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We show 2 alternative ancestries for Werner, ancestor of this family which is sometimes called the Salians, apparently after Conrad II, the Emperor. The first ancestry is as given by 'Royal Genealogies'. To the cynical it is suspect if only because it provides a direct descent from Charlemagne (Clerhardus's mother being one of Charlemagne's granddaughters), something that many later leaders were keen to show which meant that such descents were often falsified.
Clerhardus, a Count
1. Odo, a Count
  A. Conrad, Count of Franconia (d 905)
  m. Glismunde
  i. Conrad, Emperor (dsp 918)
  ii. Eberchandis, Duke of Franconia
  a. Mathilde
  m. Raginerus, Duke on the Moselle
  iii. Werner, Count of Rottenburg = Werner IV ## shown below with descendants ## EGHJSWY
  B. Godberd, Count of Franconia (d 910)
  m. Oda (dau of Odo, Count of Aquitaine)
  i. Odo (d 949)
  ii. Herman I, Duke of Schwabia (d 948)
  m. Dietberge (widow of Burchard, Duke of Schwabia)
  a. Ida, heiress of Schwabia
  m. Liudulf, Duke of Swabia (d 957)



The following is provided mainly by GenEU but with some input from 'Royal Genealogies'.
m. Dietberge
1. Werner I, Prefekt of Ostlandes (d c814)
  A. Werner II (d c837)
  m. Oda of Wormsgau
  i. Werner III (d after 877)
  a. Werner IV = Werner, Count of Rottenburg ## alternative ancestry shown above ##
  (1) Conrad 'the Wise', Duke of Upper Lorraine (d 953)
  m. (947) Liutgarde of Germany (d 953, dau of Otto I 'the Great', King of Germany and Italy, Emperor)
  (A) Otto, Duke of Carinthia (b c949, d 04.11.1004)
  m. Judith of Bavaria (b c950, d 991)
  (i) Henry, Duke of Franconia (b c970, d 995)
  m. Adele of Metz (b c970, d 19.05.1046, dau of Gerard, Count of Nordgau and Alsace)
(a) Conrad II 'the Salian', King of Germany etc, Emperor (b c990, d 04.06.1039)
  m. (1016) Gisele of Swabia (b 13.11.989, d 15.02.1043, dau of Hermann II of Swabia)
  ((1)) Henry III 'Niger' (the Black), King of Germany etc, Emperor (b 28.10.1017, d 05.10.1056)
  m1. (1036) Gunnhilde (b 1019, d 18.07.1038, dau of Knut, King of England)
  ((A)) Beatrix, Abbess (b 1045, d 11.01.1096)
  m2. (21.11.1043) Agnes of Aquitaine (b 1024, d 14.12.1077, dau of William 'V', Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine)
  ((B)) Henry IV, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor (b 11.11.1050, d 07.08.1106)
  m1. (13.07.1066) Berthe of Savoy (b c1051, d 1087, dau of Otone of Savoy)
((i)) Henry (b 1071, dvp 02.08.1071)
  ((ii)) Conrad, Duke of Lower Lorraine (b 12.02.1074, d 27.07.1101)
  m. (1095) Constance of Sicily (d c1138)
  ((iii)) Henry V, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor (b 08.01.1086, d 23.05.1125)
  m. (07.01.1114) Mathilde of England (b 07.02.1102, d 10.09.1167, dau of Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England)
  ((iv)) Adelheid (b 1070, d before 1079)
  ((v)) Agnes of Waiblingen (b 1072-4, d 24.09.1143) EGHJSWY
m1. (1089) Friederich I von Staufen, Duke of Swabia (b c1050, d 21.07.1105) GHJSWY
  m2. (1106) Leopold III of Austria (b 1073, d 05.11.1136) EGHJSWY
  m2. (1089) Praxedis (Eupraxia) of Kiev (d 1109)
  ((C)) Gisela (b 1046, d 06.05.1053)
  ((D)) Mathilde (b 1048, d 12.05.1060)
  m. (1059) Rudolf of Swabia, King of Germany (b 1020, d 16.10.1080)
  ((E)) Sophie or Judith (b 1054, d 14.03.1092/6)
  m1. (1063) Salomon, King of Hungary (b 1052, d 1087)
  m2. (c1089) Wladislaw I Herman, Duke of Poland (b 1043, d 04.06.1102)
  ((F)) Adelheid, Abbess (b 1045, d 11.01.1096)
  (ii) Bruno = Pope Gregor V (b c973, d 12.03.999)
  (iii) Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (b c975,d 12.1011)
  m. (1002) Mathilde of Swabia (b c988, d 29.07.1031/2)
  (a) Conrad II, Duke of Carinthia (b c1002/3, d 20.07.1039)
  (b) Bruno, Bishop of Wurzburg (b c1004, d 27.05.1045)
  (iv) Wilhelm, Bishop of Strasburg (b c980, d 07.11.1047)

Main source(s): GenEU (Salian), 'Royal Genealogies'
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