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Families covered: Burgoyne of Bokesworth (Boxworth), Burgoyne of Caxton, Burgoyne of Dry Drayton, Burgoyne of Impington, Burgoyne of Long Stanton, Burgoine in Spoford

Barthelmew Burgoyne of Bokesworth or Bogesworth (Boxworth) (a 1334)
1. Barthelmew Burgoyne of Bokesworth
  m. Anne Freville (dau/heir of John Freville of Coxton)
  A. John Burgoyne (a 1398)
  m. ?? Harleston (dau of Roger Harleston of Essex)
  It is not clear how the following William fitted into this family. Visitation shows only 1 child of the above John, a John of Dry Drayton who is identified by the Harleian editor as 4th son. The Harleian editor then shows a William (son/heir of William) alongside that younger John who appears to be the John identified by VCH (Dry Drayton) who d 1435 after whom the Drayton estate "passed to an apparently younger son William, of Caxton". VCH (Impington) confuses the issue by suggesting that John, father of Margaret (m. George Heveningham) & Elizabeth (m. Thomas Thursby), was eldest son of Thomas (d 1470) son of John of Dry Drayton (d 1435). That contradicts both VCH (Dry Drayton) & VCH (Caxton) as well as Visitation, so we ignore that. We show William, father of William, as an elder brother of John of Dry Drayton but it should be noted that this is presumptuous as it seems clear that such a connection has not been proved, although it also seems very likely that his relationship with John must have been very close.
i. William Burgoyne
  a. William Burgoyne of Caxton (Cambridgeshire), later of Dry Drayton (d 1456)
  m. Margaret Bozun (dau/coheir of William Bozun by Margaret)
  (1) Richard Burgoyne of Roxton (Bedfordshire), Caxton & Dry Drayton (d 1464)
  (A) John Burgoyne of Caxton, Dry Drayton & Impington (b by 1458, d 1487)
  m. Agnes Lane? mentioned in VCH (Cambridgeshire, Caxton)
  (i) Richard Burgoyne (b c1478, dsp 1504-5)
(ii) Margaret Burgoyne (d 1529) called Catherine by Visitation
  m. George Heveningham (d 1530, son of Sir John)
  (iii) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Thomas Thursby or Thoresby of Norfolk
  ii. John Burgoyne of Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire (d 1435, 4th son)
  m. _ Payton (dau of Thomas Payton of Cambridgeshire)
  a. Thomas Burgoyne of Impington (d 1470, 2nd son?)
  m1. Isabell
  (1) Anne Burgoyne
  m. Reingald Perkham of Kent
  (2) Elizabeth or Anne Burgoyne
  m. Richard (not Thomas) St. George of Hatley St. George
(3) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Thomas Chichley
  m2. Allice Tay
  (4) Thomas Burgoyne of Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire
  m. Allice Booth
(A) Thomas Burgoyne of Long Stanton
  m. Elizabeth Stafferton (dau of Raffe Stafferton of Strode Hall)
  (i) Thomas Burgoyne
  (a) Thomas Burgoyne (dsp)
  (ii) Christopher Burgoyne of Long Stanton (younger son?)
  m. Thomazine Frevile (dau of Robert Frevile of Shelford)
  (a) George Burgoyne of Quickeswood, Hertfordshire
  m. Dorothy Perient (dau/coheir of Thomas Perient of Digonswell)
  ((1)) Thomas Burgoyne of Long Stanton
  The following is supported by Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Burgoine of Addlethorpe).
  m. Catherine Paulet (dau of Chidiok Paulet, son of 1st Marquess of Winchester)
  ((A)) George Burgoyne or Burgoine of Spofford, Yorkshire (d 1657)
  m. Elizabeth Cheney (dau of William Cheney of Kirkby Overblows)
  ((i)) Peter Burgoyne or Burgoigne of Addlethorpe in Spoford (b c1619, a 08.1665)
  m. Margaret Menill (dau of Robert Menill of Cleveland)
  ((a))+ issue - Elizabeth (d young), Catherine (d young), Margaret (b c02.1662, a 1665)
  ((ii))+ other issue (dsp / d unm) - Thomas, William, Francis, Elizabeth
  ((B)) Arthur Burgoyne of Spawfford (Spofford) (a 08.1638)
((C)) Mary Burgoyne
  m. _ Darcy (brother of Conyers, Lord Darcy)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Henry Blackshaw of London
  ((E)) Frances Burgoyne
  m. Thomas Walton of Shapwick
  ((2))+ other issue - George, William, Edward, Oliver, John, Rafe, Charles, Francis
  (b) Gregory Burgoyne
  (c) Thomazin Burgoyne
  m. Robert Shute
  (d) Alice Burgoyne
  m. John Cotton
(e) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m1. William Rudston
  m2. Thomas Edwards of Swaffham
  (f) Mary Burgoyne
  m. _ Annester or Annesley
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - John, William
  (5) Alice Burgoyne
  m. Thomas Lambert of Bokesworth or Boseworth
  b. William Burgoyne (3rd son)
  Visitation (Cambridgeshire) notes "Vide Devon" alongside this William. We had thought that this indicated that William was father or grandfather of the William of South Tawton ( m. Alice Viell) who is the first mentioned in Visitation (Devon, 1620, Burgoyne). However, the extended report on the Visitations to Devon produced by J.L. Vivian in 1895 show the ancestry of that William Burgoyne differently.
  c.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), John (dsp), Bartholomew
  iii. Grace Burgoyne possibly of this generation
  m. John de Peyton (d 06.10.1417)

Main source(s): Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Burgoyne) with a little support from VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 9, Dry Drayton: Manors), VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 9, Impington: Manors and other estates), VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 5, Parishes: Caxton) and some further input as reported above
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