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Families covered: de Hautville Dukes of Antioch, Dukes of Apulia, Kings of Sicily

Tancred de Hauteville (b c970/990, d 1041)
m1. Muriel (natural dau of Richard I, Duke of Normandy)
1.+ issue - William 'Iron Arm', Drogo, Humphrey, Geoffrey, Serlo, Beatrix
m2. Fressenda (d c1057, natural dau of Richard I, Duke of Normandy)
7. Robert Guiscard de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia and Calabria (b c1015, d 17.07.1085)
  m1. (1051-2) Alberada or Aubree of Buonalbergo (b c1033, d 07.1122)
A. Bohemund I de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia and Antioch (d 07.03.1111)
  m. (1106) Constance of France (b 1078, d c1124/6, dau of Philippe I, King of France)
  i. Bohemund II de Hauteville, Duke of Antioch (d 02.1130)
  m. (1126) Alix de Rethel (dau of Baldwin, King of Jerusalem)
a. Constance of Antioch (b 1127, d 1163) GHJSWY
  m1. Raimond de Poitiers, Prince of Antioch (d 1149)
  m2. (1152) Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch (b by 1128, d c1186) GHJSWY
  B. Emma
  The following Tancred is known to have been Bohemund's nephew. Some sites (including GenEU) show his father as being a brother of Bohemund. Others (which we provisionally follow) show his mother as being Bohemund's sister and his father as ...
  m. Odo, 'the Good Marquis'
  i. Tancred de Hauteville, Prince of Galillee (dsp 1112, crusader)
  m. Cecile de France (b 1097, d after 1145. dau of Philippe I, King of France)
  m2. (1058) Sikelgaita of Salerno (dau of Guaimar, Prince of Salerno)
  C. Roger I Borsa, Duke of Antioch (d 1111) shown by some sites as of the 1st marriage
  m. (1090) Adela of France
  i. William, Duke of Antioch (dsp 1127)
  D. Matilda of Apulia (d 1111/2) EGHJSWY
  m1. (1078) Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona (b c1055, d 05.12.1082) EGHJSWY
  m2. Aymeric of Narbonne (d 1105)
  E. Mabel of Apulia
  m. William de Grandmesnil
  F.+ other issue
8. Roger I de Hauteville, Count of Sicily (b 1031, d 22.06.1101, youngest son?)
  m1. (1061) Judith of Evereux (d c1076)
  A.+ issue including Matilde
  m2. Erembourge of Mortain (d c1087)
  B.+ other issue including Felicia
  m3. (1087) Adelaid of Savona (d 1135, dau of Anselm of Savona)
  C. Roger II de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia, King of Sicily (b 22.12.1094/5, d 26.02.1154)
  m1. (by 1118) Elvira of Castile (d 08.02.1135)
i. Roger, Count of Lecce (b c1121, dvp 12.05.1148)
  p. Emma or Bianca (dau of Achard, Count of Lecce)
  a. Tancred, Count of Lecce, King of the Two Sicilies (d 20.02.1194)
  m. Sibilla (possibly dau of Roger of Acerra)
  (1) William (III), King of the Two Sicilies (b c1185, d 1198)
  William was deposed and incarcerated. He is generally shown as having dsp but some suggest that he had descendants as follows.
(A) ??
  (i) Aaron FitzRoger in Rome
  (2)+ other issue
  ii. William I, King of Sicily (b c1126, d 07.05.1166, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1150) Margaret of Navarre (d 1182, dau of Garcia VI 'el Restaurador', King of Navarre)
  iii.+ other issue
  m2. (1149) Sibylle of Burgundy (d 1150)
  m3. (1151) Beatrix de Rethel (d 30.03.1185)
  iv. Constance de Hauteville (b 1154, d 1198) GHSY
  m. (1186) Henry VI, King of Germany, Italy, Sicily (b 1165, d 28.09.1197) GHSY
  D. Matilda de Hauteville
  m. Guiges III (or Ranulf II), Count of Albon and Grenoble (d 21.12.1125)
  i. Matilda d'Albon EGHJSWY
  m. Amadeus III, Count of Savoy (d 1148) EGHJSWY
  E.+ other issue
9.+ other issue - Mauger, William, Aubrey, Hubert, Tancred, Fressenda

Main source(s): various web sites including GenEU (Hauteville)
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