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Families covered: Counts of Savoy, Susa, Turin, etc

Hugh or Ulric, Duke of Savoy
1. Berthold or Broald or Beroldus, Count of Savoy (d 1023)
  The identity of Berthold's wife is unclear. ''ROYL', which reported that Beroldus was son of Hugh/Ulric, identifies her as Catharin of Scheyern. In its page 'savoy1', GenEU says that Umberto's father "may have been named Beroldus, and his mother was almost certainly the Ermengarde who as a widow m. King Rudolf III of Burgundy" but its page 'Welfen1' shows that Ermengarde as widow of Count Rotbald of Provence. Furthermore, in GenEU's page 'Boson' is shown Amedee of Provence as wife of Beroldus "a possible ancestor of Savoy family".
  A. Umberto (Humbert) I, Count of Savoy (b c998, d 1048)
  m. (before 1020) Auxilia
  i. Amadeo (Amadeus) I, Count of Savoy (a 1051)
  m. (c1030) Adelaide d'Albon
  a. Umberto (Humbert) (dsp c1051)
  b. Aimone, Bishop of Belley (d 1060)
  c. Thietburga of Savoy
  m1. (c1053) Louis I, Sire de Faucigny (d 1060)
  m2. Gerold II, Count of Geneva (d 1080)
  ii. Burchard, Archbishop of Lyon (d 1068)
  a. Aymon (a 1041)
iii. Aimon, Bishop of Sion (d c1054)
  iv. Odo, Margrave of Turin and Susa, Count of Savoy, etc (d 01.03.1060)
  m. (c1046) Adelaide, heiress of Turin (b c1015, d 19.10.1091, dau of Ulric, Marquis of Susa)
  a. Pietro I, Count of Savoy (d 1078)
  m. (1064) Agnes de Poitou (d after 13.06.1089, possibly dau of Guillaume V/VII, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine)
  (1) Agnes of Savoy (d after 1110)
  m. (1080) Friderich von Lutzelburg, Margrave of Susa (d 1092)
(2) Alice of Savoy (d c1111)
  m. (1099) Boniface, Margrave of Vasto and Saluzzo (d 1130)
  b. Amadeo (Amadeus) II, Count of Savoy, Margrave of Susa (b c1046, d 26.01.1080)
  m. Joanna of Geneva (d c1095, dau of Gerold, Count of Geneva)
  (1) Umberto II, Count of Savoy, Susa, Turin and Maurienne (d 18.09/14.10.1103)
  m. (c1090) Gisela of Bourgogne (b c1070, d after 1133, dau of Guillaume, Count of Burgundy)
  (A) Amadeo (Amadeus) III, Count of Savoy, etc (b c1095, d 30.08.1148)
  m. (1123) Matilda d'Albon (d after 01.1145, dau of Guiges III, Count of Albon and Grenoble)
  (i) Umberto III, Count of Savoy, etc (b 04.08.1136, d 04.03.1189)
  m1. (1151) Faidiva (d c1154, dau of Alphons Jourdan, Count of Toulouse)
  m2. (c1155, div before 1162) Gertrude of Lorraine (dau of Thierry I of Lorraine, Count of Flanders)
  m3. (1164) Klementia von Zahringhen (d before 1167)
(a) Alice Agnes of Savoy (b 1166, d 1174)
  (b) Sophie of Savoy (b 1165, d 1202)
  m. Azzo VI d'Este (b 1170, d 1212)
  (c) Eleonore of Savoy (d 1202/4)
  m. (1197) Bonifacio, Marquis of Montferrat, King of Thessalonika (d 04.09.1207)
  m4. (c1175) Beatrix de Macon (d 08.04.1230, dau of Geraud I, Count of Macon and Vienne)
  (d) Tomaso I, Count of Savoy, Turin, etc (b 20.05.1178, d 01.03.1233) EGHJSWY
  m. (c1196) Beatrix or Margaret of Geneva (d 08.04.1257, dau of Guillaume I, Count of Geneva) EGHJSWY
  (ii) Elisa of Savoy
  m. (c1140) Humbert III de Beaujeu (b c1120, d 1174)
  (iii) Agnes of Savoy (b c1172)
  m. William I, Count of Geneva (d 1195)
(iv) Matilda (Mafalda) of Savoy (b 1125, d 04.12.1157) GHJSY
  m. (1146) Affonso I, King of Portugal (b 25.07.1110, d 1185) GHJSY
  (v)+ 3 sons + 3 daughters
  (B) Adelaide of Savoy (b c1092, d 18.11.1154) EGHJSWY
  m1. (04.1115) Louis VI 'le Gros', King of France (b 1081, d 01.08.1137) EGHJSWY
  m2. (1141) Mathieu de Montmorency
  (C) Agnes of Savoy (b c1105, d after 1180) GHJSWY
  m. Archambault de Bourbon (d 1171) GHJSWY
  (D)+ other issue - William (d 1130/1, Bishop of Liege), Humbert (d 1131), Guido (Abbot), Reinald (a 1150, Abbot)
(2) Odo of Savoy
  (3) Constantia of Savoy HJSY
  m. Bonifacio / Oddone II, Marquis of Montferrat (d 20.11.1084) HJSY
  (4) Adelaide of Savoy (d 1090)
  m. Manasses de Coligny (a 1066)
  (5) Auxilia of Savoy
  m. (c1080) Humbert II of Beaujeu (d 1101)
  c. Odo of Savoy, Bishop of Asti (d c1102)
  d. Bertha of Savoy (b 1051, d 1087) EGHJSWY
  m. (13.07.1066) Henry IV, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor (b 11.11.1050, d 07.08.1106) EGHJSWY
  e. Adelaide of Savoy (b after 1052, d 1079)
  m1. Guiges IV, Count of Albon
  m2. (1067) Rudolf von Rheinfelden, Duke of Swabia, German King (b by 1027, d 15.10.1080)

Main source(s): GenEU (Savoy1), 'ROYL'
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