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Families covered: Counts of Savoy, Turin, etc

Tomaso I, Count of Savoy, Turin, etc (b 20.05.1178, d 01.03.1233)
m. (c1196) Beatrix or Margaret of Geneva (d 08.04.1257, dau of Guillaume I, Count of Geneva)
1. Amadeo (Amadeus) IV, Count of Savoy, Duke of Chablais and Aosta, etc (b 1197, d 24.06.1253)
  m1. (1222) Anne de Bourgogne (b 1192, d 1243, dau of Hugues III, Duke of Burgundy)
  A. Beatrice of Savoy (d before 1259) GHSY
  m1. (1233) Manfredo III, Margrave of Saluzzo (d 1244) HJY
  m2. (1247) Manfredo, King of Sicily (b 1232, d 26.02.1266) GHSY
  B. Margherita of Savoy (d 1254) HS
  m1. (1235) Boniface, Margrave of Montferrat (d 1253/5) HS
  m2. Aymar de Poitiers, Count of Valentinois
  m2. (1244) Cecile de Baux (d 1275)
  C. Boniface, Count of Savoy (b 1244, d 1263)
  D. Beatrix of Savoy (d 23.02.1292)
  m1. (1258) Pierre de Chalon (d 1272/4)
  m2. (c1274) Juan Manuel, Sn de Escalona, etc (b 1234, d 25.12.1283)
E. Eleonore of Savoy
  m. (1269) Guichard de Beaujeu
  F. Constance of Savoy (a 1263)
2. Tomaso II, Count of Savoy and Piedmont, Margrave of Turin and Ivrea, Count of Flanders and Hainaut (b 1199, d 1259, 3rd son)
  m1. (1237) Joanna, Countess of Flanders and Hainaut (b 1188, dsp 05.12.1244, dau of Baldwin, Count of Hainault and Flanders, Emperor of Constantinople)
  p/m2. (1251) Beatrice Fieschi (d 1283, dau of Theodorus Flisus, sister of Pope Innocent IV)
  A. Tomaso III, Count of Piedmont (b 1248, d 1282) had issue
  m. (1274) Guye de Chalon (d 1316)
  B. Amadeo (Amadeus) V 'the Great', Count of Savoy (b 1249, d 1323) had issue
  m1. (1272) Sibylle de Bauge of Miribel (b 1255, d 1294)
  m2. (1304) Maria of Brabant (d after 02.11.1338, dau of Jean I, Duke of Brabant and Limburg)
C. Louis I of Savoy, Baron de Vaud (b 1250, d after 10.01.1302) had issue
  m1. Adeline of Lorraine (d c1278)
  m2. (1278) Janne de Montfort (d 1300)
  m3. (1301) Isabelle d'Aulnay (d 1341)
  D. Eleonore of Savoy (d 06.12.1296)
  m. (1270) Louis I de Beaujeu (d 23.08.1295)
  E. Alix of Savoy (d 1277)
  F. Margaret of Savoy, 'Countess of the Isle of Wight' (d before 14.05.1292) reported by TCP (Devon)
  m1. (1257) Baldwin de Redvers, 7th/8th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight (b 01.01.1235/6, dsps 1262)
  m2. (1269) Sir Robert Aguillon of Watton (d 15.02.1285/6)
  partner(s) unknown
  G.+ at least 3 natural children
3. Pietro (Piers) II, Count of Savoy, 'Earl of Richmond' (b 1253, d 14/5.05.1268, 6th/10th son)
  m. (1234) Agnes de Faucigny (d 11.08.1268, dau of Aymo de Faucigny)
  A. Beatrix of Savoy, Dame de Faucigny (b c1237, d 1310)
  m1. (1253) Guigues VII, Dauphin de Viennois (b 1225, d 1269)
  m2. (1273) Gaston VII de Moncada, Viscount of Bearn (d 1290)
4. Filippo I, Count of Savoy, Archbishop of Lyon (b 1207, d 1285)
  m. (1267) Adelheid of Andechs (d 1279)
5. Boniface, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England (d 1270)
6. Beatrice of Savoy (d 12.1266) EGHJSWY
  m. (05.06.1219) Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence and Forcalquier (b 1198, d 19.08.1245) EGHJSWY
7. Margaret of Savoy (b 1212, d 1270)
  m1. (1218) Hartmann, Count of Kyburg (d c1250)
  m2. Eberhard von Laufenburg, Count of Kyburg (d 1284)
8. Avita of Savoy
  m. (1237) Baldwin de Rivieres, Earl of Devon (d 1261)
9.+ other issue - Humbert (b 1198, dvp 1223), Aimon, Aimone, William (Bishop), Boniface, Humbert, Amadeus (Bishop)
partner(s) unknown
16.+ other issue - Berold, Benedict

Main source(s): GenEU (Savoy1, 2), 'ROYL'
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