appleton)
  (iii) Ellen de Radclyffe
  m. William de Fairfax of Walton
  (iv) Julia de Radclyffe
  m. Henry de Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  (v) Amabil de Radclyffe
  m. Robert de Neville of Hornby Castle
  (F) Elizabeth de Radclyffe
  m. Nicholas de Townsend
  (G) Amabel de Radclyffe
  m. Adam de Tetlow
  (H) Margaret de Radclyffe
  m. Henry de Bury (d 1315)
(I) Alicia de Radclyffe
  m. Hesketh of Hesketh
  (2) Roger de Radclyffe
  m. (c1291) ?? de Bradshaw (dau of Sir Robert de Bradshaw of Harwood)
  (3) Adam de Radclyffe
  m. Avice de Birchwood (dau of Hugh de Birchwood)
  (A) Alice de Radclyffe
  m. John de Hulton (son of Henry de Hulton)
  (4) Margaret or Margery de Radclyffe
  m1. Richard de Hulton of Hulton Park (d 1312)
  m2. (1315) Geoffrey de Chadderton (d 1320)
  b. William de Radclyffe (chaplain of Dublin Castle)
  c. John de Radclyffe (d c1298)
  ii. Geoffrey de Radclyffe of Bury
  m. _ de Bury (dau of Adam de Bury)
  iii. Hugh de Radclyffe of Hartshead
  m. Margery de Pennington (dau of Richard of Pennington)
  a. Richard de Radclyffe of Hartshead and Pennington
  b. William de Radclyffe of Hartshead and Pennington
  m2. Eugenia
  C. John de Radclyffe (dsp)
  m. Muriel Bamville (dau of Sir Thomas Bamville of Stourton)
  D. daughter
  m. Robert de Entwistle
3. Simon de Radeclive
  A. Alexander de Radclyffe
  i. Adam de Radclyffe
  m. Agnes de Church (sister of Ughtred de Church)
  a. Peter de Church
  (1)+ issue - Adam, William, Christina
  b. Agnes de Radclyffe
  m. Robert de Holt
  c.+ other issue - Roger, Robert
  ii. Peter de Radclyffe of Pilsworth
  m. _ Hulton
  a. William de Radclyffe (a 1260)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Radclyffe of Foxdenton and Hyde)
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